Friday, September 30, 2016


Milk is not for only babies or kids. Babies or kids need milk for healthy growth. We adult need to drink milk for our healthy golden years. Once you understand the importance of milk then, one will start drinking milk without a second thought.

5 reasons why milk is good for health :

1. Protein

Excellent source for protein and it has 9 essential amino acids which important to meet our physiological needs.

2. Potassium

Regulates our blood pressure and we needed this for muscle contraction.

 3. Calcium

Strengthen our bones and can at least prevent it from old age disease such at osteoporosis.

4. Vitamins

Fantastic source for Vitamins A,B-12 and D.
Vitamin A to maintain good eye sights and smooth skin. It also helps to controls cell growth and proper functioning of our immune system.
Vitamin B-12 is essential for nervous system and also for blood formation.
Vitamin D helps for calcium absorption

5. Niacin

Keep normal function of enzymes and body process sugars and fats which is important for nervous system development.

More reason to list down but the rest are too scientific jargon for me to remember. In short, milk are essential for our health and helps us to grow old healthily. 

I one person who is lazy to even drink. But after the doctor diagnosed me for early Osteoporosis near knee area at this age....isk isk isk ...regret to max and totally beyond regret now! Doc said it was too early for me to have such bad bone. My feet are all curling up at night and unable to walk far. Scary to think of future with all this. I can't run and I can't jump like last time anymore. My activities are limited. I wanna protest but I am the one to blame for neglecting my own health. (***sob sob sob***)  serious wanna cry if talk about this apart from it being too painful at time.

Damage have been done! No point to regret. I am moving forward to sustain life. I started drinking milk. People say...never give up and no such thing as too late. I was not a milk person but  understand how important it is for my health.

Recently, Dutch Lady Malaysia sent me a stack of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk for 7 days Milk Breakfast challenge.


Day 1 - Breakfast sponsored by Dutch Lady Malaysia. 
Tuna Sandwich and Strawberry Oat milk and box of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Day 2 - Blueberries Overnight oats with Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Day 3 - Blend Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk with Almond and top with dried Cranberries

 Day 4 - Over slept and all I can grab is one green apple and convenient pack of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk

Day 5 - Quick grab of wholemeal egg and sardine sandwiches with Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.
Day 6 - Feeling so 'rajin' to boil egg the night before and pair it with cherry tomatoes and blueberries and of course my source of essential vitamin Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Day 7 - Homemade wholemeal salad and cheese sandwiches , cherry tomatoes and Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Benefit to drink milk in the morning :

* Provides protein for morning breakfast
* It helps to build body muscles and best to drink it early in the morning after 7 - 8 hours empty stomach

Benefit to drink milk at night :

* if you drink warm milk at night before bed it can help to calm your mind and better sleep.
* help to reduce tiredness

Basically drinking milk is my daily routine now especially after the diagnosed. Young people out there, whatever reason you have include milk for your daily diet. For some of us  'COFFEE IS MY STYLE AND MILK JUST FOR BABIES! 'You are lucky if you don't feel aching like I do now. Don't be like me. I am at point of prevention is not even an option!

Here some message from Dutch Lady for you precious living people out there.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Recently, I was introduced with natural personal and home care brand call Human Nature. Love their mission in promoting beauty with compassion. Which means they are offering products good for bodies and also our planet. Moreover the products are all natural and chemical free.It also means no animal testing for all this product!

These are the products I tried recently. Top to toe NATURAL beauty plactic! Totally different experience from other products which I have use before.

100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub - Price RM21.90

When first use this, I find it like I am applying my homemade facial scrub. This facial scrub made with real strawberry seeds and fine bamboo granules. It soften my skin and clear all dirt and dead skin. I feel my skin smooth and more radiant after first use!

Preserve natural beauty with natural product. As I mentioned this is my first time using such product Mineral make up is something I heard and read long time ago but only now get my hands on it! I was a bit skeptical to use it because I am afraid it smells bad. I am totally wrong about this. It smells pleasant!

Here  my photo with fresh look using :

* Perfect Finish Mineral Loose Powder - soft Ivory Price RM57.90
* Tinted lip balm - Pink Orchid Price RM14.90

My experience using Perfect Finish Mineral Loose Powder , its completely natural and non cakey and really helps me to achieve even finish. The texture is really light and also don't try your skin.

For tinted lip balm , I kind of love my selection pink orchid pink since it gives my lip natural look and at the same time it helps to nourish and soothing.

Last but not least I tried this 100% natural smoothing hair serum - Price RM29.90. I kind of give this high expectation to rule my unruly frizzy hair. This serum is silicone free and have soybean, brocolli and sunflower oils as ingredients. I love this serum smells compare to my argan oil.

I kind of hate after one application because it really wet my hair and make it feel greasy. My hair look so lump and wet! My hair look even messier than ever. Gosh!!! 'apakah ini???'
This is the result of me not reading the instruction and apply it straight away blindly. ** Face palm** aigooooo!!!!

Recently , I read the instruction to apply this. I need to apply it at night as a leave on treatment to allow its ingredients penetrate and deeply nourish hair while sleeping. Gosh! me go and apply it before I left my home. Super Smart Woman!!!!

For those who love to change way of staying beautiful with compassion in heart....can check out Human Nature product by click on here.

Monday, September 26, 2016


I believe many of you are frequent traveller. Some of you may have accumulative enrich points and don't know what to do with it.
RM50 vouchers

Well...don't let it waste away. Redeem it with RM50 voucher. You can use enrich voucher to indulge in various dining options at Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur and also Putrajaya Shangri La. The promotion ending on 31 Oct 2016. So, you still have time to redeem and use your voucher.

You can enjoy lunch or dinner buffet at Lemon Garden , port free dim sum and Cantonese cuisine at Shang Palace. For those who fancy French food dine then can help yourself at Lafite. Other choices available is find Japanese Cuisine at Zipangu and steaks. For light treat you can try Arthur's Bar and Grill.

Sweet tooth people can savour afternoon tea daily and the Coffee and Chocolate High Tea on Sunday. Well not sure whether they still have this Coffee and Chocolate High Tea since I read it ended on last weekend.

I redeem mine early September so does a friend of mine. Both of use decide to go for Dim Sum lunch at Shang Palace.

Dim Sum lunch is not a common outing for me. I enjoy the feast  so much! 

Tips to avoid over spending your budget.

* Please download the menu online and plan your selection well. kekekeke..Auntie Scrooge way of indulgence.

Shang Palace signboard

condiments and table setting

Pu-Er tea

Pu-Er tea - we ordered at small pot of this.

yam cake

Wu Dao Gaou

fried carrot cake

Chao Lo Bak Gao

Fu Pei Gyun

Fu Pei Gyun

Sin Har Cheung Fan

Sin Har Cheung Fan

Sin Gu Mai

Sin Gu Mai

seafood noodles

This seafood noodles is my biggest mistake for the day and I still savour it. kekekeke...

Nai Wong Lao Sa Bao

Nai Wong Lao Sa Bao - Goshhh! super in love with the filing though...

Monday, September 19, 2016


Nowadays, we are spoil with choices when it come to beauty products. Most product claimed its effectiveness to this and that for your beauty routine. But sometimes these products may cost you a hole to your wallet. Gosh! sometimes those product does not deliver what it claimed. This really make me feel I had enough of those marketing gimmick!

I am not sure about you, but I have known rosehip oil since I was early 20s. This natural alternative really work wonders to me especially when it heal my deep cut scar on my neck which I gotten when involved in horrible accident.

Rosehip oil not just for scar healing but is truly remarkable natural product for skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning too.

rosehip oil and box

How to incorporate Rosehip Oil into your beauty regime?

1. Revive dull hair

Massage in slightly warmed up Rosehip oil and leave it for 3 minutes before you wash your hair. Rosehip oil is rich with vitamins and help to bring back lifeless hair and shine back into your locks.

2. Moisturise dry hair

For those who always worried about having a bad hair day, this may be a useful tip for you.
Warm up Rosehip oil in a bowl. Make sure you don't warm up until it hot! Then massage into your hair and scalp. Leave it for about an hour and then wash thoroughly. You will feel the different for instant. You'll be left with soft and revitalised hair.

3. Dandruff treatment

This is a proven remedies for those who have dandruff problem. You just need to massage in pure Rosehip oil into the scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. You can see a big difference after you shampoo and continue with your regular hair care routine.

4. Moisturiser

Spray a little Rosehip oil mixed with water on your skin to rehydrate and lock in the moisture. Rosehip oil has high content of fatty acids and this is perfect for skin hydration.

5. Dry skin remedy

Apply Rosehip oil onto dry and cracked skin to nourish and rehydrate it. This treatment is really effective for dry elbows, knees, cracked heels and lips.

6. Aging remedy

If you are suffering from premature aging and skin pigmentation then Rosehip oil may help you to slow down the process. Just put few drop on some cotton wool and dab on the affected areas few times a day.

7. Glowing skin

Forget about all those serum and so on. Just add Rosehip oil to your night beauty regime. If you feel Rosehip oil is too heavy for your skin then try to add 1 - 2 drops into your usual skin moisturiser. Rosehip oil helps to bring out natural glow to the skin and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles and to some extend it also even up your skin tone.

8. Sunburn

For you outdoor person, you can apply Rosehip oil to sunburn for immediate soothing effect.

9. Brittle Nails remedy

Just massage your nails every evening before bedtime and you will see the wonder works!

10. Scar treatment

Just massage pure Rosehip oil on stretch marks , age spots , hyper pigmentation, burns and scar. Rosehip oil help to speed up healing process, hydrate and moisturise the affected area.

Where to get your own Rosehip oil?

I personally a big fan of Human Nature Pure Rosehip oil. They have 100% premium natural premium grade with no harmful chemicals.

Hope this tips help you! Stay beautiful and healthy....muaksss!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I was born with bad eye sight. Thank God! I am at the era with this thing call glasses. During my school time and until now , I hate to wear glasses so much! Why?? I wish they invent  glasses with wiper too. It really trouble some if get caught in rain while wearing glasses. You can't see a thing! But if I think it again that glasses with wiper will look horrible ,right? WTH!

For some people wearing glasses are cool and some even think it is some sort of man-repelling. To me wearing glasses is totally sort of social life destroying. So I totally needed contacts! That was when I was young. Since I am growing older my eye sight got worst and wearing contacts not a good solution. So for long term I definitely needed a good glasses. I have to adapt to it!

My problem is to get a good glasses that suit to my face. Damn!!!! Look at that photos of me with my wrong choices of glasses. If you ask me to pick one. Haihhhhh...these are all my biggest regret! I don't even want to step out wearing one of those thing. The first and second from left make me look old and also these are very heavy glasses. Super heavy till I feel if I do the nose bridge that bridge will fall off immediately. hehehe The last one is super big square frame which is really a burden for me to wear it out!

girl wearing glasses

Recently, I educate myself to choose my next pair of glasses suit me. Come learn with me.....I bet all of you brilliant fashionista will pick well with this tips. 3 things you need to emphasis when you are looking out for next pair of glasses.

1. Contrast

Shape of frame should contrast to the shape of your face. For example if you have rounder feature then try to choose for more angular frame.

2. Color

Best if you  choose color that compliments your features. For example if you love black this color is good for highlighting and outlining eyes. Well this depends on how daring you are on fashion. If you choose glasses contrast with your face skin tone and hair then this will make it stand out!

Let us go to the most complicated one in choosing your glasses.

3. Face shape

round face shape
For those with round shape , it is more suitable to choose rectangular frames and contrast bridges. So round frames is totally a big NO or you will end up looking like a sweet bun ready to be eaten. WTH! kekekeke. Try not to choose one with excessive accessories  to further highlight your 'super moon' face.
heart face shape

Heart Shaped faces can try to choose for Aviators and Rimless Styles. Aviators can help to give good balancing out your broader forehead with narrower jaw and pointed chin. If you need to keep the face from looking too top heavy then try to opt for rimless styles.

square shape face

Square Shaped faces more suitable to wear ovals and rounded rectangles. Reason being this styles helps to soften a strong , square jaw and helps to lengthening the face.

oval face shape
If you have oval face shape then you can select the top heavy frames and butterfly shapes. Look out for styles that are thicker or darker on top than the bottom.

So recently, I made my trip to A-Look optical shop at Alamanda , Putrajaya. Apparently , this outlet just opened like a month ago. I choose A-Look since I read it has latest fashion and trendy eyewear which is suitable to Asian look. I read the owner of this outlet  and the one at The Mines who is Mr Lee Jin Tzer is also a great Optometry with various achievement in this field.

The owner seems to have impressive background and experience. Of course , you don't expect him to be there all the time to man the outlet. You will be greeted with young friendly staff if you happen to visit this outlet. further for more of my experience visit this outlet.

glasses store

They are having some great promotions there. There are many great names branded eyewear at Special price too. For example one can choose :

- Armani Exchange frame at RM368 with free SV (Single vision) lenses
- Rayban frame at only RM298 with free SV (Single vision) lenses


I choose my next pair of frame which I still not sure whether this going to suit my face shape. WTH! The sales person who entertained me for that day seems too 'green' to advice me properly. Even the other guy also not much helps. Thank God! I read some tips before hand. So...I have to trust my own selection! Hopefully!!!!! Haihhhh...even if this one doesn't suit me then...I will have to put up with it for another 2 to 3 years before my next new pair. Owwwhhh!!!!

Lucky the one who checked my eyes are experience guy so I am quite sure I was at a good hand. They have latest technology too. The optometry who checked my eyes gave me some good tips and advice too.

glasses lens

For my glasses lenses, I opted for the Award Winner Lenses dealer , Zeiss Clarity which came with few options of thickness and you can choose to top up for anti scratch one too. I prefer the thin one to ensure my glasses is light to wear. This will be my first time using this brand for lenses. My previous eye wear using Hoya.

woman in shades

Since there are some promotion going I received this polarized viser with my order which can be worn over glasses. I find this is too big and look super weird on me. Chinggu can have this over that big moon face. kekekekeke

If you are looking out to get your glasses change , you can visit A-Look outlet at Alamanda, Putrajya or The Mines for some great promotion! Make sure to equip yourself with good knowledge so you can make a perfect selection suit to your preference.

glasses promotional poster

glasses promotional poster

Thursday, September 1, 2016


image source from search
Although I am not a shopaholic from physical store but I consider myself a shopaholic through online store. Mainly direct from China. WTH! I almost don't buy anything from local store. Since early this year my parcel came like almost twice a month. ngehehehehehe...Talking about shopping therapy!

For some people looking down at item from China...I will be like...duhhhh!!! what you least two items are from China. Most item these days are made in China. So, to me buying direct are way cheaper with such a huge wholesale market in China. Most physical and online store nowadays source their goods from there.

However, there are times when your shopping spree become a hell spree especially for somebody who don't even speak Chinese and goshhhh...we don't even know who you dealing with at the other side of country. There are many times......

Disaster waiting for you when you do direct online shopping  from China such as:  

1. Chinese illiterate

- most website like Tabao and so on are in Chinese. Although some of it has been in English. It still partially in English. You still need to know how to read Chinese. Its hard to shop on something you don't even understand a word out of it.
2. Payment method

- I am an online shopping queen but I still don't trust any website with my credit card details or even do online banking. Do you ever read people can hack your details online. So don't conveniently input your bank or card details to any website. The next thing you don't want is somebody start charging your card while you are sleeping.
3. Shipping

- Remember you are purchasing from a foreign country who have little knowledge about your country. I have experience getting my boxes of item held in Custom at KLIA just because the seller wrote my name wrongly which arise suspicion from our Custom here. How do I put it here??? mmmmm... our beloved custom thought I was one of those Nigerian importing illegal items. isk isk isk...waste my time to make a visit all the way to KLIA to redeem my item.
4. Goods quality

- Gosh! remember many time receive goods with a trash quality too. Thank God! I am not one person who will buy expensive item. So the losses isn't huge and nothing to cry over.

5. High risk in getting scam

- So far I have been using paypal but some website been using Alipay which I don't have. So my choice to shop are limited. If you are not careful the seller can just disappeared with your money with no goods to expect.

To me online shopping is all about luck! Of course you need to do lots of research and equip some knowledge before blindly shop in one website.

When it come to China website online shopping , I prefer to transfer all my risk to agent. Recently, I did some massive shopping spree at this website call SGShop Malaysia. I started using SGShop unintentionally and find this platform is basically what I am looking for!

image source from search

They are a well known trusted Malaysia Tabao Agent. Well not just Tabao buy they also have various China e commerce websites pull out to their website. So you are spoil with choices!

When you shop using this kind of agent platform you need to bear in mind that you are transferring your risk to them and there is no such thing as free lunch. So there are price to enjoy such shop with ease of mind! I find the price is a lot cheaper even after I add the shipping cost and so on.

Here are my experience shopping using SGShop Malaysia.  

image source from search

1. Start shopping and add item to cart. 

Read carefully and note on the shipping charges. I always use the most economical because none of the items are urgent for me. So, I don't mind to wait 15 days or more for item to reach me.

2. Complete Order and Pay

Done with shopping? Complete your shopping cart by clicking submit order and pay for your items. I prefer to pay via bank transfer to eliminate some fees if pay via paypal / visa / mastercard. Auntie Scrooge case! hahahaha

image source from search
3. SGShop roles

After order submitted and payment made SGShop people will start :
* purchase item from seller
* The item will be going through inspection when it arrived at SGshop warehouse in China. This is to ensure quantity, size, color and obvious visual defects of products.They will inform you if there is any problematic item came through

4. China Warehouse Team

China warehouse team will pack items and arrange for delivery soonest possible according to shipping method chosen.
5. Submit Delivery and Pay

Remember that shopping with SGShop Malaysia you are prone to pay twice.
1. Product item
2. Shipping and service cost
Like I said none of product I shop are urgent so I choose the cheapest delivery. I budgeted 30% extra to each products I selected and it goes the way I expected. I find it still cheaper than buy locally though!

image source from search

All you need is to wait for your item to reach you at your door step.

One thing that I find SGShop Malaysia customer service has been helpful and fast response to all my queries.

I know I am in good hand!

You can check out SGShop Malaysia through this link here.
Use this code: RINA16SEP to enjoy 25% off for service change.