Friday, June 29, 2018

GIVEAWAY TIME : I Am Feeling Generous



If you follow my blog, I have been busy with my new working place. My updates are totally irregular. Very busy these days and by the time reach home its night time. Weekend busy trying to catch with my 'me' time. I wanted to document most of my personal experience here but can't find time for that. Believe it or not...I don't even do laundry for 3 weeks now. hahaha...I am going to have undies shortage soon. muahahaha... Time to get my life organized soon!

I am excited to announce my FIRST GIVEAWAY for the year 2018. What is the prize ladies? See the photos below. Really the backpack came to me look exactly as photo below. So happy!

I ordered 2 ways style backpack. You can wear it as a backpack or you can sling on your shoulder like a hobo. Interesting, right? This back totally suitable for those travellers or love the chic styles. Best this backpack even have a small hole on top behind the bag for you to wire up and pluck in your earphones for your favourite song. This bag can even fit in mini iPad or tablet and even your favourite magazines in it too. At each size, there is a pocket for you to slide in you bottle water to keep you hydrated all day. The items reached me early this week exactly as photos. I am so happy for those the lucky one. 

Two backpack for this giveaway. Yes! two.... Only 5 steps and this could be yours!

1st backpack is made of Oxford material . I prefer this one because it look simple.

2nd backpack made of PU Leather. For those who love to look more chic would prefer this one.

How to win this 2 ways style backpack from ?

Step 1. Subscribe to follow my blog HERE.

Step 2. Follow my Facebook page HERE.

Step 3. Follow my Instagram HERE.

Step 4. REPOST my Giveaway photo in your Instagram and TAG THREE FRIENDS with caption. ' I want to win giveaway. Follow her Insta@cindyreena .' #princesscindyrinagiveaway #princesscindyrina 

Step 5. Then comment on my blog and instagram comment box with word, 'I joined your giveaway'

Terms & Conditions :

1. Open to all Malaysian who completed all 5 steps above with delivery address in Malaysia. (This including those in East Malaysia too)

2. If you choose to Re-post the photo once a day , please make sure you tag 3 different friends each day. The more friends you tag the higher chances to win. 

3. Please ensure that private Instagram accounts are made public so that we can view the post.

4. All winners are final and have the rights to change the winners if you are caught being unfair to others. For eg. buying likes and followers.

5. Giveaway period starting 29th June - 15th July 2018. have rights to extend or shorten the period of this giveaway anytime.

6. All winners will be contacted after 22th July 2018 onwards or maybe earlier. Give us time to check on each of your post. IMA working too you know.

7. don't entertained any DM in Instagram or email or any form of messages regarding this giveaway. Please join this giveaway as it is. If you are too fussy. Please go elsewhere.

8. will send the backpack in random to all winners. No direct request on your preference. Both also a nice backpack exactly as photos shown.

9. have rights not to select any winner if the participant doesn't complete all 5 steps mentioned above.

Good luck to all who join this GIVEAWAY!


  1. I joined your giveaway!!! Thank you for your generosity. All the best to all who are participating.

  2. These bags look really chic and you'll never go wrong with black colour right? The fact that there's a hole for your earphone makes these bags really desirable. 😄

  3. Wow! Gorgeous prizes.
    I am not that brave to organize a giveaway in my blog. It has been more than 4 years, i think. But enjoying myself to join others' giveaway.
    I will join your giveaway later ok 👌.

  4. woww... seem interesting! i like that bag! really look so feminin and more casual and relax... for sure i will joined ur giveaway...!thanks cause make this giveaway for ur followers!

  5. nak joinnnn cantiknya beg ni. kalau dapat boleh bergaya-gaya ek

  6. this bag looks so gojes..nice lor...okey try to join your GA, still got time isn't it..a bit busy with working schedule..

  7. Can I join too? The bags look very chic and practical too. I want the first one please. Hehe

  8. Mau dong ikutan giveawaynya. Saya sangat tertatik sama bag nya tub hehee.. keren banget dipakai buat mejeng cantik atau traveling. Iningaya bangat pasti kualitasnya bagus.

  9. I joined your giveaway
    May i become the lucky winner. thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  10. Nice bag...good luck those who joined this contest

  11. You got a very beautiful bag for giveaway. I wish to have this too but afraid can't commit to post it everyday... Well I wish all the best to all participants!!

  12. Wowwww menariknya giveaway ni. Hadiah dia tu.. ngidam lama dahhhh... inshaAllah sy cuba join nanti.

  13. Done all step. Hehehhe. Hope i am the lucky one. Congrats forbyour new job and pls do continue blogging 😊

  14. OMG the bag is so cute, I think my mum will love this! I should try my luck and win this bag for her =P

  15. cantik ebegnya..boleh pakai dua style..nanti ada masa nad join ok giveaway cndy..berkenan pulak beg macam ni..mudah..untuk mak-mak..hahhaa

  16. The bag is so nice I wish I could have one. Its really cute. Goodluck to all who has joining this giveaway contest.

  17. I joined your giveaway! ^-^ Thank you

  18. Waaah, ada giveaway. Syaratnya mudah, hadiah pun best. Nak join juga la nanti. Mana tahu ada rezeki boleh menang, hehehe. Btw, good luck to all contestants

  19. Wow! that is a very generous. I like the backpack too, its versatile and elegant. All the best to the participants.

  20. Wow love the bag. Looks quite chic and can be worn for any type of occasion. Will definitely join your giveaway!


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