Tuesday, February 4, 2020

[Travelogue Guilin, China] Lost at Xingping Ancient Town

Where to stay in Yangshuo?

Yangshuo River View Hotel.
Address: No. 25 Binjiang Road, Yangshuo County, China

I chose this place mainly because of the location. The location kind of away from the busy street. Just less 5 minutes walking distance from the Yangshuo Pier, its so convenient if you choose the route I took which is 4 hours Li River Cruise. Less 5 minutes to famous walking street, The West Street, Yangshuo. Li River just right opposite the hotel. Since I only have one night so the distance to all of this is very important. I don't want to waste my time and budget for transportation all the time.

I missed out the river view room. So, I got the mountain view instead of that. Anyway, I kind of love my room. So cosy and they even have a small verandah for me to enjoy 'Pu Er' tea and the complimentary fruit plate they gave me.

One complaint, no lift. My room on the 4th floor. I was like....more staircase?

The hotel in Guilin City has no lift too. Here too? OMG! Poor my bad knee. I kind of expected the consequences of this trip. I brave myself to go with the flow. I will take responsibility for myself. No complaint in the future!

Like I said, I booked car upon checked in to go to Xingping Ancient Town.

Why one shouldn't miss visiting Xingping Ancient Town if in Guilin?

This small ancient town only around 25km from Yangshuo. So expect around under one hour journey by car. 

Things To Do at Xingping

1. The Landscape of 20 RMB Note scene.

I saw this during my Li River Cruise. I am kind of not so fancy on all this. But its a beautiful karst mountain view. Most people find it is a remarkable view.

2. Bamboo Rafting

If you are adventure type, you can take the bamboo rafting from Yangdi to Xingping. It was early winter during my time. So rafting is not a good option. I am also being extra careful with my waist and knee problem too. Old traveller, like that lor....lhave to extra careful especially if in a foreign country.

3. Xingping Old Walking Street

Over here you can leisurely wander along the ancient streets, where all the ancient structure converts into cafe and souvenir shop. 

This one is less crowded compared to the one at West Street, Yangshuo. I was told this quiet ancient town has been more than 1,730 years. 

I just wandering around the Old Walking Street. I kind of tired after the long journey and I woke up very early that morning too. 

I told the driver to come back to the same spot she drops me after 2 hours. My WeChat apps not working so unable to communicate with her. That is why , I made the arrangement beforehand, for both parties convenient too.

I walked into this cafe. I made the right choice to heal my tired mind and body.

The place kind of quiet. Its a low season. Not many tourists. I gained peace here.

After getting my caffeine fix (hopefully can sleep tonight), I continue my exploration slowly, just like this town.

The locals love to dry the orange, pomelo and any citrus peels. I think they will use it for tea or food ingredients.

Guilin is famous with processed chillies, dried persimmons, rice wines and preserved vegetables and fruits. I tried the dried persimmons, is kind of sweet and soft taste. 

Cured goose, meat and bamboo rice is one of the must-try too.

For avid silver, collector this is something you can get here at a reasonable price.

Guilin is also famous with Osmanthus flowers and Loh Han Guo. I always love the smells of Osmanthus flowers. So for tea lovers, you can get authentic Osmanthus flower tea here. I bought the Osmanthus Rice cake to try instead of tea. I have the tea back home. Love the cakes. Not sweet and taste...super healthy taste to me. kekekeke... Loh Han Guo or Monk Fruit is famous as healthy sugar replacement just like stevia. Famous ingredient for those in the Keto diet too. 

What I did here at Xingping?

I walked, I eat and walk and eat again.

I stopped at a few stores to try their desserts such as tapioca and yam. I enjoy the beautiful view here and the surrounding so quaint and surreal since not many people. My kind of place.

The local love grilled sausage and steamed buns. I noticed this is a famous street snack for the local. I end my wandering around almost late evening. I was planning to roam the Night Market at West Street at Yangshuo later. So, I called off the day at Xingping and back to hotel for a rest about 30 minutes.  

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  1. The old town looks so pretty and just like in the old movies. I kagum dengan you boleh travel on your own.

  2. Excited to explore Yangshuo.. Beautiful scenery, good pictures. Many things can experience there.. Thanks you for your sharing.. 👍👍

  3. Nampak XingPing ni so peaceful. Nice place to go ti. Thanks for sharing this

  4. I suka tengok kawn2-kawan itravel, pergi tempat orang, tengok budaya orang..i tak mampu lagi nak travel..

  5. You are indeed an adventurous traveller. But at this time now forget about travelling to China as u know y...

    1. Everyone know...its not a good time to travel even anywhere not just China now. Stay put! no one put a force for you to travel.

  6. Bestnya guilin... But for now since novel virus tu kena slow down sikit. When things get better maybe can consider guilin to visit.

    1. Good choice. We travel smart. Don't follow desire and forgo the safety.

  7. I always wanted to travel alone too. But never had the guts. Now feeling motivated again after reading your experience.

    1. Not everyone can go solo. I do this because I like to be alone.

  8. okay, boleh masuk dalam senarai tmpat yg nak travel :). sekarang tengah kumpul duit untuk travel hujung tahun nnti :)

  9. Kagum dengan you berani travel jauh. Kita mampu tengok jer dulu. Huhuu... Anyway, tempat ni amat menarik di lawati. Save bookmark!

  10. I love this old town. So peaceful. And so.many interesting place can visit

  11. Bestnya dpt travel tempat yg jauh dr hiruk piruk manusia. Sesekali nak jugak tenang kan..cuma nk pergi sendiri mmg belum ada keberanian..kalau ramai2 ada pulak nak kesana lah..nak kesini lah..last2 x dpt gi tempat2 mcm ni

  12. What a beautiful city. I wish to visit there someday. This year cannot go abroad especially those areas that are affected by corona virus

  13. syoknya, saya minat sangat guilin ni sejak dulu. lepas masalah covid19 kalau ada rezeki boleh travel China.


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