Friday, January 26, 2018

Instantly Correct the Complexion

I won this by answering the quiz during the Taiwan Beauty Expo end of last year. I end up with 2 bottles of this. hahaha.... talk about the shortage of cream? My skincare can last for another year. I was very sceptical when reading the 'instant' word. Like...' seriously'? Is this another over-claimed item? I love Miss Hana makeup collection but trying skincare except for their mask is like the first time for me.

Since they claimed this is instant correct...then I don't need 2 weeks to try this out. Instant ma! Must work like magic. So one Sunday I was in a good mood and fed up with lovey-dovey Kdrama. I have fun playing around with Miss Hana Brightening Cream to check on their 'instant' claimed to my skin.

Miss Hana Brightening Cream - 30ml made in Taiwan

Product claimed :

  • Skin Whitening and Lightening
  • Instantly correct the complexion
  • Make skin hydrating

Some of the key ingredients in Miss Hana Brightening Cream are :

  • Tranexamic Acid
  • B3
  • Flower Extract

Miss Hana Brightening Cream texture kind of not so easily absorb into the skin. At least on my skin. I need to smooth it out for a while to get it even and better result. The effect was good on the skin though. Love the fact it really does good instant brightening effect to the skin.

As you see in the photo my hand skin colour always darker than the rest of my body. I tested it onto my hand for this review.

See? I purposely didn't apply it on my fingers just to show the difference. The upper part of my hand instantly brighter than fingers part after applying Miss Hana Brightening Cream. It turns out the cream blend well to match up to my face skin colour with my hand. Lovelight Rose extract smells in this cream. It does make your skin moisturizing after long use.

How I recommend to apply Miss Hana Brightening Cream?

Apply a small amount of cream and massage gently onto face. If you don't want to look like Chinese Opera singer, don't use too much for first time user.  As I mentioned it take quite some time to even out this cream on my face. So just patiently massage this cream and the result won't disappoint you! Just look me, it brightens up my skin naturally. It really does what it says by instantly brightening.

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