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I am one person who are so afraid of any type of reptiles, amphibian, mammal including human too. eheh! My old me would scream top of my lung and jump out of fears if I see any of those like worms or any kind of creatures. To me the only creatures on earth that is acceptable is myself! hahaha..gosh! talking about narcissism. I could say that is my biggest fear ever in life. Trust me...I don't even want to step my feet into the Zoo to watch the animal.

Last month Resort World Genting challenge me to break my biggest fear in life. I have a chance mingle with reptiles and amphibian at night. Oh!!!! 'boleh kah saya?'

This is the gold course view from my room balcony that night. The driver who drove us to skyway this afternoon told us many sort of king cobras out here especially at night. Ommaaaa!!! my heart feel like bursting preparing my mental for tonight herping session with Mr Steven Wong. I don't want to humiliate myself jumping like mad woman if that kind of reptiles appear in front of me. I need to stay calm. Uwaaaaa!!!! my mind feel like going mad thinking about me being calm to see those creatures.

Here Mr Steven Wong giving us some introduction on Herping session for tonight and what to expect. Gosh! this young dude...he look young for this kind of thing. I was expecting to see an Uncle leading this session. He is the head coordinator of the Herpetofauna Special Interest Group for Selangor Branch. Gosh!!!! this dude really know his stuff man!!!! 
I can imagine him when he was small boy. Wondering around the bushes behind his house and catch the snakes and frogs all around and bring it back home. Then got scolded big time from his mother. hahahahaha...imagination went too far! Stop it!

Here goes some of the snippet of creatures we found that night. Seriously, I was calmed like an angel that night. WTH! No fear at all. Guess this is because we were in the group. I find all the creatures was super adorable and pretty! It was so fascinating to have this kind of experience at least once in a life time. Try it! you will love it like me too.

Twin Spotted Gecko

Siamese Pit Viper which Mr Steven Wong notice just by the drainage. Guess that fella trying to cross the road to get to 'Open House' near by since I came here right after Raya. hahaha

Dark sided narrow mouthed frog. Serious! beautiful amphibian. You guys should start looking around house for frog and see its beautiful skin pattern.

This fella is called Pink Headed Reed Snake. Oh! sorry I didn't captured that beautiful pink head since this fella is extremely went berserk! WTH! I hate to even look at this fella so much. Goosebump even when uploading this photo. Just so ..'geli' la thinking of this fella struggling around.
One of the participant spotted this mad creatures in the drainage. According to Mr Steven this fella was eating an earth worms when it get caught. So it like hell break lose when the dinner was abruptly interrupted. Sorry lorrrr!!!! No wonder la you got super angry!

I love this one! So beautiful and it call Green Crested Lizard

RIP to this fella who accidentally step to death by one of participant. Gosh!!! I don't even get chance to ask what its name?

Beautiful tiny frog spotted on the ground. Nice lil one stay still pose as model for the night.

After long night walk for herping session and overdosed of amphibian and reptilian, I woke up early in the morning excitedly to join the bird watching tour lead by Mr Henry Goh. He is the incumbent President of the Malaysian Nature Society and also the Chairman for the Selangor branch.

Do you know that  Awana is recognize as one of important bird area?
Here if you are lucky you can even discover four species of hornbill living at this area?  Elusive Helmeted Hornbill. Rhinoceros hornbill, the great hornbill and bushy crested hornbill and we spotted one of this that morning which I failed to capture the photo. Damn!!!!

This is one of the babette. Not sure what species but it so beautiful.

These are the birds favourite fruit!

I kind on feel that bird feel like 'on top of the world' landing calmly and like nobody can disturb it. You lucky wings to bring you to the top. Me? still on the ground struggle hard to climb on top.

I totally enjoy a morning walk bird watching with Mr Henry Goh. We even saw black gibbons jumping around the tree that morning. I would love to join this kind of session again. Hopefully in near future will do this again. Its just an easy walking session. You can even bring your young one to enjoy the taste and smells of nature.

If you interested to find out what kind of interesting activities to do when you up at Genting Highland or even to have a short weekend break and fun activities with your loved one, please feel free to check out Trek Genting FB page for more activities. I was told they have pitcher plants trail too if you interested to see this beautiful plant up closed and personal at their own home ground.

Overall, nothing scary about this bird watching and even the herping session at night. I would do this over and over again if this jungle just like 30 minutes away from my home. See? This woman don't even wanna step into the zoo but yet enjoy this so much! Head your way to Genting and enjoy the beautiful forest while it still there and your leg still permit you to walk around.

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