Wednesday, July 24, 2019

5 Reason Solid Wood Furnishing is The Best Option

When it comes to house deco there are many options for furniture types. Some prefer modern furnishing and for those more classical would prefer vintage and as for me, I prefer solid wood. Here are 5 reasons why I solid wood is my preference.

1. More Durable

Just as it looks, solid wood is more durable. If we take good care of it properly this piece of furniture can be an antique to be passed down to the next generation. 

2. Less Maintainance

I know solid wood furniture tends to attract more dust and has a threat to moisture. Well, you just need to keep it dry and wipe down the dust regularly.

3. Presentable

There is something about solid wood furniture since it can transform your home elegantly if you place it in a creative manner. Many interior designers would agree with me about this.

4. Better Value

If you read my no.1 point solid wood is more durable and last longer. Which led to an antique pass down to the next generation and can consider as an asset for higher selling value for the future.

5. Unique

There no 2 pieces of same solid wood furniture. None of them is precisely alike which make it unique and this makes each solid wood you purchase is one of a kind.

For me, solid wood furniture is a great choice if you are looking forward to own furniture that lasts for many years and stands out. In other words, timeless design and outstanding quality. But I would say is not easy to find a good solid wood seller. You are lucky if can purchase one solid wood furniture that will last for generations.

For my future home, I was eyeing at this one particular website. This site has been recommended by my mutual friend who is also an avid solid wood furniture fan just like me. You can check out good quality and great design of solid wood furniture by mason home decor.

One of my choice samples would be this piece. I would love to place this in my living room.

Mason Oak Solid Wood Dressing Table

I know purchasing furniture online may not give you a good feel. You can visit their display space to physically view the items to purchase their product. Just chat with their friendly customer service via the chat box at the bottom right-hand corner on the screen of the website for further inquiry.

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