Monday, December 5, 2016


I grew up in Taiping for 5 years....chewaaahhh so long in Taiping. Seriously , if people asked me this questions...

Where is the best place to visit in Taiping?
My answer will be....Taiping Lake Garden, Maxwell Hill, Taiping Museum and Taiping Sentral...WTH!

Where is the best place to eat in Taiping?
My answer will be...errrrrrr??? my home? hahahahaha... I only eat at home. WTH! Still wanna ask me just because I am from here.

Last 3 weeks , back to Taiping for a night . I visited my parent who still living there...trying my best to bring my parent around since both were too busy working last time and now when they finally have free time...they are too old to move around. What a pity!

My friends! when you are young and have energy to move around, try to go places or you will end up old age regretting.

Back to my story...things to do in Taiping. Recently discover Kuala Gula Sanctuary which is about 1 hour drive from Taiping. Whoaaaa...we never plan this out. Just an impromptu event because my old mum was out of appetite to eat for days. So we decided to find her favourite food which is 'Kari Sembilang'. My sis google it out and found this place call Kuala Gula which is also famous with its soft shell crabs and curry sembilang.

Off we went for one hour journey to Kuala Gula from our house in Taiping.

The view was awesome in late afternoon.

For five of us, we ordered ,

* One bowl of curry sembilang
* 2 plates of deep fried prawn (dad love ordered 2 plates of this)
* mixed vegetables to balance up the deep fried food..WTH!
* 5 pieces of deep fried soft shell crab

Mum and Dad finished their glad to see all the finger licking plate. My total paid RM69.00 for all. Not expensive.

You can learn how they breed this soft shell crab and even buy this.

The restaurant is a floating restaurant so BEWARE for those seasick.
If you decide to overnight here..they do have some resort overlooking the river or sea? Damn! I am confuse where the hell am I again?

I read for those who love fishing can even fish from the balcony of those chalet. can rent this middle out of no where floating room to fish and sleep. WTH!

Parent so lucky to have such a good daughter with them...haihhh...who will care for me when I am old. After our early dinner, we rent a boat out to the sea. Enjoying the view and fresh sea breeze. I paid RM100 for 5 of us in one boat trip for almost 30 - 40  minutes.

Since Kuala Gula is also a well known bird sanctuary so you can see many migration birds here.

I was told that man on the boat is a cockles farm guardian. He will stay on that boat until the next morning around 6am. Tough life for some people!

We have fun checking out the crab trap but no luck at all. The trap only have this prawn.That prawn pretend dead when we brought that fella out from the trap. WTH! see ? see? so frozen dead, right? It live well after we throw back to the sea. Smart prawn!

Rent a boat out to the sea sightseeing is worth it for us. Love the sea breeze and the amazing view.

We back home with great memories. We don't know whether next year we still can do this with all 5 of us. We never know....

If you in Taiping, make a trip to Kuala Gula for your early dinner and enjoy boating for amazing sea view. Oh! we use waze to go there and in the middle of our journey all connection was down. So we just follow follow the straight road with nice paddy field view until we find JS Muara, Kuala Gula on our left. We reached there around 5:30pm and the crowd slowly to build up. So come early for your soft shell crab because they have limited number available. I read some blog said need to book the crab before hand. I didn't do that.


  1. Wow....awesome..the food looks tempting...

  2. I've been to Kuala Gula for soft-shell crabs before, too but not at this restaurant. Mine was at a resort in the area if I remember correctly. Am glad that your parents enjoyed the outing.

  3. AHHH! you got me craving for seafood. Never knew they had soft shell crab at kuala gila perak. This calls for a road trip!

  4. wow seems like such a great trip! We love soft shell crab too! Wish to visit it one day

  5. soft shell crab is my favorite always!!!

  6. I would love to visit the place! This will be one of my bucketlist when i visit Malaysia again 😊

  7. OMG i want..soft shell crab are the bomb....i only recently picked up the habit of eating them since i ate the japanese fried soft shell crab

  8. I love to eat soft shell crab!! Especially when I'm in Japanese restaurant.

  9. It's been ages since I've been to Taiping... wish I can visit there again... and wow.. this must be just never actually heard of Kuala Gula yet

  10. I like to eat soft shell crab, one of my favorite dishes :)

  11. First time heard abt Kuala Gula. Looks interesting and I shall visit it soon.

  12. the seafood looks fresh. would love to try it out yo!

  13. i enjoyed reading your travel posts especially this - i love the seaside living and seafoods! Perfect summer!

  14. Such a lovely experience. I have never heard of this place - it is worth a visit! ^.^

  15. The seafood looks delicious ya! I miss sea and beach, what a nice view to enjoy =D


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