Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Guide to choose Make Up Brushes for the Beginner

I wish can do well when it come to holding a make up brush. But this is really not my forte. I was given a make up sponge 3 years ago and I still find it uncomfortable to apply the foundation with that. Just don't know how this thing can blend the foundation and make it even better on face.
I always envy those who can blend the make up well like a Professional Make Up Artist. Well, before you invest onto Make Up Brushes...I think you need to get to know what you looking for. Expensive Make Up Brushes doesn't means its good and the cheap one doesn't mean its bad!

How to choose Make Up Brushes?

3 criteria when choose for good make up brushes - Hair , Ferrule, Handle.

1. Hair

You can choose either Natural or Synthetic brush.


* Made from animal hair
* More expensive
* Suitable to apply powders make up, eg. blush , eye shadows. It tends to hold powders better.
* Somebody need to be left naked and harmed to get those hair . WTH!


* Great for everything and work well for creams and liquids too.
* If you get yourself a good synthetic brushes it will service you well in everything.
* No animal harm in the process. So..don't worry. You can use this without worry being haunt! kekeke

2. Ferrule

Ferrule is part of the brush connects the hair to the handle.

* Look for seamless construction
* Brass or stainless steel are best and aluminum is OK too only that its weaker.

3. Handle

* Make sure to find the comfortable length and make up for you to handle while applying make up.


Recently there is this fluffy Unicorn rainbow colors brushes falls to my lap. WTH! Its a set of soft brushes to pamper my face.  It comes in 5-piece set that includes powder brush, foundation brush, contour brush, highlight brush and blush brush. Oh! no unicorn was harm to make this. This is all synthetic bristles. I was like....this thing is so pretty and fluffy! How you expect me to dirty out this beautiful adorable things? So sad to even use it!

I end up trying out this fluffy thing onto my face....hahahaha 
How is the feeling applying make up with and without make up brushes? Well...there is huge different though!
Without brush, not sure about you but me will end up putting lots of pressure to even out the foundation and powder onto my face. This may cause wrinkle on my face in long run . With brush , it feels like so heavenly soft. Seriously the texture of this brush is just how it look .So soft , fluffy and sweet.

I tried to do a bit of make up session using this Unicorn Make Up brushes on last weekend.
Even though I am super bad in applying make up, I still did it my way! kekekeke...Nothing to shy about as long as you try your best! (Trying to comfort myself).
I play around with few things made available to me. Yeah... yeah... sponsored items from The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday recently.

This Unicorn brushes not only adorable but also does a good job. As a first timer and beginner with make up brushes , I think this is worth to go for. It does a good job in even out my foundation and loose powder.

Where to buy good Make Up Brushes in Malaysia ? 

You can visit For those who would like to own a set of face brushes can use this Code : BUTTERFLY39 for a 10% discounts.

Go check out their online store. There are many good stuff there. They even have Harry Potter brushes and Mermaid Blanket.

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