Thursday, July 13, 2017

Looking Good in the Kitchen with Mamonde

When everybody happily eating and drinking away in the living room...I was that person who stuck in the kitchen cooking away for them. Hard to believe..huh? Yes! I cook too. Whether its edible to far no complaint. 

Don't ask to bake or anything else. I can just do a simple stir fry using my survival common sense instinct. Being stuck in the kitchen all the time during Raya doesn't mean I need to look messy and oily face. I was happily dolling up and freshening up with Mamonde. 

Apply BB Cream and lip tint is a must to look pretty welcoming the guest.

I brought back Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. I chose the long lasting so don't need reapply it all the time. It last until I wash off at night before go to bed. Perfect for busy kitchen person like me.

I love the sturdy brush tip. It easy to apply and less shaky line for not so pro make up Goddess like me. ahahaha.. Don't need eye shadow or whatsoever. Just a simple super black Mamonde Eye liner to highlight my eyes. How do I look????? 'Cantik???' kekekeke

Taiping weather suppose to be wet and moist. But...when I went back there last week, the weather was super duper hot. Hot until I feel like fan or anything don't work at all. I really afraid of the heat attack would harm my skin. Thank God! brought back Mamonde Floral Hydo Mist Narcissus. The fragrance smell from this mist wakes up my skin from the heat sleepy mode and moisture dry skin. 

I remain this fresh face even until night time last guest. Thank you Mamonde for sponsoring this awesome products at our Butterfly Birthday event. 

Mamonde has many great products from flower inspired in store. Visit their website to know more. Did I mentioned that Mamonde also available online at Somehow that online store doesn't work for me due to their logistic Ninja Van is not that smart in delivering the items. I ordered 6th June 2017 and until today I haven't receive anything. I end up cancel the order and request for refund. You can get Mamonde products at their Counter which located at AEON. Faster and better because you can sample the products before hand.

Get more of flower inspired product from Mamonde here.

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