Thursday, November 14, 2019

40 Calories Meal with Ashitaki Noodles

Every time I visited other countries, I enjoyed shopping at local grocers. My last visit to Jakarta, I found a few interesting items which I end up bought back home.

One of it is Ashitaki Low Carb Noodles. I am currently in the process of eating a low calories diet. ehem ehem...Wanna lose some weight! Well,  instead of getting all sort of instant noodles, I bought this low-calories noodles. Seriously, I don't have no idea what I put in my shopping trolley. I can't expect how it tastes too.

Ashitaki Low Carb noodles are only 40 calories. Best of all the flavour I bought is 'Mi Rebus Soto' which is one of the famous must have local cuisine. It has the ticks on High Fibre, Low Fat and Low Carb. Alright! Sold!

Back home, opened the packet...I was like ewwwwww...What is this? This looks like strands of crumple green rubber band stick together which will give me some digestion difficulties. Exactly, that was my honest impression when I unpacked the box. So sceptical! Can I really eat this? Don't tell me this will taste like just greens.

Anyway, I can't let this wasted. As usual 'Google' is the best source of information. The noodles made with Chalcone from Ashitaba a native Japanese plant known for longevity and good health benefit, Konjac yam (elephant yam), tapioca flour. Most of all these noodles are Keto-Friendly too.

Ahitaki 'Mi Rebus Soto' comes with 'Soto spices', Soto oil and fried shallots at topping. The preparation is quite different from the usual instant noodles.

There are 3 ways of preparing Ashitaki Noodles.

1st option - Recommended way of preparing Ashitaki Noodles is to boil 2 glasses of water then add in the noodles and let it boiled for 8 minutes. Throw in the boiling water and then add in the spices in the fresh boil water. Then the noodles are ready to serve.

2nd option - If you are cooking using the water dispenser. Soaked the noodles in hot water in a covered bowl for 20 minutes.  Throw the water and then add in fresh hot water before mixed all the spices. Ready to eat low calories meal!

3rd option - Microwave is another option to cook Ashitaki Noodles. Soaked the noodles in hot water and then put in microwave for 8 minutes with 90-degree Celsius temperature. Throw in the water and add in the fresh hot water before mixed in the spices. Meal served!

I boiled the Ahitaki Noodles for 8 minutes. The result is this translucent green strand which looks like seaweed to me. eheh...This gonna taste like greens! This gonna taste like greens! That phrase keep repeating in my mind again and again. Scared to eat this!!!! This is my first time eating Konjac noodles. Hehehe...

How does my Ashitaki Noodles final look? Isn't this look delicious? Oh! by the way, the garnishing like fried tempeh, egg ribbon, cherry tomatoes and supposedly thin slices of spring onion are my own effort to make my meal look pretty and add more nutrition. The 40 calories meal may not be 40 cal anymore with my generous amount of garnishing but yet it still low calories and high fibre compare to usual meal. huhuhuh

How does Ashitaki Noodles taste?

The noodles by itself are tasteless. I have to chew a lot because it's a bit chewy like munching seaweed jelly and its really addictive.  The Soto flavour is so flavorful with Indonesian Authentic Soto taste. I love my low calories meal. Oh! By the way the noodles don't absorb the soup though.
I don't regret to purchase this Ashitaki Noodles and my only regret is to buy only one packet. Aiya!!! I should have to buy more of this. Hopefully, can search for this  in Malaysia.

What makes Ashitaki Noodles is a good choice compare to usual instant noodles?

* Low Calories
* 10 packs of Ashitaki Noodles = 1 pack of the usual instant noodles
* Low sugar content and safe for diabetic patient
* The content of natrium is lower compare to usual instant noodles
* High fibre, Low fat and it contains Vitamin B12 and Calcium

Delicious low calories meal! 

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