Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Its all Monica..She is the evil one

** Warning! Read with your own mental health.**

The other side of you

To be honest...there are many sides of me. There is Rina the original one so kind and timid. Then there is Cindyrina the usual online me. Happier and shopaholic side . The violent and evil Monica.

Rina is a hardworking and timid woman. She just live her life by her own rules and always goes by routine. She live a very low profile life.All she wants is to save enough money for her retirement preparation and live her golden years quietly.

Cindyrina is about shop and shop and shop. She loves traveling and a free spirit woman. She always wants to settle down in either Jeju Do or Pai, Thailand which is beyond her affordability. She also have a dreams to be an actress when she was young.But she was lack of confident during her younger days. She froze and fainted in front of the camera. She then buried her dreams and now happily leading a life as regular office lady.

Monica always comes out when driving. Monica does not drive recklessly. She just use vulgar words and cursing the car in front of her a lot. If someone trying to cut her out, she will cursed that fella non stop. Irregardless in whatever situation.
The most violent wrong doings,Monica did a side kick to the toilet door and left one big hole to it. Why Monica kick that strong toilet door?  The neighbour was very noisy that night and Monica can't sleep from that noise. She got angry. Heeeyyyyaaahhhh! the next think Rina know there was this big hole on the toilet door.End up Rina need to fork out some money to replace the door. When the Uncle who fixed the door came, Monica lied. She said Rina suffer a big headache ,fall down and her head hit the door . Monica put all the blame to innocent Rina.
In another incident, Monica lure Cindyrina to splurge the credit card during the online shopping spree. Rina was so disappointed with Cindyrina. Its not even Cindyrina's fault. Monica did it!

So...if anything goes wrong don't blame Rina or Cindyrina. Its all Monica! She is the evil one!

This post may sounds like I have that psychotic problems. hehehe...Trust me! Without we realize, most of us have Monica in us! Agree?  No? Please laaaaa... don't be in denial. hehehehe...

Note : I am just a normal human being. My mental health is sounds so far. This post merely to remind us to be alert in our life. Live life happily and diligently. Don't harm others! Be a good human being.

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