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Where To Stay and Eat In Jakarta

Early this year, I have an opportunity to visit Jakarta and work there for a few days. The first trip, I went with my Boss and the latest one which is early July I went for a solo working trip. It was a great experience for me especially for the culture and the variety of food that I tried out when I was there.

Where I stay in Jakarta?

The place I stayed is about 10 minutes walking distance to our office in Jakarta. 

Century Park Hotel
Address : Jl, Pintu Senayan , No. 1 RT1/RW 3 , Gelora , Kecamatan Tanah Abang , Kota Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta.

Telephone : +62 21 57102041

The room is spacious and the location is so convenient except for the traffic jam. But ...which place in Jakarta is not jam? 
Since I was there for a working trip and my office is just walking a distance so traffic jam is not a problem for me at all.

One minus point of this hotel is whenever there is a soccer match then this place will be super crowded with the human. Difficult to walk around too since its the local habit to sit on the pavement and any empty space on the sidewalk area. I experience this during my latest trip here. I was so annoyed and really can't wait to reach my hotel.

Why is that so?

Well, this hotel situated right opposite the big stadium, called Gelora Bung Karno. huhuhuhu... The view kind of magnificent from my hotel room though!

Walking to my office kind of easy since I don't have to brave myself to cross the big main road. When I went there for the first time was my Boss, it was not a good experience. I have to drag my poor luggage all the way to my office and hotel and crossing the main road. Safety comes first? mmmmm..... I think we failed on our first trip though!

I plan well during my solo trip. I checked in my luggage into the hotel and walk with my laptop to the office. Moreover, I make use of the overhead pedestrian bridge every day. So, travel safely for everyone. As much as you want to travel like locals. Safety should be on top of priority!

Just about 400 meters walking distance from Century Park Hotel, you will find FX Sudirman. A shopping complex when I frequented every day. hehehehe... I went there for working not for leisure. No time to explore other places. About 500 meters can walk to Plaza Senayan but I haven't reached there yet. The luxury shopping complex Pacific Place is around 1 km from this place.

One of the night, I manage to walk around outside the FX Sudirman and found a few interesting food carts selling unique name food. For example 'Nasi Goreng Gila' which literally translate as Crazy Fried Rice. I asked the local people and they said the name is due to the big portion. Other than that, it just fried rice.

What to eat in Jakarta?

Note that, most of the food in this photo is the mixture of the foodies during my trip with Boss and another Singaporean colleague. So don't get shocked if it shows as if I eat a lot. 

1. Basement Food Court at The Energy Building
Address: SCBD Lot aaA, Jl Jend. Sudirman, No Kav, 52-53, RT 5/RW3 Senayan, Southern Jakarta

The first food is at the basement food court inside The Energy Building where my office situated. I tried Soto. I love the broth. It's so unique taste with lots of spices. My second trip, I wanted to try this again but unable due to difficult to find a place to sit and eat. The disadvantage for the solo traveller. 

Soto Ayam
Then I experience this call Nasi Kotak. As I said not easy for me to eat at the food court alone. I require to pack my food. I visited one of the mixed rice stalls and end up with this box of food back to my office. There is a bit of hiccup during the order with the stall owner. The stall owner asked me if I want the 'Nasi Merah' or 'Nasi Putih' which literally translated Red Rice or White Rice. In my mind, the red rice will be something like Tomato Rice. Almost laugh out loud when the lady scoops the healthy red rice to my box. Keke Keke....

Nasi Kotak
Food price at this food court not that expensive and not too cheap either. But still much cheaper than all the food I ate at the restaurant.

2. Sate Senayan
Address : Fx Lifestyle , Lt 1 Unit 22-23, Jl Jendral Sudirman, Tanah Abang, RT 1/RW.3, Gelora, Southern Jakartan

Sate Senayan place is well known in Jakarta. The menu selection is so varied and you don't have to visit other parts of Jakarta to eat each place special food. They are famous with Sate. But I went there to eat only rice. I tried the Sate Kambing but not to my liking at all. The Sate Ayam kind of good and lots of spices. 

Some of the interesting rice set tried are :

Nasi Kuning - Turmeric rice with an assortment of meat and vegetables
Nasi Liwet - Coconut rice with skin satay chicken, sweetened beancurd and egg over a spicy light vegetable curry
Nasi Krawu - Coconut rice with an assortment of shredded beef, egg, potato cake, anchovies and fried chicken
Nasi Uduk - Coconut rice with fried chicken wings, skin satay, fried chicken skin, crispy sweet corn fritters and orek tempe.

Rujak Cingur is something worth to try for those who can take exotic taste like me. hahaha... this is assorted vegetables, tofu and rice cakes with cingur (if I am not mistaken this is the cow nose part) and serve with peanut sauce. I love the sauce taste.

3. Kamadoya Nizaemon @ Century Park Hotel

If you get bored with Indonesian food, you can try out this good quality Japanese cuisine located near the lobby of Century Park Hotel.

I would say, we overdid this during the ordering spree. We both woman have to pig in this to max used of the meal allowance. hahahaha...But it was a really great experience for me to eat this much. Many more not in this photo.

The environment is nice here. Many Japanese businessmen visited here or get entertained here. I only visited this place when I was here with Boss. The food is delicious here.

4. Dapur Solo
Fx Sudirman, Jl Jend. Sudirman, RT 1/RW.3, Gelora, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta

Nasi Langgi Solo

Nasi Urap Solo and Pindang Serani
The food here is not bad too. My favourite is Nasi Langgi Solo and some jamu drink call Kunyit Asem. But the Pindang Serani is a total failure for me. Not recommended for your to order that.

Indonesian food is really unique and I wish can try them all. The cakes are another interesting story too.

I really have fun visiting the local bakery and try out some of their famous cakes too. The best is I don't have to buy a lot.

They sells the cakes in slices and pieces which is perfect for me to sample some of these cakes. One of my favourites is the cheese swiss rolls.

I hope this post helps others who are visiting Jakarta near SCBD area and unable to decide where to stay and eat.

I will try to write some of my recent China trip experience soon.

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