Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Recently, I was introduced with natural personal and home care brand call Human Nature. Love their mission in promoting beauty with compassion. Which means they are offering products good for bodies and also our planet. Moreover the products are all natural and chemical free.It also means no animal testing for all this product!

These are the products I tried recently. Top to toe NATURAL beauty plactic! Totally different experience from other products which I have use before.

100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub - Price RM21.90

When first use this, I find it like I am applying my homemade facial scrub. This facial scrub made with real strawberry seeds and fine bamboo granules. It soften my skin and clear all dirt and dead skin. I feel my skin smooth and more radiant after first use!

Preserve natural beauty with natural product. As I mentioned this is my first time using such product Mineral make up is something I heard and read long time ago but only now get my hands on it! I was a bit skeptical to use it because I am afraid it smells bad. I am totally wrong about this. It smells pleasant!

Here  my photo with fresh look using :

* Perfect Finish Mineral Loose Powder - soft Ivory Price RM57.90
* Tinted lip balm - Pink Orchid Price RM14.90

My experience using Perfect Finish Mineral Loose Powder , its completely natural and non cakey and really helps me to achieve even finish. The texture is really light and also don't try your skin.

For tinted lip balm , I kind of love my selection pink orchid pink since it gives my lip natural look and at the same time it helps to nourish and soothing.

Last but not least I tried this 100% natural smoothing hair serum - Price RM29.90. I kind of give this high expectation to rule my unruly frizzy hair. This serum is silicone free and have soybean, brocolli and sunflower oils as ingredients. I love this serum smells compare to my argan oil.

I kind of hate after one application because it really wet my hair and make it feel greasy. My hair look so lump and wet! My hair look even messier than ever. Gosh!!! 'apakah ini???'
This is the result of me not reading the instruction and apply it straight away blindly. ** Face palm** aigooooo!!!!

Recently , I read the instruction to apply this. I need to apply it at night as a leave on treatment to allow its ingredients penetrate and deeply nourish hair while sleeping. Gosh! me go and apply it before I left my home. Super Smart Woman!!!!

For those who love to change way of staying beautiful with compassion in heart....can check out Human Nature product by click on here.

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