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PC Brutally Honest Episode 2 - Procrastinator

In life most of us has been procrastinating without even realize it. Yeay! Yeah! While you are reading this post you been thinking ..Be honest to yourself! You are not! too keep thinking the same way.  My favourite line for certain things that I hate to do the most is " I'll do it tomorrow". I just  put everything off until tomorrow and then when tomorrow comes, the cycle repeat again. Things that I hate to do the most are house chores. I hate organize my things and everything got to do with house. This is part of perks for single woman like me. Damn! I love being a single lady more and more. But my nest need to be cleaned at least to have peace of mind. So it is important to still do what I hate the most. Eceeewahhhh... I succeed in other area but when it comes to organizing my dressing room...I think this is my bigger failure ever.  isk isk isk Me : Long weekend is coming finally. I am going to organise this dressing rooms nicely. I will quit K


THINGS TO DO AT MUSLIM QUARTER, XI'AN , CHINA 1. Old Drum Tower 2. Eat at Muslim Quarter 3. Grand Mosque 4. Eat at Muslim Quarter 5. Watch Puppet show and have an evening stroll at Gao Family Mansion 6. Eat again at Muslim Quarter Ngeeeee... the major highlight here is eat and eat and eat.WTH! You can't visit to Muslim Quarter in Xi'an, China with mind on strict diet. You will not make it through at all. What you about to see in this post.....I will not be blame for making you drools in front of your PC or saliva dropping on your smartphone screen. hahahaha... Tips For non speaker who visit to Muslim Quarter all you need to know here... are this 2 words. Yang Rou - Lamb meat Niu Rou - Beef For Muslim...other than that words don't eat. hahahaha Muslim Quarter, located in the Northwest of the ancient City Wall of Xi'an is totally not to be missed if you visit to Xi'an. In fact, you will get hook by this place and will go there again and


When I was a little girl , I read this book about wonders creation of the world. The Great Wall of China is the first in my list and next is Angkor Wat , Cambodia. Then Terracota Warriors which is also part of my list to witness the site with my own eyes. I was impressed with Great Wall and 'awwwwww' with Angkor Wat. When the day finally visited to Terracotta Warrior site, there is no excitement feeling at all! I wonder why? I feel this site is the most overrated tourist attraction. hmmmmmm...  Anyway it is good to visit this place if you read the history of this place and want to witness it with your own eyes. I noticed crack floor and wall everywhere. Guess my reading was right after all that this thing built on top of wet land or something and the foundation of this place won't last for long. I read the history the Emperor Qin Shi Huang ambition to have the tallest mausoleum aka pyramid of all but he failed to accomplish this due to earth condition. This app

A walk to remember

Like many others... I have memories to remember my younger time. The smells of refreshing 'old trees'.... Calming green lake.... Peaceful view of tree branches bowing down to the water... What a lovely scene.... I just love this beautiful nature... I want to remember this forever....     For old time memory sake....hhehehehe ...WTH!!!!   Oh Gosh!!!!! ridiculous scene...trying to do the surfing pose...WTH!!!! I guess my photographer almost rolling to the ground trying to capture me...WTH!!!   'Chatime' at Taiping Lake Garden   This is nothing got to do with lake garden but trying my best to be a obedient daughter... By eating this 'roti telur' for breakfast???? Nay!!!!!! Waking up early morning... and that morning happen to be raining day... The feeling to force yourself to get out of warm comfortable blanket...Gosh!!!! For my parent sake.... End up volunteering to drive them to morning market....ear

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