Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reduce Cholesterol and Unblocked the Arteries

How to Reduce Cholesterol and Unblocked the Arteries ?

My medical check up last year shows a high cholesterol level result. WTH! I was told to reduce it so I can be more healthy. I tried my best to eat healthily but the food in Malaysia...seriously no joke! I am not a Saint at all! WTH! The amount of temptation always make me get lost in the haven of food.

Chingu suggested me to try this ginger garlic tonic recipe.I read this tonic has been around a while and proven beneficial for well being. Some call this super heart tonic.

Benefit of Ginger Garlic Lemon Tonic

* Lower down cholesterol
* Beneficial for those who diagnosed with heart blockage and heart disease
* Good for those who unable to afford or unable to go to by-pass surgery
* Reduce constipation and ulcers
* Weight loss

Ginger Garlic Lemon Recipe

Ingredients :

* 1 Cup Ginger juice 
* 1 Cup Garlic Puree
* 1 Cup Lemon Juice
* 1 Cup Apple Cider vinegar
* 3 Cups Organic Honey

Just use any cup and measure all ingredients use the same cup to measure.

Preparation :

Pour ginger, garlic, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in a pot and cook on medium heat for 30 minutes. Keep on mixing the ingredients. 
Take it off heat and let it cool completely in room temperature then add the honey and mix well. You then can pour this in glass bottle and store in fridge.

How to consume this ginger garlic tonic?

Just take this one tablespoon every morning 30 minutes before breakfast. Make sure you take this on empty stomach.

What???? You want me to prepare all this myself?  Gosh! like I have time to make this myself.

Well...I am not an Online Shopping Princess for no reason , right? I found this sell online for only RM88.

Just google for Purigene and you will get the best price comparison on different site. The lowest I found so far is RM88. Some even sell it at RM93. My friend bought at Bentong for only RM55 per bottle.

My Purigene came with proper safety packaging and I really love this. They deliver super fast too.

I bought one bottle for my Dad and also sent out one bottle to Chingu to show him we don't need to trouble ourself just to stay healthy. hehehehe...just click and buy!

Many curious about the taste of this tonic.
Well...you may wanna go brush your teeth again or wash you mouth after take this. It taste a strong mixture of garlic with strong ginger. Definitely wakes you up in the morning! 

One thing I realize , this thing helps to boost up my immune systems too. 

This is my 2nd bottle of Purigene. I am loving this. I will stop after I am done with this second bottle.

Stay Healthy ya!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

6 Blogging Mistakes I have made

Is blogging for everyone?

Starting a blog is very easy. All you need to just follow simple steps and 'walahhhhh' you get yourself a blog. Well...it is easy to create a blog but to maintain a blog is another story.
For those who wanna jump into blogging. Here are the real life mistakes for being unsuccessful blogger after few years in blogging industry.I am still struggling and learning until now.

1. Poor Writing Skills

For those who read my blog would know my writing skills is totally...mmmm..how should I put it ? I admit on the poor grammar and all those spelling mistakes. I do have ideas but to deliver it through writing is a challenge for me. Well..I did received some haters comment on my writing style. 

Hater Comment 1 : " Rubbish" 
Me : (feeling hurt) " depends on how you read it "

Hater Comment 2 : " Poor grammar"
Me : (head down and admit) " Well...I admit of my poor grammar but I can't help it"

My style of writing suppose to be humorous and spontaneous. I don't like the too formal writing style which I find it too stiff and boring to continue reading. Reading a blog suppose to be informative and entertaining at the same time. If it can make me laugh then its a bonus! Most important my audience understand and will visit me again. If they don't revisit mean my writing styles doesn't suit their preference. To be honest, I can't help it with my poor grammar but I try my best to minimize my spelling error.

2. Annoying Pop Up

I did install some of those pop up long time ago but re install it after a week because me myself find it annoying. Some blogger may find it amusing to have that pop up in their blog but do you know that this will effect your bounce rate. Annoying readers will leave your blog right away because they are put off with that pop up!

3. Blogging Click for Cash

I use to have this kind of motivation 2 years back. Then I find it effect my traffic rate. I guess people get annoyed to my money motivation with all those annoying ads and drive people to click on my ads so I can make money out of it. Ever since I ditch out click for cash ads from my blog, my traffic increase drastically. Since my traffic has increase , then my blog is more noticeable and the advertiser inquiries start coming in. I could say the side income from blogging enough to pay for my yearly beauty care expenses. 

4. Blog it out and leave it to dry

Those days, I thought when I publish my blog the traffic will come to my blog automatically. I am so newbie. I don't even know that there is a need to do content promotion. Then I slowly realize blogging don't stop at just blog and publish. "Don't get full of yourself! " Unless your blog is totally extra ordinary outstanding then the traffic will come automatically. Normal blogger like me need more hard work to drive traffic in.  I then join some social media group, forums and do some social book marking sites to improve my online presence. I also learn a lot from joining these social media group.

5. SEO Skills

I am still learning on the SEO. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your blog. But hey...this SEO thing is very complicated for me to understand in short run. I guess this will be my next new learning skills. I think this is worth for me to spend time and learn it for long run.

6.  Basic HTML and CSS

I am so poor of this. Those days , I thought just snap photo and upload would be enough to be a blogger. Who knows...due to huge file uploading the 'google' even penalized me and failed to indexed my blog.  For HTML I slow learn it from other bloggers. I can fix a simple HTML but for the more complicated one I leave it to the expert.

I recently ,  use the service of  online professional expert who is a web development, design and marketing company call The Techy Hub. They give me advice on how to optimise my photos before uploading and also taught me why its important to have "H1" and "H2" for my blog post. They help to fix some of broken links on my blog which helps to improve my online presence. I still struggling to learn on how to improve my online presence and this will take times.

There are more mistakes to list down. But since '6' is always my lucky number, I will stop here. All I can say blogging takes time and effort. If your goal is just to make money online then blogging is not for you. Blogging requires a lot of hard work and take up so much of time. I am not sure about others , I spend half of my weekend for just one blog post. I am talking about blog post without photos involve. I normally took 2 days if there are more photos involve. 

You may think blogger life look glamorous attending event and also receiving sponsored merchandise from advertiser. One thing I can say here, behind the free goodies there is always dateline waiting to be met. 

No such thing as free lunch in this world.
No pain No Gain! 
There is not easy route to success!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Nicole Kidman is NEUTROGENA® Global Brand Ambassador

NEUTROGENA® Global Brand Ambassador

NEUTROGENA® has recently announced Academy Award-winning actress, activist for women’s cancer research and Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women, Nicole Kidman as its latest Global Brand Ambassador.

According to Cory Price, General Manager of NEUTROGENA® at Johnson & Johnson US, “Nicole embodies the true spirit of the women that we are committed to everyday. Their passion, strength and focus are what makes NEUTROGENA® women so special. Nicole will help us encourage women to embrace their beauty through the lens of skin health and empower women to see what’s possible with NEUTROGENA®.

In Malaysia, NEUTROGENA® is known for its wide array of skin health-focused products starting from cleansers, hydration serum and masks to sun protection lotions.

“We are pleased that a Hollywood big name like Nicole Kidman has become our global brand ambassador. Besides keeping the NEUTROGENA® brand top of mind when it comes to beauty, Nicole will serve as an aspiration for our local consumers who appreciate healthy and beautiful skin,” said Raghu Krishnan, Country Director, Consumer, Johnson & Johnson Malaysia.

Nicole Kidman, Australian actress and NEUTROGENA® Ambassador, comments: “The world works in mysterious ways! As you probably know, I grew up in Australia where sun protection is everything – from the time I was a little girl, my mum taught me to protect my skin from the sun. So looking after the health of my skin is something I’ve grown up understanding. But as times passes, I’ve realised that, sun protection has become just part of the story…I’ve learned that your skin needs a lot of attention and support, just like the rest of your body in order to keep it its healthiest.”

“So when I had the opportunity to partner with NEUTROGENA®, a brand that has skin health at the core of who they are, it was like the stars were aligning for me.”

“Right now I can honestly say I am loving life more than ever, so my overall health, including the health of my skin is a top priority. Look, the reality is, we all know choosing the right anti-ageing product is trial and error, hit or miss, some things work and some don’t. But at this point in my life I am looking for something that simply works, that’s why I am really excited to join this passionate and dedicated team. I am also extremely proud to be joining a strong and inspiring group of NEUTROGENA® women who are already a part of the family.”

In January of 2006, Kidman was named, and continues to serve, as Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, whose goals are to foster women’s empowerment and gender equality, to raise awareness of the infringement on women’s human rights around the world and to end violence against women.

She is also an activist in supporting research of women’s cancer. Along with her husband, Keith Urban, she helped raise nearly half a million dollars for the Women’s Cancer Program, a world-renowned centre for research into the causes, treatment, prevention, and eventual cure of women’s cancer.

Presently, Kidman can be seen on the big screen in The Weinstein Company’s Lion for which she has received Critics’ Choice, Golden Globe, SAG Awards and Academy Award nominations. She will next be seen in the upcoming films How to Talk to Girls at Parties and The Beguiled and The Killing of a Sacred Deer.  On the small screen, Kidman returns to television this month in the limited series Big Little Lies for HBO as well as the second season of Top of The Lake (SundanceTV/BBC Two).

Kidman joins NEUTROGENA® Brand Ambassadors Rachael Taylor, Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington, Julie Bowen, Kristen Bell, Eiza Gonzalez, Sandra Echeverria, Hayden Panettiere and Olivia Holt.

NEUTROGENA® is a brand of health and beauty care solutions with long-standing heritage founded upon genuine relationships with dermatologist, skin experts and consumers. We are driven with passion to design simple yet extraordinary, high-quality products that are scientifically proven to deliver real results in the most effective and skin friendly way, keeping your skin supple, radiant and healthy. Today, NEUTROGENA® Corporation manufactures and markets a line of premium priced skin and hair care products which are distributed in more than 70 countries. NEUTROGENA® believes that beauty begins with healthy skin so kick-start your healthy beauty journey with us and discover our range of cleansers, moisturizers, skin care and sun care products at www.facebook.com/myneutrogena.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Something Different for your next Cafe' Visit

Café Culture in Malaysia

The café culture across Malaysia is really blooming fast with their thought-out interior, staffs and baristas that are a lot more passionate about what they are serving you as well as the attention paid to the food quality. Not only are these cafés totally Instagram worthy, the whole ambience, the food and just everything about the cafés here in Kuala Lumpur is a must visit. I occasionally joined the club of café hopping. Seriously, there are many café around and I could say most of us are spoil with choices. Some good and some just up to par. Well? Don’t know which one to visit first? Here is a list to help you out.

Namoo Café on the Park

I am one big fan of Korean Food and Korean Dessert. If you are talking about trying Bingsu.....
Namoo is the one place you can get a Salted Caramel Bingsu with a very hearty serving of chewy ricecakes, popcorn, caramel sauce in a 500ml measuring cup. Namoo goes all out Korean, serving an awesome rice burger too. Namoo uses Japanese rice for their patties with enough oil for a crisp but not too much that the starch taste is burnt and gone. I recommend the chicken over the beef burger as the Yakiniku was a little too sweet. For all things Korean in KL, Namoo is the place to be.

Whimsical – Gelateria & Caffe

Located directly across Namoo, Whimsical is home to the renowned Cotton Candy Affogato. Really popular amongst the Kuala Lumpur Instagram community here. Damn! they are good! The tower of cotton candy floss cloaks a coffee cup that has a scoop of Gula Melaka below. Pour the espresso over as the cotton candy melts to slowly reveal the delicious mess that awaits you. I would prefer to leave a little bit of cotton candy to nibble upon in case the espresso is a tad too strong. Mix the ice cream, espresso and cotton candy together and the resulting mixture tastes like a really interesting coconut coffee blend. Talk about diet? Nayyyyy!!!! I forget it for instant once my order reach me. eheh...


 Coffee Societe

The same KL cafe series behind Garage 51 and Procrastination, Coffee Societe is the birthplace of the mochatella (16.9 RM). Espresso ice cubes that sit on a sweetened nutella sauce with milk served to the side. The cubes are 100% espresso and do not dilute the drink as per the ones you get off Singapore. You can also scoop up the bits of nutella with the straw whenever the drink gets too heavy. It is a sweeter version of the usual Affogato you get. I would go for this to release my stress. Don't talk about guilt now. Leave that to later part. I will repent eventually. heheheh

Yellow Brick Road + Wicked Pancake Parlour

Essentially the same place under the same management, the latter is just their pancake department for the entire shophouse. Try out the Buttery chick chicken here, essentially an exceptional savory pancake done well. Pancakes are lighter and made fluffy to accommodate the intense taste of the lightly curried and butter cream chicken. Also try the I love Kaya, poached fruits with French toast in a caramelized Kaya sauce. I love the pancakes here. The best part is they don't serve typical pancakes.There are many for you to choose.I would give it a go during my indulgence weekend moment.

By now, I believe many of you is drooling down to your desktop or mobilephone screen. huhuhuh...don't blame me. I was the same while typing this post. I need to check  out this place again.

But before you go around you go jumping from one café to another here in Kuala Lumpur, it is always best to find an accommodation (for those not in KL), so you never have to waste time on parking or even taxi fares. The only best way to search for awesome hotels around these areas is through Traveloka Malaysia, an online travel website that covers over 70 thousand hotels in Malaysia alone. Not only hotels, you can also book your flights through this great app. Get your bookings for Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel or even read up the reviews on Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur or find your perfect hotel right here.  Do try it out, because I know I was never disappointed. :)