Monday, January 29, 2018

Budget Home Make Over with TOKUYA Malaysia

One of the must visit shop if you are in Japan is 100-yen shop. For budget tourist who love to shop for souvenirs to bring back home they actually find 100-yen stores helps them a lot. With a single 100-yen coin (plus some extra 5-yen tax) you can buy more than you can imagine for example a well-designed good which you don't even know you need it.

I was looking forward to do some kitchen utensils makeover. Japan too far from Malaysia. Last weekend I happened to have brunch date at Sukiya 1MK , Mont Kiara. I used to work around this area more than 10 years ago. Being there for the first time after many years was like ...Aw me with all those new building and development. Next to Sunrise building there is this huge mix retail , office and residential building called Arcoris. At LG level there is one shop call TOKUYA. Formerly a 100-yen shop but they re-launch recently with wider range of products.  I won't call them a 100-yen shop because some of  it's item cost more than that. 

TOKUYA offer over 20,000 high quality Japanese products ranged from Stationery, Kitchenware, Glass and Ceramic Ware. They even have Cosmetics, Gardening, Cleaning items, Toys, and even Pets and Hygienic items.

There are 2 sections in TOKUYA. One premium range which is still affordable for all of us and the other is the more cheaper 100-yen range, which is really make one go ...OMG! don't know what to choose. Everything is reasonably price and the quality is good too.

I really spoil with choices here. Beautiful stationery.They even have something for me to organize my room and beautify my toilet.

This is the Premium Range section. I love the feels of those broom stick, bamboo or rattan floor mat and also those ceramic bowl with matching chopsticks to go for. Everything at TOKUYA kind of mix of modern contemporary items to the remind us to oldies. Take example of those brooms and floor mat ! Isn't this remind you to older time and you feel like need this at home just for decoration instead of tools?

Align with its concept as Purposeful Unique - most items up on display here inspire people to make bold decisions and no one can replicate the shopping atmosphere here.

That glass jar with pink color lid totally my choice to store my condiment in the kitchen.I am hoping to find nail stickers here but can't find one last week. I think it will be up in my next visit. I was looking for some plastic container to organize my over supplied skin care and make up. (Feeling Super Blessed!)

Tadahhhhh!!! found this here. Bought 3 plastic container from the cheaper range and then 1 ceramic bowl, plate and cup from the premium section. I wanted to buy more but my feet was hurting that day. I don't think can handle carrying those stuff back to my car on my own. I will be back here for more after my Bangkok trip. I will make sure to either bring with me somebody who can carry stuff for me (Princess Syndrome) or drag in my luggage back here.WTH!

I think my next visit more new stuff for me to dig in. psssttt!!! apparently when I visited last Saturday was their Soft Launch. ngeeee....I know there more things still up for display which I don't get the chance to see that day.

Where can you find reasonable made in Japan items in Malaysia ? 

You can visit TOKUYA which located at LG-06 and LG-07, Arcoris , Plaza Mont Kiara (Opposite Shoplex), Kuala Lumpur. 

Visit TOKUYA Malaysia Official FB at

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