Saturday, October 6, 2018

Radiant Rosy Complexion with Mamonde All Stay Foundation

When it comes for travelling, I always looking for a foundation which can stay all day long without any hassles to fix up or touch up along the way. Seriously, I have no time for that at all during my travel.

Recently, a bouquet of Mamonde All Stay Foundation reached my office doorstep. A bit 'paiseh' since people thought I have some secret admirer trying to 'woo' me. Common! At this age of nearly expiring? Still 'laku' meh?

Just as its packaging with freshly bloomed roses, Mamonde All Stay Foundation claimed to give us women a radiantly rosy complexion.

Mamonde All Stay Foundation comes in three rosy shades to cater to various skin tones. You can choose to custom fit the best suits your skin tone.

 Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade: 21N Ivory

 Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade: 23N Sand

Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade: 25 Tan

I tried Mamonde All Stay Foundation recently and my experience tells me, I need to bring this along with me next week.

Unlike other foundations on the market, I find that Mamonde All Stay Foundation create a smooth, clear canvas for the rest of the makeup with a weightless smooth texture. It doesn't crack throughout the day too. I look fresh and radiant throughout the day.

It gives my skin light, semi-matte coverage that totally perfect for a natural makeup look and stays in place without creasing or fading unevenly. Most important it comes with SPF25 to protect skin from the sun's harmful UV rays during the day and the formula that last well into the night too. 

Mamonde revolutionary creates instant fitting film formula which fills in any pores or wrinkles on the face, leaving your skin looking soft and supple. This formula contains Mamonde's exclusive Freeze and Fix powder, which actively absorbs sebum throughout the day, which keeping the skin matte and preventing makeup from fading unevenly.

How to apply Mamonde All Stay Foundation?

1. Squeeze foundation onto Mamonde All Stay Sponge

2. Apply foundation to wide areas such as the face, cheeks and forehead

3. Gently dab wide areas of the face to distribute and blend the foundation to ensure it evenly distributed.

4. Then blend foundation into delicate areas of the face such as around eyes area, mouth and nose.

Please note: No joke about the freeze and fix powder formula because when it touches your skin it immediately fixes in. You just need to apply a tiny amount of this foundation to achieve natural makeup.

Mamonde All Stay Foundation is becoming my favourite :

  • Slim packaging which makes its travel-friendly
  • Doesn't oxidize one in contact with the skin
  • It gives my complexion a brightening effect and radiant like a rose petal
  • I love the fresh rose scent with a fresh flora of this foundation.

The Mamonde All Stay Foundation price at RM59, 20ml. You can get your Mamonde All Stay Foundation at any Mamonde Beauty Counters :

* Aeon One Utama
* Aeon Mid Valley
* Parkson Suria KLCC, KL, 
* Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, 
* Aeon Tebrau City, JB, 
* Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang and 
* Sephora stores located at Mid Valley Megamall, KL, 1 Utama, PJ, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Komtar, Johor Bahru, IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK and Nu Sentral, KL.  

For online purchase, it is also available on and

Facebook: @Mamondemy 
Instagram: @MamondeMalaysia

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  1. Mamonde foundation . Produk baru nih .mcam bagus foundation ni sebab ada spf25 boleh protect kita punya skin dari cahaya matahari

  2. OMG! Bestnya semua foundation dia tu..senang kehje nak apply kat muka tutup segala cela bagai kan..hehehe..minat la kte..

  3. wah mamonde produk ni, sangat-sangat best. Kak lily ada skincacre set Mamonde ni jugak. memang sesuai untuk kulit orang-orang kita ni

  4. Alamak ayat you age of nearly expiring....funny. Anyway, U lawalah.....Kalau kulit i foundation warna sand la kot. Tapi i x suka foundation liquid ni. I suka pakai compact powder ajer.

  5. Mamonde skincare always my first skincare choice. I like three of the shade and is not too heavy and suit my skin.

  6. Lawa warna ia tu..berkenan rasa. nanti nak try usha website mamondeegarden lahh

  7. I dah try product ni from mamonde! I suka sebab dia compact & tebal, pakai sikit pun dah cover muka kita. Harga below rm100 so why not beli kan?

  8. Alaaa...bestnya product Mamonde ni..tahan lama plak kan..nanti i nak skodeng la..nak tambah2 koleksi mekap ha.. foundation i pun bakal habis ni

  9. Wahh sis tengok testur dan color dia pun sis dah jatuh cinta, walaupun sis tak pernah dengar jenama ni tapi hati dah tertawan gitu. Nak kena pergi cari lah nanti

  10. Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade: 25 Tan look nice on my skin! I should try visit their counter at Gurney soon! If suitable I want to buy.The price affordable too.

  11. Wah!! Foundation tue nampak betul2 best.. kebetulan foundation AM dah nak dekat abis.. leh la hujung bln nie beli foundation baru..

  12. Show me your rosy looks kak Reena! <33 Heheh. Never used any Mamonde product before but the way you describe the product makes want to try.

  13. Kiutnya dapat bouquet bunga foundation kita pun dah hbis, boleh cuba yang ni nanti. Nak carila , macam best je. harap sesuai dengan muka

  14. It's been a year i dindnt apply foundation on my face since resign. Being a fulltime housewife makes me miss my single day before. I even apply eyeliner on my eyelid and not forget foundation too..plenty of time back then.

  15. all stay. all day.
    ni yg kita nak, kan. perpeluhan sometimes buat foundation kita meleleh!
    lelebih mcm aida, keje luar ofis. berpanas. berpeluh.
    pakai foundation gini adalah yg terbaik. maintain make up gitewwww :)

  16. Wowww...the price is ok...i'm gonna get mine from Parkson Gurney Plaza soon.
    Mamonde is well established brand in Korea my friend said. He studied there and always update me with the latest korean brand that hyle

  17. Nampak menarik foundation ni. Foundation yang sedia ada tu pun tinggal sikit dah. Nanti habis boleh la cari macam ni. Mana tahu sesuai dengan kulit.

  18. Yay! Can add these to my foundation collection. I really love the scent.

  19. I love that sponge! And Rawlins memang suka produk Mamonde especially its mist spray. Rawlins nak try the foundation la next.

  20. Tak pernah Cuba Mamonde lagi. Nampak iklan macam best je. Dapat pula kerjasama dengan bloom this. Memang berseri-seri terima bunga dan produk kecantikan. Hehehe

  21. Expiring also still got chance. Nice of Mamonde to send you this - so sweet gitu! ;)


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