Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Langkawi Island Trip - Day 2 Exploring Mangrove at Kilim Geoforest Park

We booked Mangrove half day tour for RM100 and this is the best decision to explore Langkawi. The price inclusive of lunch simple fried rice with chicken and drink.

We woke up in the morning and get ready for our pick up van . We had a good breakfast at our motel cafe. Delicious french toast with maple syrup and Roti Jala with Chicken Curry. Thumbs up for Cactus inn cafe.

The journey to the starting point of our Mangrove tour took around 1 hours by van. We then were grouped together with some tourist from Latvia, Netherland, Johor Bahru, China, Bangladesh and Singapore. There were 20 of us in one boat.

First stop were at fish farm. We were briefed on types of fish and also have chance to pet the fish. There are leopard shark, stingray, barracuda,puffer fish and many more.

 Most of the staff here really professional and knowledgeable. Some even bilingual.This is what I am talking about ...Malaysian or Malaysian! I wish these people go further in tourism industry.

Then off to meet and greet with the monkeys. Our tour guide seems to recognize and know the monkeys here very well. Wohoooo! We learn a lot about monkeys that day. Seriously something that I never expect I could learn from this trip.

There are many eagles here in Langkawi and they are the main icon of this beautiful Island. Anyway, Lang means Helang which is eagles and Kawi mean brown. Many brown eagles here in Langkawi flying around like they are the guardian of this Island. We learn about eagles behavior here. Interesting!

 As the boat ran through the mangrove. We were taught on how to survive in the mangrove and what to eat and how to get fresh water. The tour guide also do not hesitate to answer all our questions.I wish I could join the jungle trekking tour at night but not enough time.

There was few snakes spotted having a lazy day time nap while the boat cruise through the mangrove. That is why tour guide told us not to stick out our hand or head randomly from our boat. It could be a disaster if our hand happens to disturb the snakes. huhuhuhuh...scary to imagine that! Not easy for me to snap those photos without waking up the snakes too.

Then the boat went through interesting crocodile tunnel. But we were told there are no crocodile here because its salty water? Oh! somehow or rather according to our tour guide there was an legend about the crocodile here but they have not seen any.phewwww!!!!

Next was Bat cave stop. Watch out! there are many nasty monkeys here. There were many accident the monkey attacked the visitors here. It was advisable to not bring down any junk food, drink or anything from the boat. Don't even dare wearing any perfumes. This will attracts insects or any other sort of animals.

Here we learn about bats and also crabs.

Our mangrove tour ends with some precious knowledge and experience. If you are visiting to Langkawi, do book yourself to this mangrove tour. Its a half day tour and even your little one could learn from this trip. I saw babies joined this tour too.  

We reached back to our room around 3pm. Rest our mind and body for around 2 hours and off we drove out to Chenang area.

We had the most not delicious dinner at Chenang. Avoid Warung Janggus at Chenang. The seafood may look fresh to you but the cook fail to deliver. Waste of money. I rather trade this with Fillet o Fish at McDonalds. 

I comforted my bad dinner experience with this homemade fried ice cream. Serious this is a must try. Love the it so much!

Before back to our room I bought this pods mars and snickers from the near by chocolate haven. WTH! See told you!!!! I will end up shopping for chocolate every night. This is just like visiting to the land of goodies in the faraway trees fairy tales! 

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  1. Ok it's seriously blowing my mind that you actually pet a shark! I wouldn't dare!


  2. shows what a useless traveler I am... I have been to Langkawi three times and never been to these places... huhuhu

  3. Ah, reading your post, I missing Langkawi and shopping for chocolate. I really enjoyed my Kilim tour. Thanks for the memories.

  4. That is so much wildlife around the area that is worth exploring and enjoying!

  5. Been here before! I really like seeing eagles up closed. I should try that fried ice cream when I visit there again!

  6. The food looks yummy and the scenery looks so nice, definitely a perfect combination! I want to travel too someday. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am scared when you said shark I mean how can you touch a shark unless they trained it to be friendly but still it scary. I always love to visit forests. I miss the fresh air.

  8. OMG I used to live near the sea and never have experienced petting a shark! It scares me to death, hahaha.. Your trip is fantastic babe!

  9. Langkawi is paradise for chocolate lovers. the park seems very nicely maintained

  10. Wow! An adventurous place!I have to get there some day.
    A good tour guide is really helpful in creating memories.

  11. I've never been to Langkawi. What a shame! Petting shark looks like an exciting thing to do. Should put Langkawi on my 2017 list

  12. I've never been to Langkawi but Pangkor haha! But then i guess it isn''t very bad and I would love to visit one day

  13. Ive been to Langkawi but never explored this part yet. Looks very interesting especially that you can pet fishes.

  14. Never been really exploring Langkawi but this spot will definitely will be in my list. Would you mind to share how much is the tour per person?

  15. The monkeys look like they're having a great time. I am loving the place through the photos you took. I wouldn't be able to resist the chocs too. Pity about the seafood!


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