Thursday, May 14, 2020

Do We Need Sunscreen To Stay Indoor?

During this Movement Control Order (MCO) period, many of us diligently play our part to stay indoor. Most of us are spending our time indoors than outdoor. I bet some of us has been neglecting sunscreen in our daily skincare routine.

We are all aware to apply the SPF when outdoor to avoid sunburn. How about indoor? What are we protecting from?

Well, the sun's UVA rays kind of penetrate through clouds and windows too. These rays are really bad for the skin. It causes discolouration, fine lines and skin cancer too.

Do you know that there are four types of lights harmful to your delicate skin?

  • UVB (burning) rays - These rays are associated with sunburns and the beach. It can cause skin cancer if overly expose without any skin protection.
  • UVA (ageing) rays - The most harmful since we have nowhere to hide from these rays. It penetrates through clouds when you are outdoor. It even comes in through the window if you are indoor. An enemy for our delicate skin since it will sink deeper can cause ageing-related disease such as wrinkles, dark spots and also skin cancer.
  • HEVL ( High Energy Visible Light - Blue Light ) - mostly from electronic devices such as smartphone, TVs and computers. This light penetrates deep into the skin and can cause hyperpigmentation and melasma.
  • IRA ( Infrared radiation ) - You don't even realize this light is harmful to you. It comes from sun and electronic devices such as hair dryers. It will cause skin dehydration and damage tissue.
What is the best antidote from all these harmful lights?


I have been applying sunscreen without fail 365 days but yet I have bad dark spot and hyperpigmentation on my skin. Urghhhh!!! really hate this. Such pollution to my skin.
Recently, I tried skin defence from the inside. Huh? Inside? I drink my sunscreen? Yes! I did! 

Nuvit Sunblox Nutritional Beverage with NutroxSun

Recently, tried Nuvit Sunblox Nutritional Beverage with NutroxSun.

Ingredients: Fish collagen, Oligosaccharides, Orange powder, Vitamin C, NutroxSun, Lemon Powder and Polypodium Leucotomos extracts.

The star ingredients here are NutroxSun - exclusive plant-based oral photoprotective ingredients. It contains two highly antioxidative and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as citrus extract and rosemary extract. The ingredients prevent photoaging by inhibiting the formation of radical oxygen species (ROC) in the skin.

It doesn't taste yucky at all. I really wish to know this long time ago. In fact, this is one delicious citrus flavoured drink. Just consume this daily for whole body sun protection. I would recommend this for people who easily get a sunburn.

Just make sure to stir in the powder with room temperature water and consume this at regular possible.

Nuvit SPF50+*** Daily Defender

For those who still unable to accept beverages form of sunblock, can maintain to apply sunscreen on your skin regularly. 

What are the three criteria to choose a good sunscreen?

1. Broad-spectrum - which means the sunscreen can protect your skin from both harmful UV rays and UVB rays.
2. SPF 30 or higher - most dermatologist will recommend applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
3. Water-resistant - Why is it water-resistant become part of the criteria? Well, a good sunscreen should stay on your wet or sweaty skin. It should last at least 40 or 80 minutes.

Recently, manage to get my hands on Nuvit Daily Defender Sunscreen. Nuvit claimed to be anti-pollution, strengthens the skin barrier, soothing and hydrating. The ingredients include pollushield, ceramide, laminaria ochroleuca extract and hyaluronic acid.

I tied this recently and really love the lightweight texture and non-greasy. It really a pleasant feeling when the white liquid touches my skin. Yes! Nuvit sunscreen is a broad spectrum which makes it perfect to protect your delicate skin from UVA and UVB.

Nuvit SPF 50+ daily defender is paraben and alcohol-free too. Suitable for those who are looking for skin protection which is lightweight and moisturising.

What is my say for Nuvit?

I love the sunscreen so much and feel this is one good quality product especially when it meets all the criteria I need in a sunscreen. 

Please take note that, SPF is very important for your skin, no matter you stay outdoor or indoor.

For more information about both Nuvit Nuvit SPF 50+ daily defender and Nuvit Sunblox Nutritional Beverage with NutroxSun and where to purchase please visit the official website

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