Monday, April 6, 2020

What is waiting for us after MCO?

Before MCO, most of us complaining about having to brave the traffic jam to work. Some of us always wish to retire early and stay at home. I bet, after the MCO is over, most us will not dare to even say that out and feeling blessed to be able to face that traffic again.

Do you think the world will be cleared from the Corona Virus in a few months?  I don't think so. Read all the news and see how successful China is after they officially celebrate their first MCO lift up. They are back with more cases and death now. Same goes with Hong Kong!

For those who are eager to be back to our usual daily life and gain the freedom to stay out again, brace yourself with what kind of world is waiting for you after the MCO lift up.

1. Higher unemployment rate

Unemployment is rather a disgusting word to me. Too bad! We are going to hear about this throughout 2020 and up-coming years too. Stimulus package from the government won't really much help to the company. Don't blame the company for letting you off. Most company will do a corporate restructure as part of their plan when the economy begins to recover. Reducing headcounts is part of the plan.No hard feeling, that is the corporate world and they are not a charity organization. It's just that is a way to survive.

2. New food business

A laymen way to notice of recession is the increase in unemployment and people try their way to survive. You will see many petty traders, food seller and small businesses created. It is another way of survival skills. Some may create a success out of this and many will face losses too. Its all depends on the creativity of the individual to make the enterprise works for them.

3. Higher Obese Rate

The first thing most people do during the MCO is to display each cooking skills. It's not wrong at all and at least those people stay at home and obey the rules. When we are being confined in one place with lack of freedom to go out of the containment space, most of us when into a silence depression mode. This will led us to crave for food. We don't really stay active and yet eat an abundance of food.  Eat, Sleep, Work for those who work from home, Eat again and Sleep. Mostly will experience weight gain and this will indeed leed to obesity if we don't do proper control.

4. Global Baby Boom

Those days when we don't have TV, internet and smartphone, our ancestor tends to create many offspring. Lack of entertainment may lead to boredom. You may have sex for fun and then conceive unplanned. It's not wrong but be prepared to book the labour room ahead. The hospital may face the shortage of hospital bed in the maternity ward next year. For the head of the family, please make sure you have sufficient fun to finance those offspring of yours. Don't end up faces both problem in one go - unemployment and new offspring to feed. You had enjoyed the fun and please take responsibility for your own happiness. No one asks you to do the unplanned breeding. Play safe, Stay Safe!

5. Higher Divorce Rate

This is proven by China who is facing a significant rise in the divorce rate after the coronavirus self-isolation. Well, the fact that couples spent too much time together may lead to some indifferent and end up with a heated argument. Some will be a very rush divorce decision. Couples, this is the time for you to learn about 'give and take'. Try to tolerate your other half and be more sensible to each other flaws.

6. Travelholic

I bet those travelholic will book the first plane out and enjoy their travel time like always does after the MCO lift up. Whatever you want to do please don't let your guard down. China and Hong Kong is our best example. People in China and HK manage to contain the virus and then back to their usual life. The confirmed cases have now doubled in the past week. For those who travel overseas, imported back the virus to their home country. Are you going to travel out after this? Why not try to refrain yourself for another year or two? 

7. Shopaholic

I don't even do online shopping during the MCO. I am really worried about what viruses will invade into my house together with the package delivered. I would rather continue practising social distancing until those viruses really gone for good. In fact, we safe lots of cash by refraining ourselves during this time. If you still able to keep your job and earns a decent during this global recession period, good for you! Take some precaution and save some for the rainy days. We never know when is our time to lose that monthly salary. The world is unpredictable these days!

8. Traffic Jam no longer an issue

Most of us always complain about being stuck in a traffic jam. After many weeks stay at home, most of us can't wait to even hop into our car to drive out. I don't think many of us will complain about heavy traffic anymore. We will feel blessed to even out from our home.

9. Change on dreams

Before the MCO, if you ask 10 people in the office whether they wish to retire early? Oh well, 10 out of 10 will take the retire early option. Once the MCO lift up, ask this question again, I think many will not dare to dreams to retire early and stay at home anymore. Most will feel super blessed to come to work and out of their house.

I don't think this will be over in just a year or two until we really find the source and cure of this virus. I would rather face alien invasion which we all can see them with our bare eyes than an invisible virus which we can't even see. In short, we don't even know how our enemy looks like and what is the weakness to help us destroy them back.

Don't complain too much if you are still able to eat what you want at your comfort home. Imagine those homeless and people who don't even have options in food choice. We are all at war right now. Our enemy is invisible and we don't even have any weapon to destroy them, right now. So, people please don't whine and be such a baby to go out right now. It's good enough you still healthy and the viruses don't reach you yet!

Please resume your usual activities responsibly once the MCO lift up! Take things slow and don't rush to lead a normal life.

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