Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Going to Work with Flu is Selfish Act

My Rant for this month because I can't sleep at all last night. 

I am writing this because feeling frustrated to my colleague who come to work with bad flu and cough. I pity him for falling sick but don't show like you so heroic or sort of hardworking. This is selfish act. Especially, he like to come near me when I have something to talk to him. Keep your distance man! 

I told him to take a rest at home for  1 or 2 days. He said many things to follow up. Big problem! What kind of mind set who thinking they are indispensable ? I always told myself to do work as if you gonna fall sick tomorrow. In positive way, I will make sure everything still run smoothly even I am not around at work. Always have this kind of mind set when perform your task. Make sure you can delegate to others easily if you call in sick. 

Both colds and flu are contagious and lead to symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, headache and cough.It can spread out even through air you breathe in. I know flu will not recover in just 1 or 2 days rest. All you need to do once catch flu please stay at home for 1 or 2 days, take medication and rest. At least its not so bad if you come back to work after 3rd day. This man don't even take a rest. I bought him 'Ho Yan Hor' , he don't drink. I ask if he take any medication, he said didn't. WTH! Be responsible to yourself too la.... Take care of your own body and give it a rest.

People may think I too care for him. I am not! I just care about myself. Thats all! I feel like not coming to work but I am healthy and no reason to do that. Just now my mental a bit sick and even think that my throat start to dry too. Mental not so strong to handle this. I know this is unnecessary but I am trying my best not to fall sick this month because can't afford to do so. But who choose to fall sick, right? Things come and just come without notice even how hard you try to stay healthy. I just gotten my immune booster recently and it not even fully boost up yet. I am still in the midst of recovering.

If you still wanna be a champion then please please wear a mask or something. Take precaution and care for your colleagues too. Now..I am the one who wear mask to work instead of him. He come near me ...I will walk few step behind. Near..near... step back..step back...

I need to extra careful now because I am getting older and my immune system is getting super weak. Plus next 2 week I will be traveling out to East Malaysia for a week to close the office there. That will be a hard work for me. If I fall sick it will be extreme. Uwaaaaaa!!!!

I pray for the germs or virus not come to me. But....he is somebody that I need to talk to at work. Gosh!!!

There you go my childish worries for this week. Stressful for menial reason.  To me this is so big thing!

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