Monday, October 30, 2017

Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017

Its time for Taiwan again! but this time for Beauty Industry. While many people focus in South Korea and Japan Beauty product, myself finds Taiwan Beauty Industry too has many good product to explore. Moreover their climate are more or less similar to ours here.
Famous Brand name like Naruku, Dr Morita , Dr Wu are well known in many countries. 

Same like last year , I was invited to attend the Taiwan Beauty Expo and this time it will held at KLCC Convention Center. Many brand name that I not familiar with waiting for me to explore. I am so excited!

This time 11 more Taiwan Beauty brands was selected to visit Kuala Lumpur to share their beauty brands to Malaysian.

1. Biochem, Arwin
2. Gold Nano Tech
3. Tsaio, Sofno
4. Kuan Yuan Lian (KYL)
5. Lam Sam Yick (LSY)
6. Solone
7. Miss Hana , Hanaka
8. My Beauty Diary
10. City Color , Maxwell
11. Unicare, Lab101

Who is coming on 9th November 2017?  See you there!

You need information on Taiwan Beauty Event ? Check out their FB click here


  1. wow. too bad i'm staying in JB. bila ada expo macam ni la senang nak dapatkan sample and more info in details bout product.


  2. Hey Rina, thanks for sharing this as I am gonna miss to attend it on 9 Nov as I will be out of town though : ( Enjoy ya

  3. This sounds like a fun event. I have never heard of these brands before but I'm interested to check them out.

  4. Thanks for the info. So lucky if able to join the event.

  5. Awww. I would love to go for this. Will go if in KL

  6. Hopefully they could do ib Penang. The brand I have try is cyber color.I use the eye brow. Nice and pigmented

  7. Although Taiwanese skincare is not as popular as Japanese or Korean, they are up and coming. It is really worth to explore, except that I am banana and can't read Mandarin. I'd probab;y be someone who would brush my teeth with facial cleanser.

  8. Thank you for the info. Will recommend this expo for my cousin sis because she's a fan of Taiwanese skincare.

  9. Thank you for the info. Will recommend for my cousin sis because she's a fan of Taiwanese skincare. :)

  10. this seems fun.. i wanna explore this !!! Thanks for the info



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