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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Better Looking Skin with Dr Wu

There are times when I end up using a not suitable skincare onto my skin. This is the situation 3 weeks ago. I have a very bad skin condition which sort of oily on my 'T' Zone and skin look super bad when I applied CC Cushion.  I end up sacrificing my Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System series which I have been saving for my next long vacation. Kind of ashamed unable to finish off my current skincare. I know if I still using that my skin will become serious bad. Here I am sharing my experience after using Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System and this skincare series from Dr Wu totally save my skin from getting worst. I own 3 of items from Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System : * Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid * Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid * Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid I know my set is not complete range but sufficient to even make a difference for my skin. They are quite a pricey range

Instantly Correct the Complexion

I won this by answering the quiz during the Taiwan Beauty Expo end of last year. I end up with 2 bottles of this. hahaha.... talk about the shortage of cream? My skincare can last for another year. I was very sceptical when reading the 'instant' word. Like...' seriously'? Is this another over-claimed item? I love Miss Hana makeup collection but trying skincare except for their mask is like the first time for me. Since they claimed this is instant correct...then I don't need 2 weeks to try this out. Instant ma! Must work like magic. So one Sunday I was in a good mood and fed up with lovey-dovey Kdrama. I have fun playing around with Miss Hana Brightening Cream to check on their 'instant' claimed to my skin. Miss Hana Brightening Cream - 30ml made in Taiwan Product claimed : Skin Whitening and Lightening Instantly correct the complexion Make skin hydrating Some of the key ingredients in Miss Hana Brightening Cream are : Tranexam

Lovely Make Up Collection from Miss Hana

I used Taiwan skin care before and this is my first time trying out Taiwan made Make Up. During recent Taiwan Expo, I was blessed with lots of outstanding make up collection from Miss Hana . Thank you so much! What is in the bag from Miss Hana? * Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++ * Miss Hana Brightening Cream * Miss Hana Eyeliner * Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo -01 * Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo - 02 * Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo - 03 * Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 01 * Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 02 * Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 03 * Miss Hana Macaron Bubble Clay Pack Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++ This cushion stick design to keep hands clean while getting brighten up and radiant-looking skin.  Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++ claimed : * keep your finger clean * natural and bright looking skin * Flawless finish make up My experience using Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick

Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017

Its time for Taiwan again! but this time for Beauty Industry. While many people focus in South Korea and Japan Beauty product, myself finds Taiwan Beauty Industry too has many good product to explore. Moreover their climate are more or less similar to ours here. Famous Brand name like Naruku, Dr Morita , Dr Wu are well known in many countries.  Same like last year , I was invited to attend the Taiwan Beauty Expo and this time it will held at KLCC Convention Center. Many brand name that I not familiar with waiting for me to explore. I am so excited! This time 11 more Taiwan Beauty brands was selected to visit Kuala Lumpur to share their beauty brands to Malaysian. 1. Biochem, Arwin 2. Gold Nano Tech 3. Tsaio, Sofno 4. Kuan Yuan Lian (KYL) 5. Lam Sam Yick (LSY) 6. Solone 7. Miss Hana , Hanaka 8. My Beauty Diary 9. SH-RD , NPPE 10. City Color , Maxwell 11. Unicare, Lab101 Who is coming on 9th November 2017?  See you there!

Tips to minimize pores on the face

Enlarged pores on the face are not appealing at all!  This phenomenon on the face cause by dirt, dead skin cells and oil residue which residue build up onto your skin overtimes and provide pressure to it clogging pores forcing them to stretch out. Sounds like ugly procedure ? That is why we need to clean and moisturize face in regular basis without fail. Let me know if you have other tips other than listed here. Here are some tips to minimize pores on the face : 1. Exfoliate I include exfoliate on alternate day to make sure my face pores free from dirt. It also helps to remove irrelevant dry skin too. 2. Cleansing Never fail to cleanse your face thoroughly on daily basis. Avoid regular soap to wash your face. At least use the ph-balanced purifier face cleansing product. 3. Sunscreen I will not walk out from my house without any sunscreen protection. Exposure to UV variation is super harmful for your skin and slow down the cell reproduction on the skin.


I always into K Beauty but this time I got my hands on Taiwan Cosmetic and Skin Care. At first, I was so hesitate to try out the product but I dare myself and give this a chance. PSK brand, this is not new to me since I received the glow in the dark lip gloss from them last year. This is my first time trying out their skin care. PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Series - Intense Moisturizing Concentrate - 30ml Functions : * Rich moisturizing ingredients - my experience rating 5/5 totally moisturizing effect when use this one. A bit annoying because it make your face wet for quite sometimes but really moisturize my  skin well. * Fully penetrate to the bottom of the stratum corneum - my experience rating 4.5/5 because I love this because it really work well with my skin. * Enhance the transparency of the skin - my experience 2/5 because I am not really sure how this thing can enhance my skin transparency. mmmmmm... * Makes skin soft and white -


Just a little shout out to all Beauty Bloggers out there! If you are into networking and love checking out new beauty product from Taiwan.... there will be Taiwan Beauty Power Networking event will be held on 22nd August 2016, Monday. The networking event will hold brand's presentation and business meeting at Mahkota 2 and 3 Ballroom at Hotel Istana from 9:30am to 3:30pm. The delegations will introduce their latest developed products to local media and businessmen and conduct face to face interview and meetings. For those who interested to check out current beauty trend from Taiwan and exchange information with Taiwan delegations can RSVP your attendance to Ms Sze Yuen by email to . This networking event brought to you by Taiwan Trade Center Inc., Kuala Lumpur Representative Office.

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