Monday, June 12, 2017

How to Manage BO ?

How would you feel if somebody near to you have this unpleasant Body Odor (BO) ?
Annoying, right ? If He / She is somebody you can't afford to offense , will make thing worst! Meaning you can't even tell them and you have to put up with the smells ! Die! suffocated !

What is BO ?

BO stands for Body Odor. Body Odor is unpleasant smell released by bacteria on skin that break that down acids  through sweat. 

Who will likely to get BO ?

* Anyone who are reaching puberty.
* Men are more likely to have BO because they tend to sweat more than women.

What make BO , worst ?

* overweight
* eat too much of spicy food, spices , garlic and alcohol
* on antidepressant pills

How to manage BO ?

The evil skin bacteria normally affected are like armpit ! So it it best to keep that area clean and dry. 

1. Shower twice daily

You need to clean your skin thoroughly with at least twice shower a day to kill the bacteria. Use appropriate shower gel for active lifestyle will helps. Recommended to use Adidas Climacool Performance in Motion Shower Gel which suit for people who are having active lifestyle. Refreshing smells after a hard sweaty day. Its available at any leading pharmacies.

2. Wash armpits 

Make sure you use antibacterial soap to use that area of your skin.

3. Regular shave armpits

Don't leave your armpits bushy if you are having BO problem. You will just helps to give a good home for that evil bacteria.

4. Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Best if you apply deodorants and antiperspirant to get best smells. Deodorants work by using perfume to mask the smells of sweat while antiperspirants helps to reduce the amount of sweat produced by body because its contain aluminum chloride. Recommended to use spray deodorants for better hygiene such as Adidas Climacool Deodorant. So convenient bottle where you can bring with you anywhere. Oh! this one is non greasy deodorant spray. You will love this with one spray.

5. Wear clean clothes

Wear wash clothes regularly and make sure to wear the skin breathable material - natural fibers , wool , silk or cotton.

6. Take care of your food intakes

Eating lot of  red meat tends to make BO worst. Try to reduce curry, spicy, onions, garlic from your daily menu. Drinks caffeine and alcohol may cause you to sweat more too. Eat healthily folks !

Well, here 2 tips for those who have BO or your friends are having this BO problems. If BO smells like rotten fruity smells, go check up on diabetes and if BO smells like bleach , means you need to get either liver or kidney disease check. 

Prevention is better than cure! Have a pleasant shower in the morning and pollute the people around you with good refreshing smells than otherwise. 

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