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Why You Should Add Pandan Leaves Into Your Cooking?

I grew up with occasionally Mum or Grandma asked me to cut the Pandan Leaves at the backyard to add into their cooking. Most of the house we move into during my childhood time, it is convenient to get Pandan Leaves or Screw Pines Leaves. Now when most of us live in a high rise building, it is hard for us to see Pandan Leaves plant other then get it a Groceries Store. 

At that time, I only thought Pandan Leaves just for sweet fragrance smells. After doing some research, I found out Pandan leaves offer many health benefits such as : 

1. Helps to boost appetite

Just drop some of this into your rice or porridge. It works well to boost up your appetite.

2. Great remedy for pains and cramps

Mixed pandan leaves juice with coconut oil and apply this mixture to arthritis patients.

3. Helps in controlling blood sugar

Studies have shown that drinking extract of pandan leaves can help to reduce plasma glucose levels.

4. Lowering Blood Pressure

Add pandan leaves extract to your favourite drink twice a day. It can help in lowering symptoms of high blood pressure.

5. Helpful in Gout

All you need is to boil screwpine leaf with water or add few drops of Pandan Leaves extract. It helps in to reduce uric acid and get rid of kidney stones by drinking the remedy regularly.

There are many to list down but I will stop at just five since we all now know Pandan Leaves is not just for fragrance smell. Let us include Pandan Leaves into our daily life for its health benefits.

Well, its still depends on how you wanna use Pandan Leaves in cooking. It such a hassle for us in busy and hectic life to cut, blend and squeeze the pandan leaves for its juice. That was an old-time story. Nowadays, we are in a convenient era. Almost everything is made to cater to our hectic lifestyle.

Recently, I found this Pandan Leaf Extract which is made using the encapsulation technology to preserve natural pandan flavour. This natural aroma will be released once it heated up.

I tried this over the weekend with some simple 'tong sui' boiled.

Wash and soaked barley for 10 minutes and boiled it together with some red dates to give the sweetness. 

I just add all the ingredients including a few drops of Pandan Leaf Extract into the slow cooker. I added some dried longan after it boils. By the way, this is a sugar-free 'tong sui'. 

How does this taste? It tastes delicious. Indeed the pandan leaf extract did make a difference. It brings out the sweetness and smells the fragrance.

How does Pandan Leaf Extraction Process?

Step 1 Sorting and cleaning of fresh leaves

Step 2 Slicing of leaves using the vegetable cutter

Step 3 Drying leaves using fluid bed dryer

Step 4 Sonication by Ultrasound

Step 5 Enzymatic

Step 6 Solvent extraction 

Step 7 Concentration using evaporator

Step 8 Microencapsulation

Step 9 Homogenizing

Not bad for a Pandan Leaf Essence. Taste and smells just like old time grandma pandan leaves extract.

For more details about Pandan Leaf Extract you can browse more at this official website.

Important tips: Avoid add pandan leaf essence to the sour or bitter mixture because it only blends well and enhances sweetness.


  1. yeah pandan leaves are good for cooking and making desserts too. We used to plant pandan leaves outside home but grass cutter cut it all off.

  2. Ahaha, same here. I still remember cutting the pandan leaves and serai at home. But that was when I was a child lah. Now theres so many choices that we don't have to do it manually.

  3. I seriously love to add pandan extract in my cooking especially kuih muih and nasi. this one I have try before, smell so good and taste good too

  4. This pandan leaf extract must be have at each home! It is easy to use! Highly recommended because in town nowaday, it is hard to find daun pandan when to cook nasi lemak for example, but with this pandan leaf extract, it will be great and ease our cooking session

  5. Ouh...didn't know that pandan can have so many health benefits. And now they even come in easy bottle for ease of use. :)

  6. With the extract, it will be easier for those living in apartment building to cook too right. No need to grow the leaves inside the house.

  7. Kita suka masukkan daun pandan dlm mskn supaya bau harum tu naik.. Tp skrg dh de extract pandan ni ok gk..senang nk guna lepas ni..

  8. Laaa. Ianya ada bnyk kebaikan yang tersembunyi ye. Tak tahu pulak.
    Thank you share info macam ni. Ingatkan guna untuk masakan je.

  9. I really like the aroma of pandan leaves inside our cooking.. added aroma and taste to the cooking.. nice one.. glad to know it has lots of health benefits too!

  10. sekarang tk ramai yang bole tanam daun pandan..kalau ada Pandan Leaf Extract senang utk memasak kan especially utk kuih muih...suka air longan tp tkpernh plak ltk exract pandan

  11. ohh pandan is my fav!!saya sukaaaaa sangatttttt...esp pandan cake....aaahhh pikir pun lapar!

  12. Wow pandan leaves extract sangat bagus sekarang ni mudah dan senang nak dapat bau dan juga khasiatnya tanpa perlu perah jer. Tapi tak pulak bewarna hijau pandan leave ni yer hurmmm...

  13. wah dah senang sekarang ada extract daun pandan. tak lah rusing nak cari daun pandan kalu nak buat kuih atau kek pandan. maklumlah duduk tengah bandar susah nak cari daun pandan segar.

  14. dulu2 rajin jugak buat kuih yg gunakan daun pandan, tapi dah duduk KL ni susah pulak nak cari daun pandan, kalau ke pasar tu dapatlah...tapi selalu malas nak ke pasar hehehe. Dah ada ak niextract daun pandan ni senang lah nanti ekk..kena beli gak ni

  15. I SHOULD GET ONE ! sebab i suka gila benda yang beraroma pandan. rasa dia sangat natural... after i tengok u buat beverage dengan pandan... I rasa nak try letak dalam hot tea... mana tahu boleh legakan dan soothe i punya mental health :)

  16. I did not know pandan leave has so many good benefit in our cooking. i usually put pandan leave in my cooking to have some nice flavor, aroma and a little bit of natural coloring

  17. Yeah pandan leaves good for cooking. Macam I kalau buat nasi lemak suka put pandan leaves because the aroma of nasi lemak tu sangat wangi dan sedap bila bau. Kalau buat dessert pun letak pandan leaves pun best .

  18. Ohhhh pandan ni selalu guna untuk buat kuih dan pengat aje. hehehe. untuk masakan biasa-biasa belum lagi cuba. nanti kita cari jenama ni. senang ada extract gini, tak perlu blender dan tapis daun pandang. ehehe.

  19. Oh dah ada ekstrak daun pandan ye. Kadangkala agak menyusahkan kena beli kuantiti banyak sedangkan nak pakai 2,3 helai sahaja. Bella tanam dalam pasu walaupun duduk highrise. Baru2 ni anak jiran pecahkan pasu habis mati dah pokok pandan. Hehe


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