Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Experience Overnight At Haunted Place in Labuan

A week before Christmas last year , I visited Labuan for working trip. My task was to close Labuan office for good. I spend 4 nights in Labuan. Labuan is totally a small Island with nothing much to see. I love beaches but get bored so easily. hahaha.

On my 3rd day, I manage to finish all my task sooner than I thought. So I decided to abandon my next stay at Hotel near town to the seaside hotel of that Island. I browse my mobile apps and found this place call Palm Beach Resort located near Batu Manikar Beach which is one of must visit Beach if you are in Labuan. This place is about 20 to 30 minutes drive from Labuan Town. Along the journey you can see a beautiful scenery because the driver will drive along the coastal road.I took GrabCar which cost RM20. But if you plan to come here just call the Resort in advance they provides Free Shuttle from and to Town. I don't know that...isk isk isk

My stay here also is part of realizing my dream to sleep with the sounds of sea wave and wake up with some beautiful sea view. Feeling super blessed and thankful for the opportunity. God has been very kind to me. I will never forget this!

If you are wondering...YES! I was there alone. Told you! I am a Solo Traveler!. 

The room was super spacious complete with balcony for me to enjoy the full sea view here. I was there armed with sort of junk food of my choices from town. I know this is a secluded resort. So I went there prepared with everything. Resort will present you with fruit platters and welcom drink too. 

It was Kai-Tak Typhoon passing by season. Unfortunately for me that if was a wet day when I check into this hotel. Palm Beach Resort has a beautiful private beach but since the sea water is rising so much that day the beach became dirty with all those plankton and garbage wash up to the shore.I was told on the nearby village facing flood due to sea water rising up. Lucky it just for a night!

 I love the grand outdoor pool over looking the sea. I just sat there without thinking anything and loving that feeling.

Bought this Sandle for RM15 just for me to walk along the beach. My shoes was super soaking wet the day before while walking along  the Batu Manikar beach the day before.Yes! I was here too the day before.

I ordered one coconut from the hotel outdoor drink counter for RM7. Not that expensive since in KL it cost you around RM5. Enjoying the coconut water with sitting under one of the hut over looking the beach. Feeling rich! WTH! hahahaha

I wish can rent the bicycle from the hotel but it was raining.

The sea wave was very fierce during my stay here. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying my moment here.

I call off my day strolling around this beach after clock show almost 6pm.

The next morning enjoyed my cup of coffee and bowl of favourite Sarawak Laksa by the pool over looking the serene beautiful beach. There is one chatty cook came over to my table and blabbering about his life to me. I wish to have quiet and peaceful breakfast but he seems like need an ears to listen. So I did some charity by listening to him and enjoy the Sarawak Laksa and drink away the 'Tenom Coffee'. Not many guess except for for a group of China Tourist. They are from Xi'an.

After breakfast , I strolled along the beach once again and enjoy my last moment here. I took the shuttle provide by Hotel back to town around 10:30am. Since I am the only one in the whole shuttle , the I have a small chat with driver about Labuan and Borneo as whole. Kind of open up my mind to Labuan and Borneo from local point of view.

So where is the ghost ? 
What is so haunted about this place.? 

I only read about this hotel was rumor as haunted place after I came back to KL. To me the Hotel is just a bit old hotel and it look a bit creepy though especially if you stay alone like me. Other than that there is nothing! Ghost? They are everywhere even next to you right now. But as long as you have a good heart and don't disturb them , you are good. They live their roaming life and we live ours. I have a great stay here. 

If you going Labuan, pamper yourself for a night stay at Palm Beach Resort, Labuan. Get the Full Sea View room.Worth of stay! Happy Holiday!

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