Monday, February 27, 2017

6 Signs People Are Just Seeking Attention

Recently , I read about this popular public figure who criticized some Boy Band and end up being trolled by most kpop fans. What amaze me is the way she response to all bad comments and threats to her. She is GOOD! Really SUPER GOOD in handling the troll one by one! SALUTE her mentally strong pesona! I would suicide already if I were her.

To me if you are being a public figure or someone well known , you need to earn a respect than requested for it. But some people feel insecure and deal with it by seeking attention from others. There is signs for those who are seeking attention. Some are harmful to others but some maybe just a pass through sign.

1. Trouble Makers

They will start to comments and stir up trouble. They will you by all means sarcasm even when they meant to offer praise and admiration to something noteworthy.

2. Glamorous Life

They always portray their lives as fabulous and glamorous. You can ask a simple question which requires a simple answer but being attention seeker the reply will be elaborated as if they dine with the Queen and King.

3. Craving for Lime Light at Social Gathering

Something not right if the party ended without noticing their presence.

4. Complaint about almost everyone

Nothing seems to be right in their eyes. They always craving for everyone to be on their side. They always a Drama Queen or King who will use their side of story to drag people to agree with them.

5. Craving for Compliment

They are readily pretty or classy but yet being attention seekers the need reaffirmation and reassurance to that.

6. Their problems is everyone's problem

They will intentionally flaunt their problems to everyone. They just want to share it with them and let others be part of it!

Attention seeker lives are never dull. They will create something to get attention again if their lives getting low and un-notice. If you have people around you who are craving for attention, try to be meticulous with this person. They can eaten up all time and energy just to get your attention focus to them. At the end of the day , you don't want that feeling to bite your lips to bleed just to get away from them. You can't ignore them but start setting some strong boundaries with them.

Be a good online blogger rather than attention seeker. At least live your life peacefully. Life is like a 'boomerang'. You throw that boomerang and it will turn back to you at no time without you realize it hit your nose if you don't catch it properly.

We all have attention seekers syndrome in us. You can laugh about it and says you have met many of the above kind. If you are blogger or claimed yourself social media influencer, without we realise, we are somehow one of them. Maybe in less dramatic way. Being a blogger or social influencer is all about seeking attention. As long as it does not harm others, then its alright! Just live your life happily. Thats all!

pssssstttt : I can be attention seekers too but always failed to get attention. WTH!


  1. hahah ... you can tell by the amount of selfies some of them have right?

    1. oh yeayyyy!!! you are so right! :)i use to be one but now cold off since I unable to get attention. hhahahaha

  2. good topic there. Attention seeker is so annoying, we have a few in the office. I just wanna get rid of them lol

  3. This is so true and I can relate to this. Hahahaha! I'm laughing while reading this article. Thank you so much!

  4. HAHAHA I met a lot of that kind of people. I still prefer friend with people that not seeking too much of attention.

  5. Too much of an attention seeker is bad. It will make people grow tired of you.

  6. Life is more fulfilling when people respect you for your work rather than your phoney persona. Yes, I am a blogger and I do seek attention in some way, but you can always use the proper etiquette such as thank you for sharing your thoughts and I do appreciate this article as it shows that not all people who seek attention have good intentions.

  7. I used to have a friend like those people.
    And I hate it whenever she starts complaining about everything and as if how messed up her life is our problem. Good thing she stop talking to me... hahahhahaha

  8. I'm a blogger but I don't think that I blog to seek attention. I just love to share.

  9. This is sooooo true... lol... and I have a friend who contradict herself just to make herself more important then anyone else...

  10. Hey Cindy I always love this kind of sharing from you!! I have a close friend/colleague tends to be this way too which I don't really like it.

  11. we have too many attention seekers in this world. lol.

  12. yeah... when I travel, I always encountered with attention seekers too, especially in a hostel.. mostly teenager white annoying...

  13. Sometimes attention seeker may be annoying~ haha~
    But really, as what you said "Something not right if the party ended without noticing their presence.", This is too sad.

  14. If the person seek attention for a good reason I alright with me but some people really irritating. Sick of this type person.

  15. This is a rather good discussion topic to share. I have met a fair share of those who are the type, but they are not too bad.

  16. Betul tu ..! Janganlah over-over kan. Balance is key ...kakaka ^.^


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