Wednesday, May 11, 2016


What will you do if you have 2 full days in Taipei?
For natural lover, I would choose for natural trails. For shopaholic this place is also a heaven for people like you. For foodies all you can !

Somehow, I end up booked myself at Tamsui area. Which is really a good place to stay and get all above I mentioned. Lucky me!


Tamsui is about 45 minutes MRT ride from Main Station. I stayed near by the sea and totally enjoyed the beautiful sunset there. I never miss the peaceful morning and evening walk by the sea there.

While you in Tamsui don't forget to take ferry cross to Bali and visit the Fisherman's Wharf there.If you lazy to walk around , you can also ride on R26 bus  and this bus will take you to many town's main tourist sites.

If you happen to be here during public holiday or weekend, this place will flocked by many local.

You will never go hungry in Taiwan. Stroll around the old street in Tamsui to get great bargain of items made in Taiwan and also enjoy delicious street food.

Yamingshan National Park

I was contemplating between Elephant Hills or Yamingshan National Park and at the end choose this place.

Since I stayed at Tamsui area so going to this place is not that far at all. I just need to stop at Jiantan Station and then take small bus no. S15. Just pay NTD15 which I paid with Easycard.

After 2 hours hiking up I reach to the top and get to enjoy totally awesome view.  It is a flat land on top the part and in fact it is a lava terrace here. I follow Qingtiangang trail. Along the way met this Taiwan Auntie who is 89 years old. WTH! That Auntie get 2 thumbs and 2 toes up from me. She hiked the hill steadily. Damn!!! me and my weak knee can't lose to hers. Jia You!

You can visit Shinlin night market after get down from Yamingshan Park. Just head toward Exit 1 at  Jiantan Station.

Maokong Gondola

I visited this place specifically to experience the ride of bottom crystal celar cable car. Yeayyyy!!! I made it!

How to go to Maokong Gondola?
Just take MRT brown line and stop at Taipei Zoo.

I paid NTD50 for the gondola ride both way using easycard.

I rode the gondola all the way up to enjoy awesome view of tea plantation.

Enjoy the view while riding the maokong gondola and if you love the zoo, just stop at the zoo station.

Its short time in Taipei and I wish I have more days to explore. But back to reality of life, I need to work to finance my next trip!

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