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Just sharing this to who ever happen to drop by this site. Not that I have many fan here though. Anyway, if you stumble upon this site by accident, I am a lady who love to share my experience to others. 

Recently, Gobdigoun a brand from Seoul, South Korea sent me a box of face mask to add to my beauty regime. I tried for 7 days consecutive night before sleep. 

Sharing to you my experience and what this Placenta Power , Goddigoun did to my skin. WTH!

Results after using Gobdigoun Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask :

Tadaaaaa!!!! the results are just gorgeous! I feel my skin really pumped up boink! boink!My skin look freshen up, smooth and brighten up. I kind of love it on how it hydrating feeling and the moist it become. No more dry and a healthy looking skin just born. WTH!

It does increase elasticity and diminishing fine lines. Though it gives the whitening effect which I think this won't come like in short period of usage. It require frequent mask moment in beauty regime. 

Overall, this mask revitalise my tired looking skin and highly recommended to try.

Experience while using Gobdigoun Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask :

It came to me in a beautiful box of 10 mask sheets in it. Each pack carefully. Love the box logo though. The logo with velvet emboss. It look so luxurious and is like it fit for just a Princess! WTH!

Tear open the mask wrap and you can find super watery mask. The mask sheet is in 2 layer, the first layer is the gel material and second is like a gauze type material to support the gel from being too slippery when you place on face.

This mask kind of fit well onto my face and love that it was place around my face nicely for 15 minutes. Wohohoho... 

What ingredient they use to make Gobdigoun Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask?

* Australian Sheep Placenta Extract which has goodness skin ingredients like amino acid and peptide which help elasticity and moisturizing effect on skin.

* Squalan Macadamia terniforlia seed oil to improve balance between moist and oil of skin.

Interested to get you hand on this powerful mask from Gobdigoun?

Visit Gobdigoun :
* Website
* Facebook
Or....if you are somewhere in can direct visit their store :

You can stop at MyeongDong Station exit 8. You can refer map below.

Address :  Beautiplex which located at 26, Myeongdong, 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul which is near MyeongDong Station. 
Telephone no. +82 2 773 118     Fax no. +82 2 774 1188  Mobile no. +82 0 10 9007 9074

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored advertorial post.

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