Friday, August 18, 2017

PC Brutally Honest Episode 2 - Procrastinator

In life most of us has been procrastinating without even realize it. Yeay! Yeah! While you are reading this post you been thinking ..Be honest to yourself! You are not! too keep thinking the same way. 

My favourite line for certain things that I hate to do the most is " I'll do it tomorrow". I just  put everything off until tomorrow and then when tomorrow comes, the cycle repeat again.

Things that I hate to do the most are house chores. I hate organize my things and everything got to do with house. This is part of perks for single woman like me. Damn! I love being a single lady more and more. But my nest need to be cleaned at least to have peace of mind. So it is important to still do what I hate the most. Eceeewahhhh... I succeed in other area but when it comes to organizing my dressing room...I think this is my bigger failure ever.  isk isk isk

Me : Long weekend is coming finally. I am going to organise this dressing rooms nicely. I will quit Kdrama for this weekend and concentrate in doing my chores. (100% full of determination)

This is how the dressing room look like before the long weekend. Piles of clothing on the floor and unorganized. I am lucky to still have space to walk through it.

After many years long weekend. This dressing room still look the same as many years ago. hehehehe..Yeah!!! suppose to throw some of those old clothes but whenever I pick up something then put into the black garbage plastic for some donation, I put it out again. I just can't throw or give away things. Everything seems precious to me. Haihhhh!!!! This has been going on for 15 years already. The pile keep growing into the tallest mountain day by day. ** Face palm**
I will keep trying again in another up coming long weekend. kekekeke...Lazy Bum! will end up glue her butt on the couch and watch kdrama again. huhuhuhuh

If you keep delaying and give sort of excuses to do things that suppose to finish off...then you can start to join the Club of Procrastinator


  1. Seriously that's your wardrobe??? alaaa don't edit LOL


  2. hahaha so funny la baca awak punya entri.. kalau awak nak kemas cara mudah senang saja.. awak buat preloved saja baju-baju dari wardrobe awak tu.. jual dan duitnya simpan.. dont tambah cloth again ok! haHAHAHA

  3. No denying that I procrastinate as well, but there are things that I will, and things that I won't. For example, my clothes, they are unimportant, that's why they are as high as the mountain as well.

  4. I also like to procrastinate. Got to change my bad habit.

  5. My wardrobe also messy. I Wan cry when look at it.

  6. We have the messy wardrobe. So lazy to kemas even weekend hahaha. I prefer to watch kdrama then kemas my wardrobe.

  7. Hello from Myfarrahdise!
    heheh that's too messy though. My fave series make me lazy too.

    (btw, do a little tweak on your setting coz commenting is not so easy)

  8. This is funny but yes, I feel you.. I am also kinda almost joining the procrastinator club.. hahaha

  9. Hahaha! Love this cute post, babe! xoxo

  10. haha...happy to read your post...
    My wardrobe also in the same condition as yours....High Five

  11. Haha .. this procrastinator succeeded in clearing up her wardrobe this year ..after many years! ^.^

  12. Procrastination is always bad, sometimes happened to me also. But i keep remind myself to do it now instead of later.


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