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Travel to Kaohsiung, Taiwan : Ready to use Itinerary in Kaohsiung

Most people visit to Kaohsiung as a side trip from Taipei. I went to Taipei and Hualien on early April 2016. I regretted so much since my leg was hurting so much and unable to cover many part of Taipei. I then booked my way to Kaohsiung which is the Southern part of Taiwan. I was there for 11 Days / 10 Nights. Yup! too long for some of you thought. I have my own disability to cover this in shorter days. Use up the many number of days to travel and explore at my own phase.

Ready to use itinerary if you fly to Kaohsiung :

* 2 Nights - Kaohsiung
* 2 Nights - Cingjing
* 1 Night - Alishan (overnight at Hotel near Train Station)
* 2 Nights - Sizhuo (Tea plantation Homestay)
* 3 Nights - Kaohsiung 

Where to go in Kaohsiung for 4 Days 3 Nights ?

You don't need 5 nights like me in Kaohsiung. You are much healthier to explore Kaohsiung in shorter days. It is possible to do this in 4 Days 3 Nights.

Day 1 (Full Day)

* Pier 2 Art District - Modern Art Wharf
* The Love River
* Wufu 4th Road
* Central Park Shopping Area

Day 2 (Full Day)

* Visit to Cijin Island
*  Former British Consulate at Dagou
* Kaohsiung Harbour (optional)
* Sizihwan Bay
* Sun Yat Sen University (optional)

Day 3 (Full Day)

* Lotus Pond
* Shopping District at Zuoying District

Day 4 (Full Day)

* Singuang Ferry Wharf
* Sanduo Shopping District
* Kaohsiung Tower

Its meaningless to visit Taiwan and skip the famous night market. There 3 famous night market that I know in Kaohsiung.

* Rueifeng Night Market (I would rather skip this one.)
* NanhuaNight Market (totally prefer this one)
* Liouhe (small scale but still worth to visit)

Where to go if you have 3 Days 2 Nights in Cinjing ?

You don't need 3 Days and 2 Nights here in Cinjing. All you need is just 2 Days / 1 Night. The hotel I stayed provide me with Free entrance ticket to most of the attraction.

Take note, this requires lot of walking and hiking.

* Green green Grassland
* Walking trail
*  Little Swiss
* Book a good hi tea at beautiful castle and sip you tea or coffee with fresh baked bread while enjoying a magnificent view.

Where to go in Alishan ?

It is worth to spend 2 or 3 Nights here in Alishan. I love the natural view here. The hiking trail has a lovely view.

* Catch 4am train to view the sunrise. WTH! no sunrise for me. isk isk isk
* Hiking Trail and breathe lots of fresh air

* Booked yourself at any homestay near tea plantation
* Enjoy the walking trail there while enjoying the beautiful view and breathe lots of fresh air. 

* Explore old town down at Fengzhihu, sample the street food
* Take the Forest Train down to Chiayi

From Chiayi you can take the high speed train back to Kaohsiung. Just a simple itinerary if you are visiting to Kaohsiung. I spent a lot in transportation. High Speed train cost isn't cheap. Its more or less Japan price. But I could say the service here is also almost similar to Japan. You pay higher and you get what you expected. So...I have no complaint at all.


  1. yeayy.. agree with words, You pay higher and you get what you expected. the most important, we are comfortable with our journey

  2. I miss TW but nv been to Kaohsiung. It looks so pretty! Would like to visit soon.

  3. High speed train is something I want to try in this lifetime as well:).

  4. yea heard Alishan was great. but i spent too little time at Taiwan previously i didn't get to go to every places.

  5. Thanks for the itinerary. Will plan my trip with my hubby soon.

  6. I love your post, Taiwan is definitely on our bucket list, and I love your tips :) I will definitely come back to check more information on your blog :)

  7. Thank you for these useful tips! This made me want to visit Taiwan soon! :)

  8. I almost went there but I was expecting a baby so cancelled the trip hehe

  9. Oh wow! I had never heard of this town until now. Thanks for writing about it :)

  10. Totally cool, babe! Love the scenery! xoxo

  11. Would love to make use of your itinerary. So detailed with information and tips.

  12. I also knew any of these places and knowing exactly where to go makes such a big difference! Thank you so much!

  13. A really really informative post. Bookmarking it!

  14. I remember my high school days when I used to watch Taiwanese drama, 'Meteor Garden'! Hehe! I would love to walk around that town, seems quiet and peaceful :)

  15. I love your plan, sounds fun! Gonna bookmark this post for reference :)

  16. How haven't I heard about Kaohsiung so far? It looks great for nature lovers like me!

  17. I have always wanted to visit Taiwan. These look like some great tips to share . Thanks so much!

  18. Great pic and review from you.. Wish to be there.. Thanks yaa for great review

  19. I don't like rushing through trips too. It's always great to explore at our own pace. Thank you for the itinerary!

  20. I have not been to Taiwan before and I would love to visit there one day. My plan is to do as much hiking as I possibly can

  21. I have been there. But I wouldn't visit it again :P met some rude ppl there

  22. We're planning for Taiwan end of this year and you have just inspired me!

  23. Great list. been to Taiwan and the country though tiny is breath-takingly beautiful!


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