Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Finger Knitting as New Hobby

Recently feel like my mind hard in getting focus. Even my anxiety level is getting higher too. I decided to do some healing therapy on my own. People says meditation is good for this but my problem is not able to stay wanna me to meditate ? Meditation is something intangible. Big failure for me ! So after search around finger knitting could help to heal my mind , so I give it a try. At least this is tangible.

What you need for Finger Knitting ?

1. Yarns - it can be  the big chunky or the medium size one. Depends on what you wanna make.

2. Fingers - obviously you need you fingers. duh! hehehe

3. Scissors - to cut the yarns

How to do Finger Knitting ?

Step One 

Slip end of a yarn between thumb and index finger. Pinch anchor of the yarn to knit. Loop the yarn around your pinkie and weave it through fingers.

Step 2 

Loop the yarn around index finger and weave it toward pinkie.

Step 3 

Make full loop around four fingers.

I bet you can't even imagine, what I am trying to say here. kekekeke... Me too cannot digest what am I trying to say here. I recommend you to  do youtube search for Finger Knitting. There are many tutorial for you to follow out there. kekekeke...


My first works! Gosh! I am super proud of my first knit work, ever!

My first butterfly! WTH! I made progress!

OMG! I made this in 2 hours of finger knitting. My very first headband cum necklace!

Looking forward to buy big chunky yarn to knit my very own infinity scarf and beanie soon.

Seriously, this is mind healing for me and improve my mood swing too. So glad , I decided to try out this finger knitting as my hobby.

Knowing my attitude, its hard to believe and imagine to choose this path.


  1. This looks great! I have never learnt how to knit. How long did it take you to pick up the pace?

  2. Now I know the name, finally. It's yarn haha. So interesting!

  3. it is so cute but i never know how to learn knit. it's need more patience and creative,right?? hehe..all the best of ur new hobby :)

  4. Didn't know about this. Your headband cum necklace looks nice.

  5. Knitting is fun and addictive! Once I start I can't stop hahaha! Agree it's also a relaxing hobby. I like the finishing product of this head-band. So cute!

  6. Such lovely work, dear! You're so smart! xoxo

  7. I remember knitting friendship bands last time in school. I think this is the same concept, right?

  8. Thats pretty.. must learn to do it also lah...

  9. SO cute your knitting headband! I must try it too =) Hope I can do it though >.<

  10. not my forte but it's a hobby that needs delicate hands and focus! thumbs up to u! keep it up!

  11. I dont know how to knit, but cricheting is my forte! Of course I use crocheting hooks :) You are already a pro if dont use hooks for knitting :)

  12. You're so good with this, I'm horrible with anything that includes a needle :(

  13. Waaa u so pandai. I don't lIke anything take take time. I will be bored huhuhu


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