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When I was a little girl , I read this book about wonders creation of the world. The Great Wall of China is the first in my list and next is Angkor Wat , Cambodia. Then Terracota Warriors which is also part of my list to witness the site with my own eyes.

I was impressed with Great Wall and 'awwwwww' with Angkor Wat. When the day finally visited to Terracotta Warrior site, there is no excitement feeling at all! I wonder why? I feel this site is the most overrated tourist attraction. hmmmmmm... 

Anyway it is good to visit this place if you read the history of this place and want to witness it with your own eyes. I noticed crack floor and wall everywhere. Guess my reading was right after all that this thing built on top of wet land or something and the foundation of this place won't last for long.

I read the history the Emperor Qin Shi Huang ambition to have the tallest mausoleum aka pyramid of all but he failed to accomplish this due to earth condition. This applicable to the Terracotta Warriors site which was built to protect the the mausoleum nearby.

You don't need to spend so much of money for day tour cost with the travel agency or whatsoever. Just pay 7 Yuan for 50 minutes bus fares and 150 yuan entrance fees and you are good to explore Terracotta Warriors site. Spend at least 3 hours of your day time here. You will cover it all.

Xi'an Railway Station - Front view. Just go to your right from here and you will see long line of people to board the bus to Terracotta Warriors


* Take Bus no. 5 (306) from East Square of the Xi'an Railway Station, bus fares around 7 Yuan per person. Don't take any other bus from this number mentioned. There will be many people calling but they are all from tour agency. The chances you get yourself scam for shopping trip instead of sightseeing is high if you take any other bus than Bus no. 5 (306).

* Don't worry many buses waiting for you. The bus will depart when its full. Mine depart within 3 minutes after I get on it.

* The bus conductor will come collect fares from you. So prepare 7 Yuan. There will be map on sale but its in Chinese. So skip it! I don't understand anyway. I just prepare my printed research copy for my reference which is sufficient to guide my visit.

* All explanation by the bus conductor will be in in Mandarin. All you need to know, the bus will stop at many places along the way. You can opt to stop at Huaqing Hot Spring which is like 10 minutes before your reach Terracotta Warrior site, but I skipped this place. No interest to visit the lovey dovey site alone. WTH! I just get down from this bus at the last stop which is Terracotta Warrior site or "Bing Ma Yong". Remember where you bus stop because you will come find the same bus no. to go bring you back to Xi'an City.

* Bus journey around 50 - 60 minutes depend on traffic. Bus will stop at small bus terminal which you will see many stalls. Just get down and follow the crowd to walk towards the Terracotta Warriors Museum Entrance to buy ticket. It about 10 minutes small alley walk.

See the long line of people to get into the bus to Terracotta Warriors? I was there since 9:00am. I thought at the wrong place at first....ngeeeeee....end up join the line with lots lots of patient and perseverance and strong mental since many cut the line. Uncivilized people!

This is the Terracotta Warriors site entrance. Forgot to take photo on where I purchase the ticket for 150 Yuan since so headache saw many people. Don't forget to bring your passport ya! 

If you are interested to visit the Emperor Qin Mausoleum you can take the free shuttle bus from Terracotta Warrior site. Just show them the ticket. I didn't go since by the time I finished my sightseeing it was almost late afternoon.  

This museum open from 8:30am until 5:00pm. Don't have to be an early bird to visit this place. Try to go nearly to lunch time to avoid the super duper huge local crowd.

After presented the ticket . It will be another 15 - 20 minutes walk to the site. Just walk and follow the crowd. Enjoy the small bushes and garden surround this place.

This over 2,000 years old army statue totally a great human creation. I can feel the pain and suffer for those who participated in this project.

You can hire a local tour guide for 100 Yuan for a better explanation in English. Like I wrote earlier , I came to this place mentally prepared with all the history read beforehand. I would say the rest its up to one imagination while wondering around this site.

The site has three excavation pits. I started with Pit 2 to avoid the huge group tour crowd who mainly start off with Pit 1.

View from Pit 2 which is not fully excavate yet.

View from Pit 1

The biggest is at Pit 3 where you can see impressive soldiers lining up in different uniform, different position, expression and even the hair style is different too. All in real human size form. Its a huge and big scale site. WTH!

Many of it is just a replica since many is in oversea for exhibition.  You know the Chinese is super skilled when it come to replicate things. You won't know which one is the authentic one. WTH! So now you know what I mean by overrated tourist attraction? We paid 150 Yuan to see lines of replicas? mmmmm.... even though not all but yet you feel a bit cheated deep inside. Haihhhhh!!!!

In some other area you will find the statue in exhibition area where you can examine it closely. I could said those people in ancient are very thorough and details with their work. It is details even to the palm line too.

In between of touring the Museum, I took a break and have a light lunch picnic at the Park near by. I brought with me some Fresh Dates , Apples and Walnut which I bought from Muslim Quarters the night before.

You will exit and go through rows of shop selling food and souvenirs. If you see a Starbuck then mean you are at the right track. Just walk ahead of you like 15 - 20 minutes to reach the same bus terminal when you get down earlier.

At this point you will see many people are trying hard to sell you fresh Pomegranate and Persimmons to make end meet. I was touch by that woman (photo bottom right). I was sitting at the last row in the bus and saw her selling from outside of the bus. Begging people to buy her pomegranate. At this point , I wish can talk in Chinese and call her over to buy her fruit. mmmmmm....but this introvert end up watching the whole scene especially the scene where her basket drop and her pomegranate smashed onto the ground. 

Seriously , sad movie scene which will bring soft hearted like me to tears!  I was heavy hearted back to the City that day.

What is my thought after visiting Terracotta Warriors site?

Its an eye opener ancient civilization discovery and interesting to witness the site in real life. Like I said I read the history of Three Kingdom and Qin Shin Huang Di Mausoleum so more or less it brings me some imagination while touring. It shows how crazy the human is when in power. He wish for something beyond human imagination. He fulfilled his crazy dreams on top of other human suffering.What is he thinking to build another underworld city for his after life. Haihhhhh!!!! I can feel the spirit of anger and sadness surrounding this place.  Its happened like 2,000 year ago and it still continue until this days. 

Human thinking are all alike when they are in power.
Power becomes Great and the Greatness becomes Greed and  Greed become Evil! 

A note for myself, I am Thankful to God to be born as who I am and living the life as now. I am grateful for the Almighty kindness to bless me with good life compare to those I read in the history and the life I witnessed during my journey in Xi'an, China.


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