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Tips to minimize pores on the face

Enlarged pores on the face are not appealing at all! 
This phenomenon on the face cause by dirt, dead skin cells and oil residue which residue build up onto your skin overtimes and provide pressure to it clogging pores forcing them to stretch out. Sounds like ugly procedure ?
That is why we need to clean and moisturize face in regular basis without fail.

Let me know if you have other tips other than listed here.

Here are some tips to minimize pores on the face :

1. Exfoliate
I include exfoliate on alternate day to make sure my face pores free from dirt. It also helps to remove irrelevant dry skin too.

2. Cleansing
Never fail to cleanse your face thoroughly on daily basis. Avoid regular soap to wash your face. At least use the ph-balanced purifier face cleansing product.

3. Sunscreen
I will not walk out from my house without any sunscreen protection. Exposure to UV variation is super harmful for your skin and slow down the cell reproduction on the skin.

4. Serum
Best to add in serum to your skin regime to replenish the overtime losses nutrition to your skin.

5. Steam
I failed to do this but did it occasionally when I visited beauty center for facial. You can do this at home by using one hot water basin with rose petals in it and cover your face with clean towel. It helps to make your pores smaller.

There are many skincare in the market targeted pores in particular. One of them is Naruko. A popular brand from Taiwan. 

I was given Job's Tears skincare line which focusing to minimize the pores and brightening skin tone. This is exactly what I needs!
Most of Naruko products line made of natural ingredients and this Job's Tears skincare line in particular smells like you are applying honey from flowers onto your face. So sweet smells. Love it!

Naruko skincare  line pledged as free of parabens, mineral oil, artificial preservatives, artificial coloring or pigmentation,fragrance, silicone and talc. Thumbs up...Naruko is cruelty free which means its not tested on poor animal.

I currently using 3 items for my night skincare regime to achieve close to flawless skin.

Naruko Raw Job's Tears Superficial CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Lotion 150ml

Apply this onto after face cleansing. I have a habit to apply all skincare with my fingertips and avoid using cotton.

Naruko Raw Job's Tears Superficial CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Essence 30ml

This is one of my favourite for this series. I really feels the essence formula are high concentration and high activity. You can feel it almost immediately it nourish skin. Just one pump and you can feel it boost up the moisture on your skin. I am totally in love with this.

Naruko Raw Job's Tears Superficial CO2 Pore Minimzing and Brightening Night Gelly 80g

Naruko famous with their night gelly. Here I am experiencing the famous gelly from Raw Job's Tears line. I ditch all my sleeping mask for this gelly. It leaves a sticky feeling but its gone after 5 minutes. I wake up with soft and moist skin.

* liquid translucent
* Lightweight
* I find this a bit sticky at first but then it fast change and soak into skin which left my skin soft and feel smoother. 

Overall my ratings after using Naruko Raw Job's Tears skincare series :

Naruko claimed :
* to control the oil - my rating 4/5 Yes! it helps to control oil residue from my skin. It less oily now.
* tightens the pores - my rating 4.5/5 I can see my pores slowly minimize
* Brightening effect - my ratings 3.5/5 not really brightening but I can see my skin less dulls looking.
* Soothing and repairing - my ratings 4/5 yes! you can feel it helps. Make sure to use this at least 1 month to feel the different. 

Well... It does what it claims if you faithfully include it in your skincare regime.

What is your tips to minimize pores? If you don't mind please share with me.

Have you tried Naruko Brand before? Which skincare series have your tried?

Will you give Naruko Brand a try?

Disclaimer : This product was included in the goodies bag during Taiwan Beauty Networking last year. Naruko is one of the participant for that event. However, I don't obliged to review the products included in the goodies bag. I wrote this post based on my experience using this product and happy with the result. All review and opinion are on my own with no influence from the brand.  You can check the brand website by googling the brand name for pricing.


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