Monday, April 17, 2017

You need just A Day to cover the whole Labuan

I was a Labuan last 2 weeks and what I miss is not the place but the awesome beautiful view over there. I think can spend hours just to look at the cotton candy like clouds and smells the fresh sea breeze. The beach view is spectacular to my eyes. 

My Boss sent me over to Labuan for some works. At first he wanted to stay there for a week which I gladly shorten it down for him to save the accommodation cost. Thank God! for my quick common sense to shorten it down. If I don't do that...I think my life at Labuan will be boring to death! 

Ahhhhh... how to describe Labuan with one words at one glance?


The memory of Taiping, my hometown where I grew up 15 years ago keep coming back. Am I back to the past? I feel like slapping myself to that when even see their so called the most famous and best shopping complex. WTH!

Where to visit in Labuan ?

Financial Park Labuan, Jalan Merdeka or 'Ujana Kewangan' in local terms ,which is where my office situated. 

The best shopping place is Ria by Parkson. The best hypermarket is Giant. Don't even ask me how big is both places and what they sell. Talk about convenient Financial Park Labuan is very convenient place because all you need is here. Bank, IRB, LFSA, and Post office is all in the same building. They even have KFC and Pizza Hut there too. The retail shops in that building is lil bit ...mmmmm... don't know how to describe. It seems to be a rather odd mish - mash of random retail shops. I guess because Labuan is just a small Island. Labuan people normally shop at KK which is like 1 hour ferry ride. You will reach Dorsett Hotel with just less than 5 minutes walking distance from FPL.

I have super big complaint for Financial Park Labuan. Its their bad condition toilet.
I am one frequent toilet visitor. WTH! 
Don't judge my short bladder please! eheh...
Toilet condition is always a big big..I mean very BIG issue if its not clean. Too bad for me. The moment I walk into the toilet at Financial Park Labuan....HORROR! 
Is this office not in Malaysia? Am I in China? WTH!
Dirty! Foul smells! 
I was told the cleaner has been absence for many days. So unfortunate of me.
Even though if she come...what difference can she make????  This place need total refurbish! revamp!
Trying to stay positive. I went on to check the toilet at different floor. NO HOPE for me. I should have shorten my stay here again. But the flight need to pay penalty and surcharge cancellation for my hotel too. Haihhhh!!! I end up drink less water possible just to avoid going to toilet. That was my antiques rant for toilet at Financial Park Labuan.

This is the view from my office in Labuan. Look further ahead...sea is not that far away from here. But not that clear from my office window. Sucks!

This is the view from our Company Secretary's office. WTH!!!! cool view. Imagine the light from the ships light up at night. Wow! its going to be awesome view. I was told they have sunset view from here too. Heaven!

This room with this kind of view was rented out to some other lucky people with USD1,000/ month. It just one small room with one small table and chair. Oh! plus the phone too which the charges will be in separate bills. WTH!

Labuan Square , Jalan Merdeka

Lunch time, instead of eating Pizza or KFC ,we decided to eat at the coolest cafe near by name 'Chill Out. I was told it situated at Labuan Square. Me and my ex colleague walked all the way to so called Labuan Square. I love the walking path to this place with all those green trees arch. It was like less 10 minutes journey from my office. Reached there!!!!!!!

Labuan Square? Ohhhhhh!!! really square!!! Am I dreaming???? April Fool? Yes! you see it right! That look like abandon building is Labuan Square. The best prank of all...the cafe was closed during my visit. So called lady luck not on my side. So you can skip this! You can visit Labuan Museum just nearby this Labuan Square to kill your time. It would be interesting but I skip it because too hungry.

Then we decided to check out the only one Japanese Restaurant in Labuan which situated near Marine Aquarium. Just next to it. We finally have our lunch!

Then walk at the nearby park. According to my friend, we can rent a bike and cycle at near by. I think that cycling activity will be best here. The view are beautiful too. This is the view I saw from Company Secretary's Office. Now its just before my eyes. Awesome !!! Labuan International Seaport view from near.

Marine Aquarium, Labuan

The Marine Aquarium next to the Japanese Restaurant also good to kill your time. Its free. Don't expect Seaworld in Langkawi ...ya. Still ok to visit because there are some sea creatures for your to see and pet. They change it from time to time.

It will be a nice evening walk near Marine Museum. Love the view here. But this photo was taken under scorching hot sun. WTH! No worry about the sun tanned. My skin just gotten brown ever. 

Clock Tower

Don't forget to drop by the clock tower which is next to Marine Museum too.

We then decided to go off a bit earlier since this is her last day with the company. So called farewell dinner is on the way. My treat especially for her!  But too early for dinner. She is super kind to me too . She brought me around on tour for the whole Labuan with here brand new sweet mini car. My other friend at Pen. Malaysia, were asking me...did I really come to work or travelling.
My reply....I work smart not hard so I got to enjoy both at the same time. WTH!

One must visit place in Labuan is Chimney Museum. Seriously the view was awesome throughout the journey.

Snap this beautiful blue mosque when we are stopping at red light.Many big and beautiful Mosque here and they have some big 'Guan Yin' temple too. I saw it somewhere along the way back.

Chimney Museum , Labuan

If you are in Labuan don't forget to stop by Chimney Museum.The Chimney Tower is one of the historical buildings in Tanjung Kubong, situated 12km to the north of the city center. The actual function of the Chimney Building remain mystery until now. There are several assumptions to this. However the most common belief it was an air ventilation outlet for underground , but excavation works show there are no structures for an underground tunnel. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! 
Some says it could be lighthouse based on the location at the higher ground and some belief it was a bell tower. But still there is no concrete evidence for all the assumptions and still remain mystery until now.

Beautiful Seaview in Labuan

Driving around this small Island is a must if you visit to Labuan. Why? The breathtaking. I am totally in love with the stunning scenery here. 

If you have time, do wait and witness the beautiful sunset here.

Japanese Surrender Point, Labuan

My friend brought me to Japanese Surrender Point in Labuan. Read the history before visiting this place. Its related to WW11. Its a meaningful place. You can also strolling around the nearby Peace Park. Opposite this place is a nice view of the South China Sea on the Western side of Labuan. Don't miss out! You won't regret to see the view here.

Eating Seafood

Seafood is relatively fresh and reasonably price here since Labuan is an Island. There are few place to eat this. You can either head to Fisherman Wharf or just find some restaurant overlooking the sea view. I search around and found Marwilla Seafood and another one is Anjung Ketam. Since Marwilla located near the city and not far from where I stay so I try out the food here.

I was disappointed with the quality of the seafood here and same goes to the limited choice here too. I just chose Crabs and Silver Fish. Crabs was just at to par. Nothing to shout out. On the other hand silver fish is something you can dig in for snack or starter. I won't recommend Marwilla to you but you can try it at your own choice. The restaurant will be super pack at night.

In general Labuan is just a small Island. You just need 2 - 3 hours drive around and you will cover the whole Island. I was dreaming to buy a small house overlooking the sea view here but the property price here is pretty much at high up too. My dreams went black!


You can rent a car to drive around or you just take a taxi. Taxi price calculated by zone. Don't wish any meter taxi around. If you are at airport head down to the taxi counter and by the coupon. I paid RM15 for less 10 minutes ride to my office. isk isk isk ...

Mini Bus
I saw mini van like which is also a mini bus. No...I don't dream to squeeze into one!

Shopping in Labuan

Labuan is a duty free Island. In general there are lots of duty free shopping spree to do. Not sure why..I don't really attracted to do any shopping. I was told there are cheap place to shop for  chocolate  and liquor at lower price here. The place is just the same building my office.I went down to look around. It is super cheap! But.....the expiry date is like less than a month. WTH! Even the simple biscuits and snacks is almost expired. Chehhhh!!1 no wonder it super cheap. 

Thats my experience during my first time visit in Labuan.

I would like to Thanks Lidona who was very kind to bring me for tour around the Island and let me experience Labuan for the first time. I wish you good luck in your new job and live happily always. I think the next time visit to Labuan , I will just need only one night to settle my work and no further stays.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What is Abam ?

Since last year I notice Malay male referring themselves as 'Abam' in their FB timeline post. At first I thought its their 'calling name'. But then it not just one. Here 'Abam' and there ' Abam'. All different people referring themselves as 'Abam'.

I want to ask friend but most close friend is Chinese. Owhhh! they will laugh at me if I ask them that question. I am the one suppose to know this. haihhhhh....

The introvert me then use the usual way. Just google the word.

The result show me that! I was like....WHAT???? You mean those people has been referring themselves 'Abam' ...and that 'Abam' means is one of those? Cannot be...right? It just doesn't make sense to me. goshhh!!!

I need to solve this mystery tonight or I can't sleep tonight. It was on Sunday night by the way.I need to find out. Best Malay connection is my 2 sisters. Posted in our usual 'Kakaotalk'

Me : Girls! may I ask a question?

Last Sis : Yes. 

Me : Do you all have Malay male friends who refer themselves as 'Abam'?

Last Sis : No! Why?

Me : I noticed many Malay male blogger friend refer themselves as 'Abam'. Then when I google the meaning of 'Abam' , the result just doesn't make sense to me.

 I then post the the screen shot of my google result.

 Last Sis : funny! You mean they call themselves that?

Goshh!!! thought I am bad but she is at the same page too.

Third Sis : Ohhhh...'Abam'? Last year I notice many Malay male friends refer themselves as 'Abam' too but I mistakenly thought as 'Apam' (Apam is the name of some traditional cakes). Then I laugh at those fella who call themselves 'Apam'. Then notice there are so many 'Apam' around. hahahahahaha..weird! So many call themselves as 'cakes'?

Me : hahahahahaha...'Apam'? worst than me! Ya weird.

Last Sis : 'Apam'? funny the call themselves 'Cakes' . 'Abam' ? 'Apam'? cannot use proper name to refer themselves ar?

Third Sis : I asked them why refer themselves as 'Apam'. I got laugh big time by those people. Haihhhh...

Third Sis : Then they explained its actually 'Abam' . It means 'Abang' (Brother) and shorten it to make it sounds more unofficial and friendlier then call themselves ' Abam'.

Me : Owhhhhhh!!!! 'Abam' is actually mean 'Brother'? huh!

Last Sis : Ohhhhhh!!! like that also can ar?

Now I can sleep! At least some answer and yet still doesn't make sense from 'Abang' to 'Abam'. Why?  Too many 'Abam' around too.

Friday, April 7, 2017

I Get rid off my Blackhead problem with Neutrogena

How to get rid off Blackhead and achieve smooth and clear radiant skin?

Recently this big box fill with 3 types of cleansing from Neutrogena reached to my door step. I tried all 3 and require to choose one winner item to win my heart after using it for 7 days.

Well..being a beauty blogger sometimes the perks out of the writing works we have chance  to try out many types of beauty products. Item delivered and blogger try it out and write their experience. Mainly good review since the blogger obliged for the free items or payment received from the brand. huhuhuhuh... you reader may get many confuse information out here in the net. Sometimes its hard to judge whether its real or just a made up story. Not just you... me too so confuse! As for me, I writes my review based on my real life experience living as normal day to day human kind life. WTH! Where is the review and still the intro? kakakakaka...coming soon below. 

Back to Neutrogena box, I received. It came with full size :

* Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam 142ml (RP : RM44.90)
* Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser 100g (RP : RM18.70)
* Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub 100g (RP : RM23.70)

When first received this , I thought all this need to use all at one go for cleansing routine. Means normal cleansing routine we just use make up remover then use the facial cleanser then toner , serum and moisturiser.

But with this items received , I thought my cleansing routine change to the Deep Cleansing Oil to foam then Deep Cleansing Foaming Cleanser and then use the Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. That was my first thought! I really use that for 3 days. hahahaha

 Brief from PR , came in a bit later. I  already included all 3 products in my daily facial cleansing routine. It was for 3 days before I realise, I was doing it wrong! ngehehehe...What was I thinking ? I read the brief and was suppose to share my experience on deep clean with Neutrogena then pick one winner out of three deep cleansing products. Here comes the difficult part. To choose the winner when I already familiar and fall in love with all three. WTH!

Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam 142ml (RP: RM44.90)

You can't blame me for mistakenly thought this is make up remover. One glance for not so details and clumsy person like me I just thought this is sort of oil based make up remover. Moral of the story read the bottle descriptions rather than just name. May be you all did it and I am the only one didn't. hahaha... too lazy to even lift my eye balls to read the small fonts on the bottle. But after 3 days I was forced to read it for my write up. I can't be writing craps facts based on my own assumption. 

Facts about Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam

* Come in blue bottle and the liquid in it is clear transparent. So don't expect blue liquid.It smells refreshing. Love the bottle packaging. easily pump out the liquid.
* The one reach me is for normal/ combination skin. So please check you skin types before purchasing since they do have in different color bottle for your skin like dry in pink bottle.
* It has Rosemary extract in it. So do remember Rosemary not just to marinate your lamb steak or gourmet sauce but also good for skin. eheh...It rich in nutrients and antioxidants. 
* Oil-gel contain Oleifera leaf extracts. I don't know what is Oleifera leaf and when google it sort of related to Moringa. mmmmm...moringa is famous as super food and good benefits for well being. In this case the Oleifera leaft extract helps to gently remove all traces of day makeup , dirt and oil in one wash.

How to apply Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam?

Damn! my old age eyes can't even read what written in the bottles. I have to get other younger eyes to read it for me. 

* Pump the gel out to your finger tips and gently massage it on your skin 
* You will see the foam started to forming out of it.
* Then cleanse the residue with warm water for better effect.

Since this is a dual cleansing in one wash , you don't need to use other skin cleansing product and just use this as your first step beauty routine. Don't be like me to use the deep clean foam cleanser after using this, with thought it just  make up remover. hihihihi

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser 100g (RP : RM18.70)

This is my daily cleansing foam, so nothing new for me and it came just in time when mine finished. yeayyyy!!! need to buy. Thank you!

Facts about Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

* oil free
* dermalogist tested
* Non-comedogenic
* removes dirts, oil and dead skin cells

How to apply Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser ?

Aloooo...this one also need to write ar??? (sort of thinking out aloud situation. Since no one will hear what my head is thinking so I write it out here) WTH!

* Pump out small amount onto your finger.
* Lather it with a bit of water
* Gently massage out onto skin to remove all the dirts and make up from your skin
* Then wash off with warm water. Ngeeee...I just use normal tap water and my skin still good!

I have been purchasing and use this cleanser for sometimes. I love that it always leave my skin fresh and feel clean after one wash. It also doesn't dry up my skin.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub 100g (RP : RM23.70)

When I first use this, I was like why I don't find this thing earlier ? I am falling in love with this. You know why ? I have this problem on my skin...whitehead and blackhead. Guess my thick CC Cushion is leaving too much trace deep onto my skin. Another problem is I hate and totally hate to visit the beautician to do my facial and that painful extraction. Plus the stress of getting pester by the beauty consultants to top up you package every 2 weeks and your mind will be thinking, so when is my package is ending then if you keep asking me to top up. Never ending relationship???? Whoaaaaa!!! I need a divorce right now! Thank God! my relationship ended last week after 5 years. WTH! 

Back to the Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub, I am in love with it because it really helps to clear my pores from that ugly blackheads. ASSSAAAAAAA!!!!

Facts About Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

* Created for daily scrub. Yup! you read it right. Daily scrub. So no need to worry for over drying or ruin your skin to use this scrub daily.
* Effectively eliminate blackheads from the very first use. Yes! it did wonders for my skin.
* It also have the " Blackheads Fighting Complex which penetrates deep into pores to dissolve excessive oil to help eliminate and prevent stubborn blackheads
* It also helps to refine pores
* You can expect clear and healthy looking skin after wash
* I am hook by its signature smells.

How to apply Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub?

* Pump out small amount onto dry finger
* Then gently massage it onto your skin 
* Wash off the residue

Walllaaaahhhhh...this is How I Save Thousands of Facial Package sign up.I just need Neutrogena to get radiant and clean skin from home.

My choice from all Neutrogena Deep Cleanse range is clearly the Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. It work wonders for my skin.

Neutrogena awesome trusted beauty brand easily available at well known pharmacies around Malaysia. So don't complain on not able to find any.

You can get more details on Neutrogena beauty care range at : 

Neutrogena Official Website

Neutrogena Official Facebook