Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Fall Jewelry Trends

Summer is already more than halfway over and fashion experts are looking ahead to the fall season. With the city still hot as can be, think about the cooler time with these fall jewelry trends. Find your favorites and pop into a nearby SOHO jewelry store to make sure that you'll be ahead of the curve.

Long Lines

Straight from the runways, industry experts have been buzzing about long, elegant pieces adorning those walking with major designer names. Valentino, Stella McCartney, and Givenchy were among the brands to send long earrings and straight-lined necklaces down the runway. The look is reminiscent of some hippie aesthetics but can be personalized with color and sparkle.

Heavy Metals

This trend applies to necklaces, earrings, and rings. Some of the more dramatic earrings feature chunky metals and pieces that appear to have been inspired by raw materials that wrap around the ears. Similarly, rings of all shapes and sizes feature this heavy imagery. Pinky rings also seem to be gaining popularity.  Consider this tiny accessory as a way of adding a personal finishing touch to any look. Spikes and sparkle have never gone better together.

Pearly Whites

Alternatively, pearls seem to be appearing in many different forms. From a 1960s-inspired choker to large, chunky faux pearl earrings, this classic accessory is definitely having a moment. Many designers have been pushing a return to form in the idea of matching sets, so consider some cool pearls for the ears and for the neck.

Pin It

This trend might just be the best way to personalize this fall. Brooches and pins are everywhere. That could mean investing in a more classic piece, wearing a family piece, or finding a pin to express a personal voice. There are currently countless options to choose from that could be abstract or in a distinct shape. Some even feature graphics and words. Anyone and everyone interested in jumping in on this trend can find a way to do so.

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