Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How To Use Cash Back Websites in A Smart Ways

I would say I am an avid fan of cashback websites. The cashback from my online monthly spending even funds one of my travel. I would prefer to take on online shopping rather than conventional shopping. Save time and save transportation cost. Oh! I always look out for free delivery when doing my online shopping. Auntie scrooge I am but it worth it!

There are a few websites available for you to earn some cashback. One of my favourite sites is OctaPlus

What is OctaPlus?

OctaPlus is not a conventional cashback website. OctaPlus is also a shopping guide app that comes loads with other perks such as best shopping deals and you can check on reviews of product and services from other users before you click to purchase. Furthermore, you can also redeem some great prizes too! 

Let me guide you to the path of earnings and gaining while you spending your money rather than spending without further gain.

3 Simple Ways to Start Earning with OctaPlus :

1st - Register with OctaPlus at

Click on Continue with Email Address

Fill in your details

Check on Email Inbox to Verify your email address registered

2nd - Get Verified by key in your mobile phone number and the TAC code will be sent to you.

After you complete the email address verification.
Please complete the verification to earn some welcome points. Sign in again using your email address.

You will be directed to this page. Key in referral code if you have any but if you don't have just click on 'Don't have referral'

Enter your registered mobile number and key in the OTP number which will be sent to your mobile number.

Simple steps earn you 600 points and RM3 cashback welcome reward

3rd - Start shopping and earn! Yay!!!!

For your convenience and more perks please download the cashback apps HERE.

For those who are new in cashback websites let me guide you through how to earn cashback.

CLICK on the link of the website you want to shop from OctaPlus and make sure your click be redirected to the merchant via OctaPlus.

For example, you are planning to purchase an air ticket from AirAsia, just go to OctaPlus platform then click on the AirAsia link from there. You will be directed to AirAsia website to purchase your ticket. In general, it takes up to 48 hours for your cashback amount to be tracked into your OctaPlus account. The cashback depends on the commission offer and final settlement between the merchant and OctaPlus before credited into our account.

6 common mistakes for Cashback website user not getting their purchase cashback trackback :

* You didn't click the link from OctaPlus and wasn't redirected to the merchant via OctaPlus
* You didn't check on the merchant stores Terms and Conditions before ordering through OctaPlus
* Order made less than 48 hours. (as mentioned it takes 48 hours for cashback amount to be tracked)
* Purchase made then you make an exchange, cancel or even return.
* You didn't disable adblocker from your browser
* You didn't clear the cookies
* You use a coupon which was not published or registered and recognised by OctaPlus. This will result in disqualifying for cashback rewards.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, OctaPlus is not just about getting a cashback from you spending your cash. 

1. Reward Points

There 3 ways to get Reward Points :

* Refer a friend
* Daily check-in
* Participate in OctaPlus event if there is any.

2. Share your product review and experience with OctaPlus community 

People say sharing is caring. Be the one who reviews and get as many followers possible through your awesome review. At the same time, you can check on others experience and review before purchase or shop the products or services.

3. Wish Tree

Wish Tree is the tab where you can get items you have been wishing for at up to 50 % discount. All you need is to fill up the required amount of OctaSEEDs. OctaSEEDs is what you get when you refer a friend. Just click on the blue Octopus in the Deals tab of the app.

There are many cashback websites but if you are still new in this, recommended to start with just one which my bet goes to OctaPlus!

Check out the video below on how easy to earn a cashback through online shopping.

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