Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Favourite Pants

I want a place to rant my unhappiness for these few months.

Current workplace opens up myself to a totally different new world. I am kind of introvert who love to be left alone all the time. Being among many people make me feel super uncomfortable. The previous workplace, I would have the most is 25 people and this new one...I am talking about 400 minimum. When I accepted the offer, I was quite nervous myself. There are many eyes looking at you. Finding faults and so on. I become paranoid and restless.

Almost quit after being told off I can't wear my 3/4 pants to work. huhuhuh... so hate those corporate styles. Stiff and fake too. 3/4 pants is a fashion la 'Ah Soh'!!! You can wear 'Ah Soh' sweater to work like you have 24/7 fever? Why I need to sacrifice my most comfortable 3/4 pants? Tell me why???

Suddenly I feel a bit childish after writing this post. But 3/4 pants are still my favourite pants ever. They have been with me since 10 years ago. These days, I will tend to glue my butt on my chair if I wear my 3/4 pant to work. If that particular fella around, I won't lift my butt even my bladder is going to burst out. huhuhuh...
You can say that...don't even bother to listen or just ignore her. Unfortunately, ever since my age reaching 44 years old, I become more and more care on what people say about me. Hormones change and I become more and more sensitive and paranoid. Things get worst nowadays too. Totally blame my hormones for this.

I feel a bit awkward to wear long pant to work. Well...I shouldn't use the word awkward at all. The truth is.....

I can't wear my favourite long pant because my waist is expanding side way a lot over 10 years. I manage to fit up to my tigh now. Good progress, right? It is a matter of time I able to zip off the pant around my waist soon. Can't they wait? What you want me to do? I can wear it but can't zip it up. Is that my fault? My cutie belly just doesn't subside like it uses to be. It keeps popping up and unable to get flatten. Blame it on my hormones again. hehehe

I hate buying new pants just for the sake of others. I must go to work with my favourite pants because this can guarantee my happiness. hehehehe...

Wait up! until I can fit in my old pant patient. I will cover up my ankle at work soon.

I pray for God to give me all the mind peace at work and stop being so paranoid. I can do this! Hope my hormones come back to normal soon.

This is just my rant for the 2nd quarter of 2018.

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