Monday, May 13, 2019

The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project. This is the 6th Birthday celebration. It has been almost 5 years since I join this Beauty Blogger Community. I met many awesome people and change my dull life into a colourful one!

Like many other years, the awesome President of The Butterfly Project, Tammy (Mamasan) and her team did a lot of preparation for the celebration. Every year is a different theme of the celebration from Unicorn to this year flower girls. 

This year celebration took place at Vilej Damansara event space near Ritze Perdana 2. It was a challenging drive for me to get there. When I reached the place it was worth my drive since Mamasan and the team really transform the event space into a Magical place. Everything for prettily set up with details attention too. OMG! Thank you for such a great effort and passion to all of you for this magical moment in my life.

All butterflies were allocated with a seat number. Mine at my lucky number 6. Isn't that awesome. My lucky number all the way! Look at the table setting.....

Everyone was very excited and compare to previous years, this year turn out has been increased. More and more ladies join this awesome beauty community. I bet the number of butterflies will be a thousand soon. If you see in the photo above Dee Leonard the MC for most of Butterfly Party ready for action in his brown jacket. The expecting Mama in an amber-green dress, Aliza Sara came fully prepared with all the butterflies sticking on her hair aiming to win one of those Tiaras and goodies below for the best dress butterflies.

The winner of the best dress butterfly will get one of those goodies sponsored by Yves Rocher, T-Stick and awesome bouquet from Avant Garde Bloom and The Blossom Ballons.

I love the food counter set up for this year prepared by Jom Party. It looks like a garden party with a lot of delicious goodies for all butterflies to dig in. I love the tarts and petite pavlova. It tastes awesome delicious prepared with love and sincerity.

Our entertainment for the day by the famous Queen of Comedy, Ms Joanne Kam Poh Poh. She brings huge laughter to all butterflies with her wicked humour. She looks super fresh from someone who just landed from Australia for the party.

We got to try out the latest innovative way to enjoy tea with T-Sticks. I love the Earl's Favourite Tea flavour since the taste really refreshing to enjoy in the morning. Enjoying T-Sticks gives you a unique tea drinking experience. This tea does not come in a tea bag but in stick and drip free too. It's so convenient you can just grab a few sticks in your bag and bring with you wherever you go. Isn't that awesome? They are selling this luxury tea with only RM35 for 15 sticks in a premium box suitable for gifting too.

All the beautiful fresh flowers decoration for that day is from Avant Garde Blooms. I love their flower arrangement, is so unique and personalized. The offer floral design, weddings and corporate event too. I have fun attending the Flower Crown Workshop.  There were too many beautiful flowers to choose from but in the end.......

This butterfly only chooses the leaves and filler flowers for her crown. Totally my style chic and simple flower crown. How do I look? Kawaii???

The truth is I enjoy to attend this kind of workshop. One of my wishlist strike off! Thank you again The Butterfly Project to realize my dream again.

What a birthday without any sweet desserts and cakes, right?

The butterfly cupcakes and beautifully hand painted macaron homebaked with love by talented baker Macarons by Madeleine
I tasted the Macaron and it really not so sweet like others and this one quickly becomes my favourite. The cupcake is delicious too. 

What a party without a magical touch of floating balloons? 

It's not just a regular balloon but something with ornament in it. The Blossom Balloons complete the party with its Magical Balloons floating all over the event space area.

Most of the butterflies that day can't take their eyes off these awesome balloons. Just like any other butterflies, me too can't help it. Selfie time!!! The balloons make me mesmerized and bring smiles. Just can't brain at this age I still enjoy ballons this much! hahahaha

Surprise for the day!
It was Yves Rocher 60th birthday too! For those who don't recognize this long outstanding brand, they are an established French Beauty brand ever since 1959. Yves Rocher own flower fields, manufacturing facilities and retail stores so that they can bring the power of nature straight to all beauties out there!
Most of their skincare products come in glass bottles to make the products safe and develop with recycling in mind too. Isn't this brand awesome?

Thank you Yves Rocher ! for this awesome limited edition beauty box - Yves Rocher Detox Micellar Shampoo with Moringa extracts, Yves Rocher Concentrated Shower Gel with key ingredient Olive Petit Grain and Yves RocherUltra - Fresh Cleansing Gel.

Another surprise for all butterflies that day.

A special sweetheart gift from Mamasan, Ms President. Thank you, Unni! I always admire your passion for this community and always strive the best for all of us. I feel blessed to be able to be part of this community and see the growth year by year.

The awesome butterflies selfie!

The new friend I met that day! These are the happy to meet all the younger ladies joining this community.

Happy Birthday The Butterfly Project!

As for me after joining this community since the year 2014, I was thinking its time it a rest and give ways to the young one!


Food - Jom Partylah
Surprise Goodies - Yves Rocher

For those who interested to join The Butterfly Project Community as a member please register HERE.

Enjoy a short video and slides compilation during the event. If you like my video please give likes. I would be really grateful to that.


  1. Happy Birthday, Butterfly Project! Everyone looks so vibrant and it seems so enjoyable! So good to have a friendly community like this and I hope nothing but to you guys having more memorable moments for years to come!

  2. Wahhhh reaching 6 years already?! How time fies! You look cute in that floral crown. That place looks dreamy and magical. So pretty!

  3. Happy Birthday, Butterfly. I wanted to attend to join you gals but Mommy always busy with the children. Hope able to join you next round.

  4. hehhe so cute! anyway congrats for butterfly project! keep success ya and teruskan berkongsi tips kecantikan untuk gegirl diluar sana

  5. wah bestnyer..teringin nak join sebenarnya..tapi jauh sangat lah..hope dapat join one day nnt...seronok dpt jumpa geng butterfly kannn

  6. Happy 6th birthday Althea. Bestnya u Cindy dapat join birthday party Althea. Memang happening and havoc sanga . Boleh junoa kawan kawan Althea Angels yang lain. I belum berkesempatan nak join.

  7. wah meriahnya event macam ni. mesti seronok amat dapat treat dah level princes gituh. teringin nak join event butterfly ni tapi mostly event untuk perempuan je banyak. sob sob

  8. Bestnya dapat pergi ke butterfly project birthday party ni, sis tak dapat nak join sb ada event lain. Harap satu hari nanti dapatlah join event2 yang mereka buat

  9. wow, meriahnya. Suka tengok cara organizer deko tempat tu sebab setau sy event space ni kosong je. But they come out with lovely props & deco. Siap ada belon gitu.. Cantikkk

  10. I'm so jealous didn't get to join this party. I was at hometown at that time, trying to settle few things about my wedding preparation.

  11. I love the deko. Sangat cantik dan kreatif. Butterfly community memang ohsem. Untung yang betul2 jadi ahli dan aktif dengan community ini

  12. bestnya join this kind of event. teringin nak join tapi selalu ada benda lain need to settle masa date tu tsktsk.

  13. obviously u look so excite over it, it was good that u hv a great time there! happy bday butterfly project the team is always working hard n they r super amazing!

  14. Happy Birthday...
    Wah.. Bestnya dapat join..
    Boleh jumpa kawan-kawan lain juga kn.
    Seronok tengok event tu.

  15. wahhh congratulations butterfly project. it has been 6 years. many more years to come. keep up the good work ya. the decoration of the event is beautiful. i feel like want to join this club already. hahaha

  16. Happy bday Butterfly Project! Dah 6 tahun daaa..macam dah tak sedar je berlalu masa. Meriahnya nampak party ni

  17. Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project . dah lama juga lah ye community ni. no wonder community ni kuat.


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