Friday, November 3, 2017

A Visit to Joy Garden Old Folk House, Semenyih

We don't need to be rich to contribute , the effort is more important. We have been working hard to make end meets and for the sake of our surviving on this earth. Life is unpredictable but death is certain. Once we leave this world everything we earn from our effort will be remain on earth. As for myself being single at this age is something I am use to it. Loneliness can be fill by activities but the only worries is when old , sick and become dependable. I prefer to leave when still healthy and don't trouble others. But thats not my choice anyway. God will! My time will comes. All I can do is to prepare for my future and minimize the trouble when time comes. Most important to try my best to take care of my health.  

Human Nature, we never enough with everything we have. Don't wait until you have enough before you start sharing.

I used to do some give back to society at quarterly basis. My favourite place is at Joy Garden , Semenyih. That was before they move to new place. The land owner took back the land for some other project. Now the place move to nearby by paying rental on private land. Glad I found them again. I will try my best to visit from time to time.

When I visited them long time ago at old place the people who live in that house mainly old people and some handicapped kids. At this new place I saw mostly old people. The familiar faces has gone and replace with new one. A bit sad though! Some of them has gone to their creator but at least for good rather than suffer on earth.

The new address of Joy Garden Semenyih is below this entry. The road towards this house a bit off road. They house most of the old people inside cabin or sort of container. Its still a shelter better than nothing. The view and surrounding quite calm with fish pond and some gooses around.

They are trying to plant some loofah, passion fruits and vegetables. I saw many chicken at the back too. At least they make an effort to survive. I saw some provision like rice and noodles. Glad that my contribution a bit different from others. I bought some eggs, can food , biscuits, cakes and some monetary contribution. Not much but hope can ease them a bit.

Currently they are trying to gather some funds to build fencing around the place because some bad people stole currently metal fencing. I saw some bricks fencing build up halfway. Guess not enough funds for that. Monetary contribution also will helps on the rental payment to the land owner.

For those interested to contribute monetary or provision please drop by :

Joy Garden Old Folks Home 

Homeless Shelter in Semenyih, Malaysia
Address: Taman Perindustrian Sri Haneco, Semenyih, Selangor

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