Wednesday, September 12, 2018

3 Steps to the Beautiful You

Last Saturday, I was invited to a beauty workshop and product launch at Ant Cafe. The cafe location below Petalz Residence Rimbunan, Old Klang Road. It was a nice setup cafe. Many patrons too, I think mainly the residence and mainly from nearby people. This is my first time here. I have a hard time looking for this cafe. 

The beauty workshop was set up upstairs of the cafe. It was prettily and well set up with much details and meticulous deco. So lovely!

Our beauty workshop for the day started off with products description by Nicole and Missa a duo who organized this workshop - N Star x Missa Queen.

N Star x Missa Queen also provided a small capital to play online entrepreneurial platform and their strength combination will continue to develop products with conscience quality for all beauties out there. 

The product introduces on that day was specifically selected suitable for Southeast Asian and urban women. They are introducing a simple step to all busy beauties out there. No more excuses ladies! 

Now let me get started with 3 Steps Beauty Hack for all busy woman out there.

1. Bappeun Yeoja All in One Cleanser, 200ml - RM198

2. Goel Peptite Rebuilding Cream, 150ml - RM270

3. ArtDeli Double Power Essence Cover Pact SPF50+/PA++

--------- BONUS

1st Step - Cleanse face with Bappeun Yeoja All in One Cleanser

Bappeun Yeoja is an All in One Essence Cleansing Gel.  

It contains  : 
* 'Agrimonia Eupatoria Extract' patent on the base of natural surfactant from pure coconut - Anti-oxidation, anti-skin ageing and enhances the proliferation of skin collagen

* 'Multi x Bsasm Plus' which establishes skin protection - anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, skin soothing and moisturization.

I tried Bappeun Yeoja All in One Cleanser. The cleanser is in transparent gel type. I just need to pump out 50 sen coin size and massage through on my dry face and rinse it clean after that. I am quite surprised I don't need double cleansing for my face to cleanse out my double wear foundation. Except for waterproof mascara, this cleanser makes my skin really clean. This cleanser cleans to my pores. 

2nd Step - Apply Goel Peptite Rebuilding Cream

Goel Peptite Rebuilding Cream is the most wanted premium skincare brand for the year 2018.  This beauty workshop is also an introduction to Malaysian woman on this multi-purpose cream. 

Among the ingredient listed are :

Purple corn from Bolivia, South America, 
Anthocyanodins to aids in restoring healthy skin and colour,
Lighten spots and function as a powerful antioxidant where its function is 50 times higher than Vitamin E.
It has powerful ingredients , Peptite which is really good and benefit to skin.

For a busy and hectic woman, Goel Cream kind of suitable for people like me. I don't need to have many steps or burn out my wallet for the whole skincare range. This one tube of Goel Cream has it all. I love the smells of this cream kind of fresh herbs fragrance. It does not not dry out or oil up my skin. 

I was told this multi-purpose skin can be used as a mask where skin can regain its natural glow in just 20 minutes. Other use for Goel Cream it helps to prevent wrinkles and reduce out stretch marks if used in 3 months daily. I will try this out!

3rd Step - Make your self Pretty with [ArtDeli] Double Power Essence Cover Pact SPF50+/++

This power pack contains essence for good moisturizing and good for skin amino acids. It has over 70 moisturizing ingredients plus 7 moisturizing patent and full of goodness such as red berry, raspberry, strawberry, and many more.

I am sure most product selling in the market will list down all good ingredients and many more other ingredients which hard for you to pronounce if you are not even interest in Science like me. muahahaha...All I care when it come to Cover they really can do good coverage on my skin. Yeahhhh!!! I am talking about this ArtDeli. This Cover Pact not only has a pretty art on it like you are having a cup of latte with good art on it but it also has incredible coverage function. I really look flawless with just one application. Whoa!!!! 

Most of all this ArtDeli cover pact really perfect if you are working long hours or even travel long-haul journey. Why???? I was told it lasts for 33 hours! Daebak!!! Jaw drop....hihihihi

Bonus Step for all who hate bad hair day.
Well, who love bad hair day?? None!

Clarioz and Co. Spa Hair cc Silk Gold Repair Formula

This is a non-oily deep care hair essence. If you have frizzy hair and would like to transform into a smooth and silky hair in instant...just apply this essence. It helps to protect your hair from UV, repair and moisture your hair.


The ingredients of this Hair Essence are totally full of goodness.

How to use this hair essence?

You just need to apply it on your hair avoid the scalp on washed towel dried hair. Then proceed hair dried or styled your hair as usual. You will love it so much just like me. I love how it shines and smoothen my hair for an instant. Non greasy at all!

You can check out my youtube channel video HERE.

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  1. Cantik dekorasi cafe ni, suka sy tgk. Wow dengan 3 langkah sahaja kulit boleh jadi cantik dan sihat. Tapi harga produk ni agak mahal kan harap hasilnya setanding harga produk

  2. wow cantiknya kafe ni. nampak redup je . about the product itself i bet most of the girls gonna like this. but yeah seems it more pricy better worth it ya girls haha

  3. Cantiknya dekorasi cafe ni , sekarang ni makin bz tak larat nak buat banyak2 step untuk beauty haha 3 langkah kira ngam .. tq for sharing

  4. Such a lovely workshop.. great 3 steps.. nice cafe... great place for the beauty workshop.. u looks enjoying throughout the workshop.. so nice

  5. rugi tak dapt pergi, husbnd kerja pulak masa tu..bestla produk dia..suka tengok cushion compact tu..produk korea memnag best2 semua

  6. looks like nice range to try them. I am first time to see this brand, shall check out their links now.

  7. produk kecantikan di pasaran tumbuh bagaikan cendawan keluar selepas hujan. Maklumlah semua orang nak jadi ikon produk keluar tv tiap masa

  8. Dengan 3 langkah saja dah boleh nampak perubahan ketara pada kecantikan dan kebersihan kulit kan. Siapa tak nak kulit cantik kan?

  9. Buat demo sampai di tambun ya. Tempat ni memang bagus untuk jauhkan diri dari kesesakan dunia moden dan kerja yang bertimbun

  10. Nak cantik hanya dengan 3 langkah yang mudah. Sekarang ni dah mudah kan. Tak perlu tepek macam macam produk untuk nampak cantik dan simple.

  11. Waaaa so nice to being there
    Hopefully dapat join another beuaty gathering like this one
    It was meaningful moment to share about beauty with other butterflies���� - DuniaFarisya

  12. Lasting within 33 hours.. wooww!! Thats totally amazing!! AM wanna try it & became flawless like rina. Thanks ya..

  13. Not a fan of cosmetic actually but with only 3 steps to get healthy and pretty skin, why not right?

  14. the cafe looks wonderful! the products looks very new, i have never seen it before. but it looks very good

  15. Only 3 step u can look beautifull dan glowing.. woww.. thats good to know and there is product that can help ur skin in only simple step..

  16. Barangan korea memang bagus, sis dari dulu memang suka dengan kosmetik dari korea...jeles tengok org2 korea kulit cecantik..:D
    Sis pun baru try produk ni..memang best terutama bb cusion dia, glowing je kulit wajah

  17. Skincare products from Korea are doing well in Malaysia right now. All beauties in malaysia love their products. I read so many positive reviews about korea’s products. This one i’ve never heard the name before but it looks promising n good. Wanna give it a try !

  18. Sukanya tengok powder tu mcam sayang nak guna. Packaging pun lawa I suka produk in white nampak kemas dan class.

  19. Tak pernah tahu pasal kewujudan cafe ni sebelum ni. Tapi nampak menarik nak ajal kawan-kawan lepak nanti. Btw event ni pun bagus. Produk pun nampak bagus

  20. Such a nice place to do a workshop. The products sound amazing too! You make me want to try that hair essence! ^.^


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