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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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What Online Shopping Sales Did To Me?

Online Shopping is a norm. Double-digit online sales is a staple now. Starting from the pioneers of double-digit ecommerce events like Shopee and Alibaba's Lazada have strong presence in Malaysia. I personally has been sucked up into the whole idea of doing my online shopping only during sales event such as Double-digit.  This end up with me being recruited to become one of the Mini Ambassador at Lazada. This is basically an Affiliate Marketing. I make use of my hobby as content creator to do this. I earn small commission from any purchase thru my Lazada Affiliates link . My own personal shopping doesn't count, ya! So sad because I really shop almost everything online.  To be honest, I am not a good sales and marketing person. 😜 I just love to create content. Somehow I end up becoming one. 🤣 Not a successful one but enough to earn some small side money out of this hobby.  Other than commission earnings, from time to time Lazada is 'kind enough' to offer some  Bonus ca

Zalora TENTASTIC Birthday Sale Starts On 20th March 2022

  Happy TENTASTIC Birthday, Zalora! During my time living life as an office working girl, Zalora has always been my favourite online shopping place. Things that I usually bought from Zalora is Handbag and working attire. Working attire from an online store? Some may sceptical, just in case the sizing wasn't right for you. Worry not! You can try it on, if it doesn't fit you, just pack it nicely as it reached you and return it for an exchange or refund within the stipulated time. No question ask! That's the best feature that makes me still a loyal shopper at Zalora from time to time. Over time, Zalora has many other items added and now has transformed into a one-stop platform for our fashion trend needs. I was so overwhelmed when reading the news they are celebrating Zalora's TENTASTIC  Birthday. Oh my God! they have been around in Malaysia for 10 years already? I know this popular Malaysia online fashion store ever since they just enter Malaysian Market. I bet Zalora has

Hada Labo First Virtual Reality Roadshow

  Get a free Hada Labo lotion to deliver to you by playing an interactive game at Hada Labo first Virtual Reality (VR) roadshow. I have fun finding the Hada Labo babies in the interactive section.  You can access the first of its kind innovative  Hada LaboVirtual Reality (VR) roadshow HERE .  The Hada Labo VR roadshow is a specially curated Hada Labo experience for customers in the comfort of their homes. You can expect integrates interactive fun activities and a virtual shopping experience on one platform. Built on a 360-degree virtual reality platform, it replicates a physical shopping experience at the roadshow. What to expect when you visit Hada Labo Virtual Reality Roadshow? 1. Main Lobby The main lobby provides visitors with a navigation guide on where they can head next and also information on the coolest promotion of the month. 2. Interactive Zone This is my favourite zone. Here you can have fun with lots of fun events such as visitors can get their Skin analysis done to determ

LazMall 9.9 Biggest Brand Sale Dates for Smart Online Shopper

  Woohoo!!! Hallyu star Hyun Bin who garnered so much attention for his Kdrama hits Secret Garden, Memories of the Alhambra and the most recent is Crash Landing On You is the latest LazMall ambassador. Get ready for the LazMall 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale starting from 2 5th Aug 2021 to 14th Sept 2021 . Trust me, save the dates below and you can enjoy great savings such as : 📢 Up to 60% LazMall Brand free shipping for 48H Shipping 📢 RM9 Off for every RM99 on the RM9.9 and RM99 deals Mesti Beli Deals 📢 A big Brand surprise during the Crazy Brand Mega Offer and many more happening shopping events at Lazada. Here is the list of dates for you to start your smart shopping at Lazada . 👉 PayDay       --- 25th Aug - 31st Aug 2021 👉 Teaser         --- 1st Sept - 8th Sept 2021   👉 DDay          --- 9th Sept - 11th Sept 2021 👉 After Party  --- 12th Sept - 14th Sept 2021 Guide to shop during the 9.9 LazMall Biggest Brand Sale : Look out for Lazada Bonus  🎀 Collection period on 1st - 11th Se

My First Time Experience Online Shopping at LamboPlace [Pre - Raya Gempak Sale At LamboPlace]

                                          The word 'POSITIVE' isn't a good thing to hear for more than a year now. Not just in our country Malaysia. Nowadays, 'POSITIVE' means 'BAD' globally. We try our best to avoid 'POSITIVE'. I feel bad for the year 2020. Likewise the year 2021 is full of certainty. Each of us unable to have a certain date to receive the vaccine. Even if we have vaccinated, there is much more uncertainty waiting for us.  I am so upset to read the number of cases keep rising daily. Ever since the government ruled for CMCO, some people the current situation very lightly. Especially when they announced the bazaar Ramadhan is open, the number keep on shooting up like crazy! The people who visited Bazaar Ramadhan kind of forgotten about social distancing and SOP. Don't make noise with the outcome from the lacking, ya! You all 'reap what you sow'! Last year, I celebrated my Eid Raya alone. So did my other siblings and parent

Let's Online Shopping at Malaysia No. 1 E Commerce Platforms - PG Mall

Ever since the pandemic spreading early this year, online shopping is our new norm. Personally, I prefer online shopping over offline shopping. Courier delivery more than once a week to my house. Talking about my spending habit! Shy! shy! shy! Not only that, I don't need to pay for parking and petrol but avoiding the crowd which will expose me to the virus is one of the reasons for me to choose online shopping. No need to mention that the promotion for an online shopping store is really a good bargain and believe it or not, I have saved a lot through grabbing the online promotion and deals. Now, you want to know how to grab a good deal, save some money and win some great prizes?  Have you heard about PGMall? PG Mall is a Malaysia No.1 e-Commerce platform and the only local e-Commerce platform in Malaysia . Recently, PG Mall ranked as the top 3 e-Commerce site at Iprice insight report . PG Mall is currently my favourite not only online

Realistic Ways To Earn Through Online Shopping

I love online shopping for a few reasons such as I can search basically anything online. Moreover, no crowds or queues. I can do 24/7 shopping without worry about the store business hours. I can easily compare the prices and reviews before making the purchase. For a smart online shopper like me, I always make sure to earn back through some of the cash spent online.  What? Earn a Cashback through shopping? How is this possible?  I wrote on OctaPlus last year. Click the link HERE . If you haven't downloaded this awesome app yet, don't miss out. Please download this app now. You can download the OctaPlus App HERE . OctaPlus is not like any other conventional online shopping cashback app which only offers CashBack from spending. If you strategize well, you will end up earn   passive income in this Year 2020 through this app. 3 ways to earn through cash online through OctaPlus 1. Refer your family and friends  to download and sign up with OctaPlus. A

Skincare Review : Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball

Recent travel, I did some advance duty-free shopping at AirAsia online Duty-Free and get the items delivered in flight to my seat. I took advantage of year-end sales! I would say that it was a pretty good deal since it was a festive season sales and most items I get at least at 50 percent off. For example, this Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball, 10ml price at RM60 and I paid only RM30 after-sales discount. Good buy, right? I can assure it is authentic Innisfree product from AirAsia. I checked other online shopping sites like Hermo, the price around RM84 and Shopee depends on the seller the lowest I found is RM50. At first, I was trying to save this until I finish my AHC The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face. usual, I couldn't wait any longer. hahaha...I apply it for my very first day in a foreign country. I was hooked by this. I tell you why... Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball come in a rollerball applicator for a soft massage aro

How To Use Cash Back Websites in A Smart Ways

I would say I am an avid fan of cashback websites. The cashback from my online monthly spending even funds one of my travel. I would prefer to take on online shopping rather than conventional shopping. Save time and save transportation cost. Oh! I always look out for free delivery when doing my online shopping. Auntie scrooge I am but it worth it! There are a few websites available for you to earn some cashback. One of my favourite sites is OctaPlus .  What is OctaPlus? OctaPlus is not a conventional cashback website . OctaPlus is also a shopping guide app that comes loads with other perks such as best shopping deals and you can check on reviews of product and services from other users before you click to purchase. Furthermore, you can also redeem some great prizes too!  Let me guide you to the path of earnings and gaining while you spending your money rather than spending without further gain. 3 Simple Ways to Start Earning with OctaPlus : 1st - Reg

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