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Thursday, September 1, 2016


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Although I am not a shopaholic from physical store but I consider myself a shopaholic through online store. Mainly direct from China. WTH! I almost don't buy anything from local store. Since early this year my parcel came like almost twice a month. ngehehehehehe...Talking about shopping therapy!

For some people looking down at item from China...I will be like...duhhhh!!! what you least two items are from China. Most item these days are made in China. So, to me buying direct are way cheaper with such a huge wholesale market in China. Most physical and online store nowadays source their goods from there.

However, there are times when your shopping spree become a hell spree especially for somebody who don't even speak Chinese and goshhhh...we don't even know who you dealing with at the other side of country. There are many times......

Disaster waiting for you when you do direct online shopping  from China such as:  

1. Chinese illiterate

- most website like Tabao and so on are in Chinese. Although some of it has been in English. It still partially in English. You still need to know how to read Chinese. Its hard to shop on something you don't even understand a word out of it.
2. Payment method

- I am an online shopping queen but I still don't trust any website with my credit card details or even do online banking. Do you ever read people can hack your details online. So don't conveniently input your bank or card details to any website. The next thing you don't want is somebody start charging your card while you are sleeping.
3. Shipping

- Remember you are purchasing from a foreign country who have little knowledge about your country. I have experience getting my boxes of item held in Custom at KLIA just because the seller wrote my name wrongly which arise suspicion from our Custom here. How do I put it here??? mmmmm... our beloved custom thought I was one of those Nigerian importing illegal items. isk isk isk...waste my time to make a visit all the way to KLIA to redeem my item.
4. Goods quality

- Gosh! remember many time receive goods with a trash quality too. Thank God! I am not one person who will buy expensive item. So the losses isn't huge and nothing to cry over.

5. High risk in getting scam

- So far I have been using paypal but some website been using Alipay which I don't have. So my choice to shop are limited. If you are not careful the seller can just disappeared with your money with no goods to expect.

To me online shopping is all about luck! Of course you need to do lots of research and equip some knowledge before blindly shop in one website.

When it come to China website online shopping , I prefer to transfer all my risk to agent. Recently, I did some massive shopping spree at this website call SGShop Malaysia. I started using SGShop unintentionally and find this platform is basically what I am looking for!

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They are a well known trusted Malaysia Tabao Agent. Well not just Tabao buy they also have various China e commerce websites pull out to their website. So you are spoil with choices!

When you shop using this kind of agent platform you need to bear in mind that you are transferring your risk to them and there is no such thing as free lunch. So there are price to enjoy such shop with ease of mind! I find the price is a lot cheaper even after I add the shipping cost and so on.

Here are my experience shopping using SGShop Malaysia.  

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1. Start shopping and add item to cart. 

Read carefully and note on the shipping charges. I always use the most economical because none of the items are urgent for me. So, I don't mind to wait 15 days or more for item to reach me.

2. Complete Order and Pay

Done with shopping? Complete your shopping cart by clicking submit order and pay for your items. I prefer to pay via bank transfer to eliminate some fees if pay via paypal / visa / mastercard. Auntie Scrooge case! hahahaha

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3. SGShop roles

After order submitted and payment made SGShop people will start :
* purchase item from seller
* The item will be going through inspection when it arrived at SGshop warehouse in China. This is to ensure quantity, size, color and obvious visual defects of products.They will inform you if there is any problematic item came through

4. China Warehouse Team

China warehouse team will pack items and arrange for delivery soonest possible according to shipping method chosen.
5. Submit Delivery and Pay

Remember that shopping with SGShop Malaysia you are prone to pay twice.
1. Product item
2. Shipping and service cost
Like I said none of product I shop are urgent so I choose the cheapest delivery. I budgeted 30% extra to each products I selected and it goes the way I expected. I find it still cheaper than buy locally though!

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All you need is to wait for your item to reach you at your door step.

One thing that I find SGShop Malaysia customer service has been helpful and fast response to all my queries.

I know I am in good hand!

You can check out SGShop Malaysia through this link here.
Use this code: RINA16SEP to enjoy 25% off for service change.


  1. Agree that most of the products sold is mainly from China and they mark up 3-4 times higher here. It is great information on how can we purchase product directly with reliable agent ...

  2. Great , new option online place for me to shop...convenience sumore..

  3. i used to buy many things on taobao, especially my new house thingy, but lately i had bad experience with the shipping :(

  4. This is a very informative post. I have bought through taobao before and totally understand the hassle!

  5. wow...a new website for shopping platform for me!

  6. I love online shopping too but like you, I can't read Chinese and that had hindered me from shopping from Chinese sites. I'm gonna check out SGShop to see what I can buy.

  7. I knew right :( I have my ring light shipped from china, and it's a terrible experience :(

  8. Waa another reliable website to shop for China website! It was very convenient and easy to use =D

  9. Ya, online shopping can be quite scary. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ya I know especially for people like me who don't understand mandarin its better to shop via the third party site.

  11. I feel you, and I feel exactly the same when I tried to check out the website...thanks for this post... learned a few things here... heheh

  12. interesting... less risk going through this channel. good sharing :)

  13. trust is a big issue when we shop online. thanks for the tips, will definitely be useful when i shop online later!

  14. I've tried SGSHOP too, it's really easy to use! You're right especially for those who can't read chinese.

  15. ok now I am browsing SGShop Malaysia site. Wish me luck to get things that I like hehe

  16. You're right! I don't fully understand Chinese so this site will be useful for me!

  17. I'm using SGShop too for a long time. I agree that is safer than purchasing direct from China web. I don't feel safe too. So SGShop is definitely good choice!

  18. I have been using SGSHOP for sometime too. Really safe and secured. I agreed that shopping directly at China web post danger. So SGSHOP is really a good choice.

  19. Nice one. i always wanted to buy things from china because they are wayyyyy cheaper but the chinese description make it hard for me

  20. How much was the international shipping? I cant shop on Taobao because I cant read Chinese =(

  21. Yes you're right. this is one of the downsides of shopping online esp when it's in a different language.

  22. Didn't know about SGShop Malaysia until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  23. it is quite a nightmare to me even now. i bought some china stuffs and the quality was quite low compared to what's shown.

  24. I love shopping online! Cool post, dear! xoxo


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