Friday, May 3, 2019

4 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money

Online retailers are becoming smart and creative these days to score big from shoppers. If you are not smart enough or careful you will end up forking out bigger money than you realize. Well, we online shopper has evolved too. We are getting smarter and only shop the smart deal and would go get a good deal without a lot of efforts. I am not sure about you but I did that all the time and end up saving some bucks out of this hacks.

Read further on how this smart online shopper will help you save some cash and make you find good shopping deals.

1. Pricing Trap

I am not sure about you but I realised online retailers technique has gotten advance nowadays. They will show you a higher price compared to someone else who pays less in online purchase. It is important for you to constantly :

* Clear your browsing history and cookies 
* log out of your accounts such as email, facebook and others.
* switch to incognito mode and it is better to shop and remain anonymous

Why? The online retailer is using advanced digital technology to capture browsing patterns. 

2. Shop at the Right Day

I noticed more retailers offer great discounts on Wednesday and Thursday. So, no matter how tempting you are to shop during the weekend, I think it is best to observe the retailers discounts offer for a few weeks before you click 'BUY'. Don't be glutton whenever you think its a good deal. Be patient and save more.

3. Cash Back Rewards Program

This really works for an online shopaholic like me. Even my travel earns me handsome cash back. The cash back redemption really awesome to helps me during 'drying' season. hahaha, Its sort of online 'piggy bank'. It's worth of accumulating the funds from this cash back reward. But still, these options are very limited because certain retailer only limits to in-apps shopping to get the cashback and some really don’t even give our reward which we have to go through a hassle to lodge a report and complain to customer service for few cents or dollar.

4. Never Shop without Coupon 

Personally, I love online shopping with a coupon this is because we have guarantee savings using the voucher or promo codes. But sometimes I feel a bit frustrated because many coupons offer comes with conditions which show its all about marketing gimmick than sincerely offer a good deal to the customer.

I have been sharing many online shopping tips and promotions so for this post again who read this will benefit from it too.

For Coupon and good deals hunter, I found this website call ShopCoupons. This online platform offers exclusive voucher codes, deals and sales from leading online stores which help me save some cash while I do online shopping. You can sign up for a free account and save your deals for next visit. Furthermore, you can get an exclusive email from your favourite store for a good deal. No such things as FREE but this has NO CATCH at all. I am sharing my online shopping hacks. 

The cashback reward offer at my favourite online store Lazada and Zalora is not so good deal so I usually shop smart. I rather go for a good deal like LAZADA VOUCHER  for my groceries and ZALORA PROMO CODE to shop for my Raya soon. Even my favourite K Beauty has lots of voucher code to offer at this website. Isn't that awesome?

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