Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lovely Make Up Collection from Miss Hana

I used Taiwan skin care before and this is my first time trying out Taiwan made Make Up. During recent Taiwan Expo, I was blessed with lots of outstanding make up collection from Miss Hana . Thank you so much!

What is in the bag from Miss Hana?

* Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++
* Miss Hana Brightening Cream
* Miss Hana Eyeliner
* Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo -01
* Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo - 02
* Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo - 03
* Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 01
* Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 02
* Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 03
* Miss Hana Macaron Bubble Clay Pack

Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++

This cushion stick design to keep hands clean while getting brighten up and radiant-looking skin. 

Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++ claimed :

* keep your finger clean
* natural and bright looking skin
* Flawless finish make up

My experience using Miss Hana Spotlight CC Cushion Stick SPF50++

I really impressed with the innovative applicator of this CC Cushion stick. I just need to press the button and the CC Cushion come out through the small hole of the sponge and just dab it onto skin evenly.
The texture is creamy but not flaky at all. In fact I love the cooling refreshing sensation of this CC Cushion and totally easy to apply on skin. They are talking about natural , bright looking skin and flawless finish make up? Well...just see the bottom left photo which is before I apply it. (face palm on my pale looking skin) Then compare it with the bottom right photo. It look more radiant and lively , right?

Miss Hana Macaron Color Contour Stick Duo

When I first saw this...I was like..what am I suppose to do with this? I am not a 'Beauty Guru' or whatsoever. I never do contouring throughout my 40th life before. Since it already falls to my lap. I have no choice to give my trembled hand a try to do such contouring. YOLO. You live only once! Why not?

Miss Hana Macaron Color Contour Stick Duo comes in 3 color tone.

Claimed :
- Flawless makeup
- Conceal imperfections while plumping!
- Solve dark circles , redness and dullness

It comes in 3 colors set combination :

* 01 - Lavender and Pink combination for light on skin tone. Lavender suppose to use on the dark area and pink color to brighten up skin tone.
* 02 - Mint Green and Sky blue combination to correct redness. Use the mint green color on the reddish area and sky blue for uneven skin tone areas.
* 03 - Salmon and Yellow combination for dark circles correction. Apply the Salmon tone on dark circle areas and Yellow color on dull skin areas to brighten up skin tone.

Since I have dark circles and uneven skin tone problem. This duo stick designed just like a lipstick. I applied Miss Hana Macaron CC Stick Duo - 03. I love the texture is creamy and easy glide on skin. Very easy to apply even for beginner like me. I just apply on the targeted area and dab lightly until it even out. Walahhhhh!!!! there you go. Did you see any dark circle and uneven skin tone? It works wonder. Keep following my Instagram to see how I apply other colors on my skin.

Miss Hana CC Eye Shadow Stick Duo

Claimed : Correction vs Eye-shadow and brighten up eyes in one stroke. 

It comes in 3 sets of color combination :

01 - Green base + Dark Brown eye shadow
02 - Salmon base  + Natural Brown
03 - Lavender base + Gold Brown

I  feel the applicator of this eye shadow stick is really innovative and totally suits beauties like me. (kekekeke...beauties like me. Kind of a bit ...mmmmmm) any way love the face they creates this with the combination of eye base and eye shadow. The eye base is like lipstick kind of applicator and the eye shadow part is dab kind of applicator which is easier and a beginner like me find this convenient and also less dirty because I normally use finger to dab my eye shadow evenly. The base kind of act like eye primmer and make you eye lid brighter before apply the eye shadow. I totally love this too.

Miss Hana Eye Liner

It claimed as :
* water proof
* oil proof
* no smudge in 24 hours

I don't really like apply the eye liner because of my trembling hand. But this one very easy to apply as it glide away effortless onto my eye line. What it claimed...really what it does. I will keep this and include to my daily make up routine.

My  thoughts after trying out Miss Hana make up collection,

* I love the innovative applicator. Really fulfill the customer needs and beginner like me.
* The texture and color combination totally perfect and really does what it claimed.

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