Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why You Should Add Antioxidant Serum into your daily Skincare Routine?

Anything about antioxidant is good for my skin nowadays. But its all listen and talk but to really add into my skincare routine...I was a super lazy woman. I rather go for a simple skincare routine than following that 10 steps Korean Skincare. 10 steps? Hurl!!! 4 steps also a bit too much for me. 
I still go for the basic skincare :

1. Cleanse
2. Toner
3. Eye Gel
4. Moisturizer

This is what I did daily. Oh! should I add in 5 steps instead of 4 steps? As a responsible woman, I never failed to step out without any sunscreen on. huhuhuh

Recently, I added Antioxidant Serum into my skincare nighttime routine. Never thought this change my skin condition. I should have added this earlier. I tried Sanny and Joleen Lifestyle Antioxidant Serum which contains :

* Tocotrienol (Vitamin E)
* Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5)
* Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
* Calendula and Olive Oil

The texture is a very lightweight with cooling effect and the non-oily formula with absolute non-greasy to your skin. I love that this serum can easily absorb into my skin with only a few drops. It really helps to nourish my skin and boost the brightness which makes my skin more radiance day by day. It has no pleasant or unpleasant smells at all and its alcohol, sulphates and paraben free. 

Why I choose to only add antioxidant serum at night?

Our skin cells go through repair and regenerative process while we are sleeping at night.

Antioxidant Serum is good for :

* ageing skin, 
* discolouration
* uneven skin tone
* sensitive skin

You just need a good antioxidants serum to target areas and specific times of the day. I know there are many free-radical fighting products have been proven to be effective on their own but with a combination of daily antioxidant protection and sunscreen use provide optimum skin protection.

In short antioxidants serum is an important step in skincare routine process. This has been proven neutralize the free radical and defend the skin against atmospheric aging.

You can try Sanny and Joleen Antioxidants Serum. They have one of the best antioxidant serum in Malaysia. Risk-free to your skin and in fact it brings more goodness. Try it once for better skin.

I use this serum drop for a week before sleep and the result is amazing. My skin looks brighter and radiance the next morning.

Get one Sanny Joleen Antioxidant Serum at RM49


  1. I used to use serum before but after having two kids, I tend to skip this routine. I need to start the serum routine back or else I m going to look old quickly huu

  2. samalah..BBL sebelum masuk tidur mesti sapu serum dulu supaya kulit jadi fresh balik bila bangun pagi besok. menarik pulak tengok serum tu.. dah la serum biasa BBL pakai ni dah nak habis. boleh la cuba nanti

  3. I want to use serum like this is also to face the fluffy and soft skin when the day of the holiday in a month hehehehe men are now to appear in the style of festivals not women ...

  4. I used this serum and I am in love with it! Antioxidant serum from sanny and jolen is really suit with my skin. It help to moist my skin daily. My skin is dry skin type. So I really love this serum! It is very good and awesome!

  5. I used this serum also. Memang best. I consume sebab my skin getting worse after use toner yang tak sesuai dengan kulit muka saya. So ,i pakai serum ni nak rawat semula kulit muka yang teruk ni. So far pakai memang best

  6. Botol kecil, nmpk biasa tapi kelebihan dia woww.. Banyak.. I like serum cause dia meresap terus dalam kulit.. Dia merawat dan membaikpuloh kulit.. Dah berusia ni kene jaga muka

  7. liez dulu takpernah tahu pasal serum.. hanya tahu pasal moisturiser. tapi lepas baca info-info pasal kebaikan serum terus beli. sebab kulit liez walaupun hanya ada masalah jerawat yang jarang naik tapi still nak jaga keanjalan dan kemudaan dari sekarang.

  8. Thanks for reminding me about adding serum in my daily skin routine! I almost forgot when the last time I'm doing it. Have to start before it is too late.

  9. Great, i’m currently looking for a serum that is good in moisturising and has the anti ageing agent. I have a dry skin n need to be fixed. Luckily i found ur blog and this post.

  10. Such an impressive info. I have no idea about the antioxidant before. Will apply your tips in mine from now on. Thanks yaa. Really appreciate it,

  11. Good info pasal anti oxidant serum. Sebelum tidak pernah terfikir untuk gunakan serum ini.

  12. I used serum every day, it is important to use serum but the price is expensive. btw thank you share about this serum, can try later.


  13. Good sharing! I never used serum before and after reading this make me feel i need to start apply serum before sleep. Thanks for share this

  14. Serum ni best sebab dia tak ada bahan kimia yang merbahaya.. semulajadi dari minyak kelapa sawit.. TB pun suka pakai.. sebab natural je ..

  15. bagus serum ni fungsi antioxidant tu yang mentyebabkan kulit kita nampak fresh dan lambatkan penuaan diwajah...ramai artis luar kerabat raja pun guna serum yang ada bahan2 anti oxidant

  16. serum ni tangok fungsinya sangat bagus..antioksida, boleh melambatkan proses penuaan..paling penting ramuannya adalah daripada bahan semulajadi iaitu minyak kelapa sawit

  17. Memang penting sgt serum utk kulit.. Huhu tapi nak konsisten pakai ni kena ada tips juga ni.. Baru la lambat kedut2 tak teroksida. Ye dok


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