Thursday, March 16, 2017

Something Different for your next Cafe' Visit

Café Culture in Malaysia

The café culture across Malaysia is really blooming fast with their thought-out interior, staffs and baristas that are a lot more passionate about what they are serving you as well as the attention paid to the food quality. Not only are these cafés totally Instagram worthy, the whole ambience, the food and just everything about the cafés here in Kuala Lumpur is a must visit. I occasionally joined the club of café hopping. Seriously, there are many café around and I could say most of us are spoil with choices. Some good and some just up to par. Well? Don’t know which one to visit first? Here is a list to help you out.

Namoo Café on the Park

I am one big fan of Korean Food and Korean Dessert. If you are talking about trying Bingsu.....
Namoo is the one place you can get a Salted Caramel Bingsu with a very hearty serving of chewy ricecakes, popcorn, caramel sauce in a 500ml measuring cup. Namoo goes all out Korean, serving an awesome rice burger too. Namoo uses Japanese rice for their patties with enough oil for a crisp but not too much that the starch taste is burnt and gone. I recommend the chicken over the beef burger as the Yakiniku was a little too sweet. For all things Korean in KL, Namoo is the place to be.

Whimsical – Gelateria & Caffe

Located directly across Namoo, Whimsical is home to the renowned Cotton Candy Affogato. Really popular amongst the Kuala Lumpur Instagram community here. Damn! they are good! The tower of cotton candy floss cloaks a coffee cup that has a scoop of Gula Melaka below. Pour the espresso over as the cotton candy melts to slowly reveal the delicious mess that awaits you. I would prefer to leave a little bit of cotton candy to nibble upon in case the espresso is a tad too strong. Mix the ice cream, espresso and cotton candy together and the resulting mixture tastes like a really interesting coconut coffee blend. Talk about diet? Nayyyyy!!!! I forget it for instant once my order reach me. eheh...


 Coffee Societe

The same KL cafe series behind Garage 51 and Procrastination, Coffee Societe is the birthplace of the mochatella (16.9 RM). Espresso ice cubes that sit on a sweetened nutella sauce with milk served to the side. The cubes are 100% espresso and do not dilute the drink as per the ones you get off Singapore. You can also scoop up the bits of nutella with the straw whenever the drink gets too heavy. It is a sweeter version of the usual Affogato you get. I would go for this to release my stress. Don't talk about guilt now. Leave that to later part. I will repent eventually. heheheh

Yellow Brick Road + Wicked Pancake Parlour

Essentially the same place under the same management, the latter is just their pancake department for the entire shophouse. Try out the Buttery chick chicken here, essentially an exceptional savory pancake done well. Pancakes are lighter and made fluffy to accommodate the intense taste of the lightly curried and butter cream chicken. Also try the I love Kaya, poached fruits with French toast in a caramelized Kaya sauce. I love the pancakes here. The best part is they don't serve typical pancakes.There are many for you to choose.I would give it a go during my indulgence weekend moment.

By now, I believe many of you is drooling down to your desktop or mobilephone screen. huhuhuh...don't blame me. I was the same while typing this post. I need to check  out this place again.

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