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Homemade Recipe Chilli Sauce you will fall in love with one bite

It was a long time ago since I bought Chilli Sauce. I really find most Chilli Sauce in the market it's sweet and tangy. Since I really love hot and spicy food, sweet chilli sauce totally not my 'forte' at all. I rather make my own 'sambal' but this will happen only occasionally when I have time and most of the time the taste is not so consistently delicious. Don't laugh! I admit not being a good cook. kekekeke

When BOSS Chilli Sauce reached me the expectation was like....mehhhh!!! another sweet chilli sauce huh?

The bottle even comes with a different theme :

* Happy Boss
* Angry Boss
* Crazy Boss

I was like why is this Chilli Sauce related to BOSS ?

Well... I just checked this BOSS is not even related to the Boss we think it is! Duh! Brilliant and yet cheeky in a way. Thumb up Boss Chilli Sauce!

B - Benchmark
O - Of
S - Super
S - Standards

Boss Chilli Sauce claimed their chilli sauce with no added preservatives and colouring. Basically, homemade recipes with natural ingredients.

You want to know what is my verdict for all three Boss Chilli Sauce ?

I dipped bland mushroom sticky rice rolls with the sauce. I choose to taste on the Crazy Boss and YES! I was super crazy. This is extra hot chilli sauce with some garlic in it. I feel like dancing 'BTS' Fire!!!!! right away. OMG! OMG! this is it! my kind of Chilli sauce.

For baby (don't la feed your baby with chilli sauce. Later people report you abusive Mama hhuhuh)....who can't take spicy food can try Happy Boss. You will definitely feel happy when dipping in this Happy Boss. It looks green and thought I think this is just normal green chilli, not the green bird's eye chilli. The taste suit for the non-spicy taker.

I have many days in a week where I don't have time to cook at home. So, I normally pack food home. I just couldn't get enough of Crazy Boss, huh? The photo shows me having fried squid with Crazy Boss. Yummy!!!!

What about Angry Boss? 
Well... Angry Boss is just spicy to me. It says medium but it still hot. I love this one too. It will be delicious if I suddenly feel like eating 'egg sambal' but no time to cook the 'sambal'. Just boiled the egg or fried egg and pour the Angry Boss on it. meal ready, just served with hot rice. 

I have so much simple meal use the Boss Chilli Sauce but no time to make this happen plus...I am saving up this awesome Chilli Sauce for Ramadhan time. kekeke....

How nice if can just fry chicken then pour the  Crazy Boss on top and eat with rice and some cucumber. Tadahhhhh....'Ayam Penyet' set ready!

One of the recent weekends, I have some time to cook my own meal. What you expect from my fridge? Chicken? Fish? Squid? Prawn? Hurl!!!! Only 'tofu' or beancurd and a bit of anchovy which dying to be restocked since I don't go for groceries shopping. huhuhuh

Fried lovers always wanna eat fried food and will fry anything. I fried the tofu and anchovy and then pour Happy Boss and Crazy Boss on top. Owh! I forgot to tell you I fried the shallot too for good fragrance and sprinkle it on top. WTH! Eat it with hot rice...two bowls confirmed!

My conclusion for BOSS Chilli Sauce?
I will definitely replenish whenever my stock getting low. Reason? This is totally my kind of chilli sauce and must have at home for 'sambal' lovers like me. 

Like what the Boss said this is definitely the real taste of chilli and once bitten by the Boss, you'll be in love forever. I am glad to find this chilli sauce.

Boss chilli sauce founded by Boss Brothers Sdn Bhd and established since 2017 and recently improvised and come in new packaging.

Halal Chilli Sauce? YES

Where to buy Boss Chilli Sauce?

How much is Boss Chilli Sauce ?

You can click purchase of 3 bottles for RM40 at BOSS website.

Boss Chilli Sauce, I give you TWO THUMBS UP! 

If you are HOT and SPICY like me....mmmmm...this is a must to be in your fridge. Nothing will go wrong for your next meal. 


  1. sedapnya kalu buat cicah sotong goreng tepung nie.. tetiba craving pulak. Boleh jumpa kat hypermarket biasa kan sos boss ni?

  2. Kita ada juga sos ni tapi tak guna lagi hehehe tak tahu nak buat resipi apa bila dah tengok sini baru kita ada idea boleh lah cuba hehehehe rasa pedas sangat ker sos ni hurmmm...

  3. Wahhh dah ada cili sos baru, banyaklah pilihan kita sekarang ni ya. Nak cuba jugaklah..mana tahu kot2 kena dengan tekak

  4. Waaahhhhh nampak macam sedap, suka sos mcm ni, lagi suka pedas memang pilih yang extra hot tu lah baru terangkat dia punya sedap hahaha. Tapi memang beli dari website je yee??


  5. Teringin nak rasa crazy boss tu. Setara mana kepedasan dia tu ye hehe. I memang suka challenge diri I, boleh tahan dengan level kepedasan yang terlampau. Macam ada satu mee segera tu claim dia punya mee "pedas gila" tapi still boleh tahan lagi for me. Ahaks

  6. i suka cili sos homemade macam ni. leboh istimewa dan menarik. sebab kit atahu bahan yang dimasukkan lebih berkualiti dan terbaik. nanti nak ry lah beli satu

  7. Hahaha yes, chilli sauce is a staple in my fridge can't live without. I will surely be trying this

  8. Woww.. rasa nak cuba jugaklah. Sebab kalu makan ringan ni mesti nak ada sos pedas. Baru sedap. Cecah ayam goreng pon sedap ni. Makan sekali pasti nak tambah lagi.

  9. wow bestnya ada sos segera seperti nie. macam2 jenis dan rasa. kepedasan juga berbeza. sangat uniklah nama flavor yg dorg letak. catchy dan unik. nanti nak cubalah sos2 nie semua

  10. i agree with you about the typical chilli sauce in market which is sweet and tangy. i prefer those who really spicy compared to the tangy & sweet one.

  11. Look so yummy.. Wanna try also la.. Nnti AM nak try cari boss Chili sauce nie juga..

  12. pertama kali sampai sini.. done follow blog awak

  13. Aha i saw many dah try sos ni, i want to challenge try the Crazy Boss sauce tengok kelly boleh tahan ke tak.

  14. bagus kalau ada tiga tahap kepdasan..boleh digunakan mengikut kesesuaian..ada yang suka pedass boleh makan extra hot..bagi meletops hihihi

  15. omg...yes! finally found the same kaki...i agree a lot of chilli sauce isnt even spicy mostly is sweet...since you said this one really is spicy..will definitely give them a try!

  16. Best kan.. I suka 3 3 ni.. Sedap kot semua sos2 dia ni kan.. Paling best mkn ngn burger and ayam bakar


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