Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Butterfly Project July 2017 : My Fav Face Mist

What is your first impression if I mention the word 'Face Mist' ?
Refreshing ? Oh yeahhh!!! you bet during this hot weather season.
My first thought when Face mist is hot item for beauty addict ? WTH? This is just a scented water spray onto face.
Envy the face spray fashion, I then started to follow the face mist vibes and own few of it too. goes with my 'WTH?'
Isn't this just a spray toner ? Well.. I got that part wrong! 
Toners used after the face cleanse while this face mist can be used at any time. Just spray over as long as you don't get drunk overdosed of spray. kekeke

What is face mist function ?

  • Revive the tired skin
  • Helps to control break out
  • Skin hydration
  • Set make up 

How to use face mist for your skin condition ?


  1. Oily / Acne Skin - Spray face mist with lightly astringents to ward off  breakouts
  2. Dry Skin - Get the face mist with hydrating ingredients. You can spray it over all day long to rejuvenate your skin.
  3. Sensitive Skin - Best to get the gentle spray face mist with skin calming ingredients like rose water.

I have 2 favorite face mist from different Brand. One is Melvita Rose Water and the other one is Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist  Narcissus.

The Melvita Damask Rose Water perfect to bring along during my travel time. Love the pocket size and convenient 28ml bottle. The Rose Water smells is super refreshing after touring round. I know this is not mist but still the same function. It just you face will wet drenched with water every time your spray on. kekekeke

Another favorite face mist is Mamonde. But I can only use it when I am in the office because it came in 120ml bottle. huhuhuh...Too big to even keep it in my handbag. I feel like carrying Bygone Spray. Anyway, I love Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist because its light spray. So soft like feather when it hits to your skin. The hydration ingredients perfect for air conditioning environment.

Can you share which Brand become your favorite Face Mist ?


  1. Face mist is my favourite.. Feels so refresh after spraying.. Loving it!

  2. With our drying tropical weather, face mist is a good choice for staying refresh!

  3. Wow interested in Melvita Rose Mist, bet it smells good too!


  4. Face mist is one of the compulsory things in my bag, because I m having a dry skin. I need to keep my skin moisture if not it will become red and scaling.

  5. Inlove Mamonde Face Mist to as it is light and it is just so fragrant.. can smell the flowers...

  6. I would give the Melvita mist a try..but I am definitely not a fan of Mamonde's's too heavy for my liking

  7. I need face mist to moisture my face all the time coz my face too dry.

  8. I haven't use any kind of mist in awhile, and this is a nice opportunity to this brand. Hope Althea has it too so I could order :)

  9. I'm currently using one by Spritzer. Yes, the mineral water that we love. God this product from their specialty store. Love it but I think it's just basic facial mist.

  10. i always love face mist. Make my make up long lasting and my skin moisturize - Racheal

  11. I love the Melvita one too but not in my top 5. It smells great and refreshing yet doesn't hydrate much.

  12. I love face mists. It's perfect for our humid weather. I also carry scented wet tissues around to wipe sweat and stay fresh :P .... That's why I need a big handbag.

  13. Keeping skin hydrated is so essential particularly if you are working outdoors.. Great product in this regard


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