Friday, March 27, 2020

How I Survive Staying At Home Alone During Covid19 Curfew? A Guide for An Introvert

For an introvert person like me, the word social distancing and stay at home is something common. I have been practising this in our daily life. So, with this MCO thingy that everyone huh hah about....its easy breezy for me since this is basically my day to day life.

I went out twice to replenish my food stock and survive with what I have bought until now. I already opt for frozen vegetables instead of the fresh one. Hoping, I don't need to go out of my house ever again until at least 14th April 2020. Since I am one person who always expects the worst to happen most of the time, I end up preparing myself for the worst all the time. This doesn't mean, I am one of those who did panic shopping. In general, my home always stocks up well. huhuh... The only regret, I didn't buy any mung bean. I could have eaten fresh bean sprout by growing them at home. hehehe.

So, how did I killed my time, be a good citizen and try to stay alive confining myself at home?

1. Watching Drama

Watching Korean drama and variety show becoming part of my daily life. Just watch happy. romantic comedy or anything makes your heart flutters and happy. Don't watch thriller, horror or sad movie. I don't want to end up depressed alone at home. I would say my circle of friends is super micro small. I am not sure about others, I learn most thing about life through watching Korean and Chinese drama. 

2. Online course

I always believe in not living my life mindlessly. Apart from watching a drama, I also take a free online class. I am currently studying Korean and Mandarin languages. I was thinking of taking SEO class but one at the time. Since my brain kind of old version, so I don't want to overwhelm myself. I strictly allocated 1 hour a day for each class. I practice both languages by watching the drama from South Korean and China Mainland.

3. Reading

One hour reading session is a must for me. I am seriously afraid to forget about how to read one day, just like how I struggle to write words using a pen since I am used to typing using a keyboard. I have many book collections at home. Sort of mini library in my house. Reading helps me to think and do a brain exercise. It's also a way to improve myself in a way of my thinking and do things. I allocate some time to read the book out aloud too. Just to ensure I still remember how to speak. Hahaha.... living alone sometimes ....this is the only thing I can do to ensure I still able to speak. WTH!😂

4. Hobbies

I consider online content writing as one of my hobbies. My blog is a channel for me to express my true feelings. Other than online writing. I also love to DIY scented candles and essential oil mixology. Sometimes, I will do finger knitting for fun too. I love to try new things and I am still learning.

5. Stay Healthy

I just recovered from knee surgery. I got myself a few stitches on my meniscus and the doctor took out some of my lose bone which has been disturbing my nerve. The doctor has diagnosed my knee aged 20 years older than my original age. Since I am not at the age to get a knee replacement, yet...the Doctor asks me to care and take good care and try to sustain for at least another 6 - 10 years. As much as I have a bad knee, I don't give up to stay healthy as much as possible. Especially, when my back pain is getting super worst due to my weight. So allocated one hour daily to be on the treadmill, which I most of the time did a 3km walk and some pilates for 30 minutes. I don't want to overwork my knee. I just want to stay healthy and avoid to be in the hospital ever again!

6. Stay connected

As I mentioned, I don't have a circle of a friend whom I can communicate just like a normal person does. I basically have been living my own world most of my life, until now. Why? I have practising social distancing in most of my life. isk isk isk... I used to seldom contact my family. It will be very rare occasions for me to do that. I think, am getting older now. I now have an active group chat with my sisters. During this time especially, we have been communicating through the group chat constantly. We keep updating each other with the latest news, as well as exchanging views on the situation. We also check on our old parent who is far away from us. We are all worried sick about them, but that's all we can do for them.

7. Keep myself updated

I try to keep myself updated with current news and what is happening to the world. Mostly through online news and also from the Facebook feed. So, at least I am not really live in the cocoon without knowing what is really happening around.

8. Pray to God

I may not look like someone as religious or even as a devotee, but never once forget my creator. In fact, I make it as part of my daily routine to embrace myself to my belief and religion. Communication with God is a must! Five times prayer? It doesn't take much of your 24 hours a day, though. Just make sure to pray sincerely and live life as a kind human.

Well, that's what I have been doing at home throughout this time. I try my best to be a good citizen and adhere to what best for everyone. Like I said, I am an introvert. So for the extrovert, mmmmm...maybe its time for you to be a YouTuber or a tik tok star. Who knows you may end up discover your hidden talent and make money out of this.

We can go through this together and please be a good citizen. It's an easy job, just stay at home.

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